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Andy Murray - Leonardo Mayer Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
United KingdomA Murray7636-
ArgentinaL Mayer5161-

Live Comments

  1. - - So defending champ Murray comes through a tough encounter in fairly impressive fashion, certainly in that fourth set. Next up for the Brit will be another Mayer - Germany's Florian Mayer. Men's drawsheet.

  2. - - MURRAY 7-5 6-1 3-6 6-1 - GAME, SET & MATCH! Murray gets off the mark with another dipping backhand, Mayer returning this one into the net, and then takes the lead in the game with an inside out forehand winner across court. A regular forehand across court, right into the corner, to bring up a couple of match points. But he only needs the one, producing a big first serve that Mayer can only return long.

  3. - - MURRAY 7-5 6-1 3-6 5-1 - BREAK! An incredible running backhand winner flicked across court on the angle from Murray helps him on his way to three more break points. But the Brit only needs the one as he sends back a dipping backhand return before putting up a backhand lob that Mayer can only return long after just about tracking back. Murray has the double break and will serve for the match next.

  4. - - MURRAY 7-5 6-1 3-6 4-1 - Murray holds for the loss of just the one point when Mayer nets a tired-looking forehand approach shot. The defending champion has a commanding lead in this fourth set now. Does Mayer have anything left in the tank?

  5. - - MURRAY 7-5 6-1 3-6 3-1 - BREAK! Murray runs a whopping 65m in the one point as he tracks down a drop shot and flicks a forehand across court that Mayer can only return wide down the line. Another couple of brutal points and Murray has three break points. He only needs the one though as Mayer sends a forehand wide across court.

  6. - - MURRAY 7-5 6-1 3-6 2-1 - Murray demonstrates some amazing core strength as he holds his ground to flick a change-of-direction backhand down the line and bring up a game point. Mayer with a backhand error but then sets up and takes advantage of a second chance when the Argentine fails to land a backhand return.

  7. - - MURRAY 7-5 6-1 3-6 1-1 - Murray is furious with himself when he nets a forehand to waste chance to earn himself an early break point. Instead Mayer levels at 30-all before earning a game point with a big serve and easy shoulder-height forehand volley, and then going on to hold with another big forehand.

  8. - - MURRAY 7-5 6-1 3-6 1-0 - Murray races through an opening service hold to 15 to get the fourth set underway, sealin ga game with an ace - his fifth of the match so far.

  9. - - MURRAY 7-5 6-1 3-6 - SET! Back-to-back aces from Mayer, both catching the outisde of the line, are a great way to open the game before fashioning three set points when Murray sends a forehand return wide down the line. He only needs the one chance to take the set though, sealing it with a kicker second serve that Murray can only return long off the backhand wing. We're going to a fourth set.

  10. - - MURRAY 7-5 6-1 3-5 - Murray races through a love service hold, sealing the game with an ace to at least ask Mayer if he can serve out the set.

  11. - - MURRAY 7-5 6-1 2-5 - Murray earns himself two break back points with quick movement up to a drop shot from Mayer, replying with a drop shot of his own and easily forehand volley winner into the open court. The Argentine saves the first by moving up to the mid-court and drawing the lob long, and then also the second with an ace. From there he goes on to hold with a smash winner and another big serve and Murray will have to serve to stay in this third set after the change of ends.

  12. - - MURRAY 7-5 6-1 2-4 - Murray is forced to save further break points but bounces back to level at deuce with a cross court forehand and a sliced backhand stop volley winner. A delicate forehand volley winner from Mayer earns the Argentine another chance but he nets a forehand to squander it and Murray comes through a very tough hold two points later after big serves draw the errors from Mayer.

  13. - - MURRAY 7-5 6-1 1-4 - Murray pushes Mayer to 30-all with a forehand winner down the line but consecutive winners from the Argentine's forehand seals the game without the loss of further points. The Mayer forehand, firing so well in the first set, had broken down in the second but is back on form again as he rips a winner across court to seal the game.

  14. - - MURRAY 7-5 6-1 1-3 - Better from Murray again now as he holds to 30 when Mayer fails to find the court with a forehand. The Brit should have really won the game to 15 but netted a forehand to squander the opportunity.

  15. - - MAYER 7-5 6-1 0-3 - Two aces in the game from Mayer help him cruise through a service hold for the loss of one point. And that one point was dropped on a double fault by the Argentine.

  16. - - MURRAY 7-5 6-1 0-2 - BREAK! Murray is left with his head in his hands after missing a forehand smash. But he broke a string so it's not too terrible a miss. The backhand error on the next point is worse and it hands Mayer a 0-30 lead against the Brit's serve. That quickly turns into three break points when Mayer jogs out wide to belt a cross court forehand winner right onto the line. The first goes begging as does the second but Mayer breaks on the third with another inside-out forehand winner.

  17. - - MURRAY 7-5 6-1 0-1 - Mayer makes a much better start to this third set than he did to the second as he holds to 30 when Murray's blocked backhand return drifts long of the baseline.

  18. - - MURRAY 7-5 6-1 - SET! All too comfortable for Murray now as he pushes into the net and seals the set or the loss of just the one point, sealing it with a forehand volley winner in 35 minutes.

  19. - - MURRAY 7-5 5-1 - BREAK! A deep backhand return of serve from Murray is not dealt with by Mayer who puts his backhand reply into the top of the net and it's another break point for the Brit. Mayer saves it with a blistering inside-out forehand winner across court but Murray earns himself a second chance with a forehand volley winner and once again the Mayer forehand breaks down, the ball ending in the net to hand Murray the break and the chance to serve out the second set.

