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Novak Djokovic - Joćo Sousa Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
N Djokovic666--
PORJ Sousa022--

Live Comments

  1. - - So it's Djokovic through to the fourth round in very impressive fashion with a straight sets win on one hour and 40 minutes. He awaits the winner between American wildcard Tim Smyczek and Spaniard Marcel Granollers on the last 16. Men's drawsheet.

  2. - - DJOKOVIC 6-0 6-2 6-2 - GAME, SET & MATCH! Another blistering forehand winner down the line from Djokovic and he has three match points. He only needs the one though as Sousa sends a forehand long down the centre of the court.

  3. - - DJOKOVIC 6-0 6-2 5-2- BREAK! Sousa rattles a backhand passing shot winner down the line to earn himself two break back points. Djokovic saves the first with a huge first serve that Sousa can only return into the net. But he can do nothing about the second and nets a forehand. Sousa has a second game in this set and gets one of the breaks back!

  4. - - DJOKOVIC 6-0 6-2 5-1 - Sousa ensure he has one more game at least, and avoids a second bagel set against him, with a hold secured when Djokovic nets a forehand approach shot down the line. Djokovic will serve for the match next though.

  5. - - DJOKOVIC 6-0 6-2 5-0 - Djokovic continues his relentless march towards the fourth round with a hold to 15, sealed with an inside out backhand winner which lands right on the sideline. Sousa will have to serve in a bid to prolong this match after the change of ends.

  6. - - DJOKOVIC 6-0 6-2 4-0 - BREAK! Heavy hitting from Djokovic, especially on the forehand across court, as he draws the defensive lob long from Sousa to bring up yet another break point. Sousa does well to save it with a cross court backhand approach shot. But the Serb gets a second chance and this time he does secure the double break when Sousa sends a forehand long.

  7. - - DJOKOVIC 6-0 6-2 3-0 - Despite throws in a double fault in the middle of the game, Djokovic has little trouble in holding to consolidate the break when Sousa puts his forehand return into the bottom of the net.

  8. - - DJOKOVIC 6-0 6-2 2-0 - BREAK! Sousa slaps down a double fault to hand Djokovic a point from 30-0 up. But it completely throws off the Portuguese player's rhythm as he fails to win another point in the game and Djokovic breaks when Sousa sends a backhand wide across court.

  9. - - DJOKOVIC 6-0 6-2 1-0 - Guess what? Yep, Djokovic holds to love to open the third set! The world number one is looking very comfortable tonight.

  10. - - DJOKOVIC 6-0 6-2 - SET! Djokovic squanders a first set point with a forehand just marginally long down the centre of the court before earning a second chance with a crowd-pleasing rally that eventually ends with a backhand passing shot after Sousa had done brilliantly well to retrieve a drop shot and smash after chasing around the baseline. But it took a lot out of the Portuguese player at he sends a forehand long on Djokovic's second set point to hand the Serb the two sets to love lead.

  11. - - DJOKOVIC 6-0 5-2 - Djokovic leaves himself potentially just one game away from the second set with another love service hold when Sousa nets a forehand return. The Portuguese player will have to serve to stay in this second set after the change of ends.

  12. - - DJOKOVIC 6-0 4-2 - Sousa doubles his output in this match, holding from 15-30 down with a series of big serves that Djokovic cannot return in play. That's the danger of the Portuguese player.

  13. - - DJOKOVIC 6-0 4-1 - Sousa whips a cross court forehand passing shot away for a winner to level at 30-all on the Djokovic serve but it's as far as he can get as the Serbe produces another big serve to set up a game point before holding after a lengthy rally when Sousa slices a backhand long after being undone by his opponent's pace.

  14. - - DJOKOVIC 6-0 3-1 - BREAK! A blistering backhand winner across court right on to the sideline followed by a neat forehand knocked back across court by Djokovic off Sousa's drop shot and it's two more break points for the world number one. He only needs the one though as Sousa slaps down a double fault to concede. Ouch.

  15. - - DJOKOVIC 6-0 2-1 - Yet another love service hold goes the way of Djokovic as he produces consecutive forehand winners from the baseline.

  16. - - DJOKOVIC 6-0 1-1 - Djokovic denies Sousa with an injection of pace on a forehand down the line that the Portuguese player can only return long. Sousa celebrates lile he's won the match after coming out on top of a 21-stroke rally with a stunning, off-balance backhand passing shot winner. But Djokovic denies him the hold with a volley winner of his own. Sousa earns himself a fourth chance though and this time he does hold for his first game in the match when Djokovic nets a backhand return.

  17. - - DJOKOVIC 6-0 1-0 - A forehand winner, a service winner and a backhand winner all help Djokovic cruise through a love service hold to open up the second set and maintain all his momentum from the first set despite the injury timeout.

  18. - - Sousa has called for the trainer at the change of ends and is receiving some treatment to his left thigh while also being given some painkillers to take.

  19. - - DJOKOVIC 6-0 - SET! A cross court forehand winner from Djokovic brings up a first set point. Sousa saves it with a spot of serve and volley but the Serb gets a second chance and this time he rips a blazing forehand winner across court. That's the first set in 28 minutes to the world number one.

  20. - - DJOKOVIC 5-0 - Sousa again puts a bit of pressure on the Djokovic serve as he works his way into the net to fire down a smash winner at level at 30-all. But an ace from the Serb brings up game point and he holds on the next point with another big serve to consolidate the double break and leave Sousa serving to stay in this opening set after the change of ends.

  21. - - DJOKOVIC 4-0 - BREAK! Sousa earns himself a game point with a smash winner. He fails to take advantage of it or a second (a mis-hit forehand squandering the second) and then hands Djokovic another break point with a double fault. The world number one fails to break at the first attempt because he is gifted a second chance and this time he breaks with a blistering, inch-perfect forehand winner across court into the corner.

  22. - - DJOKOVIC 3-0 - Sousa fires down a smash winner to level at 30-all and apply some pressure to the world number one's serve. But just as he so often does, Djokovic finds back-to-back big first serves exactly when it matters to earn a game point and then hold to consolidate the break.

  23. - - DJOKOVIC 2-0 - BREAK! Djokovic earns himself an early break point with a flicked forehand winner across court after a very good backhand sliced down the line from Sousa. The Serb fails to take advantage of his chance but quickly earns another break point and this time he does go ahead with an angled forehand winner across court.

  24. - - DJOKOVIC 1-0 - The top seed eases through his opening service game to love, opening with a forehand winner and setting up game point with a forehand winner. And the game ends on an error from Sousa.

  25. - - Djokovic and Sousa are just about ready to go with the world number one to get the clash underway by serving first...

  26. - - Coming up next on Arthur Ashe will be world number one Novak Djokovic taking on Portuguese qualifier Joao Sousa.

Novak Djokovic

Nationality SRB
Date of Birth 22/05/1987
Height 1.88 m
Weight 78 kg

Joćo Sousa

Nationality POR
Date of Birth 30/03/1989
Height 1.85 m
Weight 73 kg

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