  20. - - MURRAY 7-3 4-1 - Murray covers huge amounts of ground as he chases down a forehand out wide before running the diagonal to track down a drop shot from Mayer and put his backhand near enough to the body that the Argentine can only put his rushed backhand volley into the net. From there Murray goes on to hold for the loss of just the one point to extend his lead to three games once again.

  21. - - MURRAY 7-5 3-1 - A great forehand down the line from Murray helps him get Mayer on the back foot but the Brit puts his inside out cross court forehand follow-up just wide into the tramlines and the Argentine has the hold that gets his side of the scoreboard ticking over once more.

  22. - - MURRAY 7-5 3-0 - Murray cruises through a love service hold to consolidate the break, a big serve out wide pushing Mayer out of position leaving the Brit to produce the easy forehand winner. Things are coming a lot more easily to Murray now than in the first set.

  23. - - MURRAY 7-5 2-0 - BREAK! Murray is really starting to assert some dominance on the match now as he breaks to take the early lead in this second set, drawing Mayer into the net with a dipping shot that the Argentine can only volley into the net off the backhand wing.

  24. - - MURRAY 7-5 1-0 - A well-times forehand at the feet of Murray sees the Brit pull his rushed forehand into the net and squander a first game point. A second also goes begging when Murray's cross court forehand approach shot goes wide, but the world number three still has one game point left and this time he does wrap up the opening hold with a deep cross court forehand that Mayer can only net in response.

  25. - - MURRAY 7-5 - SET! Murray breaks to love this time around to seal the opening set in just less than an hour, 54 minutes to be specific. Murray puts his forehand return of serve right on to the outside edge of the sideline across court and Mayer can only send his reply wide to concede the set.

  26. - - MURRAY 6-5 - Murray holds to love for the first time in the match, Mayer sending a forehand wide across court before Murray dinks a neat forehand passing shot into the middle of the court that Mayer can only hit at a 90 degree angle into the crowd. Mayer will have to serve to stay in the set for a second time.

  27. - - MURRAY 5-5 - Really neat play from Mayer as he pushes Murray from one side to the other of the baseline before slicing the perfect forehand drop shot over the net to bring up two game points. He squanders the first with an over-zealous forehand long of the baseline but does seal the hold at the second with a forehand winner.

  28. - - MURRAY 5-4 - Murray holds once more, to 15, with a big first serve and big forehand combo - drawing the error from Mayer, who will have to serve to stay in this opening set after the change of ends.

  29. - - MURRAY 4-4 - Murray finally earns himself a bit of a chance against the Mayer serve only for the Argentine to save the break point with a booming forehand winner across into the corner of the court. And from there Mayer goes on to hold with a smash winner after once again pushing Murray deep.

  30. - - MURRAY 4-3 - Murray looks to be easing through a service hold for a change only to put a forehand into the net and allow Mayer a point. Still, the Brit holds on the next point when Mayer goes just marginally long with a forehand return.

  31. - - MURRAY 3-3 - Mayer slams down another four huge serves to cruise through another love service hold and level up with Murray once again. The Argentine really has opened very confidently today.

  32. - - MURRAY 3-2 - Mayer backs away from the ball and the court to take a Murray serve otu wide on the forehand wing instead of the backhand. He goes for the barnstorming forehand return but clatters the ball into the net post to help Murray to hold to 30 for his easiest service game yet.

  33. - - MURRAY 2-2 - Murray makes things a little tougher for Mayer this time around but the Argentine still holds without too much troubles to level up for a second time.

  34. - - MURRAY 2-1 - A double fault from Murray not only allows Mayer to level up at deuce but also prompts Murray to yell "oh, come on" at himself. This time around though, Murray prevents Mayer from setting up a break point and goes on to hold when Mayer somehow contrives to put his backhand passing shot attempt into the net despite easily getting up to the drop shot from Murray.

  35. - - MURRAY 1-1 - Mayer gets away with a shocking decision on an shoulder-height forehand volley, when he lofts it back into court and then nearly gets caught off-guard when Murray manages easily to chase the ball down. But Murray slices his backhand drop shot attempt into the net and Mayer goes on to hold to love.

  36. - - MURRAY 1-0 - Mayer earns himself an early chance after a scintilating point, the Argentine doing very little of the running and instead getting Murray moving around the baseline. Mayer concludes the point with a sliced backhand volley across court that is one shot too many for Murray to bring up the break point. Murray saves it but a forehand winner across court earns the Argentine a second chance. Murray also saves this one before going on to hold after a forehand howler from Mayer.

  37. - - Murray are Mayer are just about ready to go and it will be Murray to get the clash underway after the Brit won the toss and opted to defer the decision. Mayer put him in to serve.

  38. - - Murray and Mayer have met each other once before on the main tour, with Murray triumphing in straight sets on the hard courts of Valencia back in 2009. But, given that they were born on the exact same day (May 15th, 1987) they are bound to know each other pretty well from their junior days as well.

  39. - - Tomas Berdych's victory over Denis Kudla means that next up will be Andy Murray's second round clash Leonardo Mayer.

Andy Murray

Nationality GBR
Date of Birth 15/05/1987
Height 1.9 m
Weight 84 kg

Leonardo Mayer

Nationality ARG
Date of Birth 15/05/1987
Height 1.88 m
Weight 83 kg

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