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Novak Djokovic - Juan Martín Del Potro Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
N Djokovic637--
ArgentinaJ Del Potro166--

Live Comments

  1. - - Del Potro is still yet to win a Masters 1000 title, but hats off to Djokovic for a brilliant performance that showed quite outstanding resilience in the face of an often inspired opponent. Thanks for joining us!

  2. 7-3 - NOVAK DJOKOVIC WINS THE SHANGHAI MASTERS! A magnificent tennis match decided as an exhausted Del Potro finally cracks, and Djokovic raises his arms in triumph after defending his title.

  3. 6-3 - Match point to Djokovic! Del Potro fires long and wide, and the world number two is on the verge of glory...

  4. 5-3 - Djokovic closing on the line as he charges the net and pulls off a perfect backhand drop volley.

  5. 4-3 - Djokovic slips over while trying to dive back for a forehand after being wrongfooted by his opponent - he had no right to hit that one anyway, though...

  6. 4-2 - Stunning shot from Djokovic! A fantastic rally of 24 shots in which he's clinging on, but he runs wide around to hit a forehand that dips low over the net to give him the winner and put him in charge of the tie-break.

  7. 3-2 - Del Potro plants one in the net after a solid Djokovic serve.

  8. 2-2 - The advantage didn't last long - Djokovic catches the net on the next point, and the ball skips up and wide.

  9. 2-1 - Del Potro blinks first! Fantastic rally, but it's the Argentine who goes just wide with a forehand as, exhasuted, he tried to find a winner to end the point.

  10. 1-1 - Del Potro forces Djokovic wide, and the Serb hits the tape with his forehand - just an inch from being a perfect shot...

  11. 1-0 - First blood Djokovic as Del Potro fails to hit a lob high enough - easy backhand smash winner...

  12. - - What a thrilling way to end a quality match - no man deserves to lose this one.

  13. 6-6 - That's it! Almost another ace in the final point, but the ball is just wide - yet Djokovic fires the deep second serve beyond the baseline. Tie-break, and Djokovic to serve first...

  14. - - Ace! 40-15, and what a time for only his second ace of the set...

  15. - - Two big serves from Del Potro sandwich a forehand winner from Djokovic - 30-15...

  16. - - This is it, then: Del Potro needs to hold his nerve once more, or else this tournament will be decided by a tie-break.

  17. 6-5 - Awesome hold of serve for Djokovic... Huge ace down the centre and it's 15-0. Djokovic has six aces in this set alone... Then it's quickly 30-0 with another big serve that Del Potro chips wide... then 40-0 with another ace... and finally Del Potro fails to get on top of yet another big serve, eventually popping up a simple lob that Djokovic dispatches gleefully.

  18. 5-5 - DEL POTRO SAVES SERVE! Amazing tennis in that rally, back and forth continually before Del Potro clinches it, Djokovic blinking first as he goes just inches long with a backhand crosscourt. Even Djokovic applauds his opponent after a superb rally. Game on...

  19. - - Big miss by Djokovic, who goes long and wide with a forehand down the line to give up advantage!

  20. - - DEUCE! Djokovic fails to get to grips with a dee[ second serve, blasting it over the baseline... 30-40... and then a huge serve in on the next point gives Del Potro breathing space once more.

  21. - - Two match points for Djokovic! Amazing tennis from the world number two, as soon as he got the serve back he was on top with Del Potro racing up and down the baseline before ultimately putting the ball into the net while trying aforehand crosscourt passing shot on the run...

  22. - - Huge blunder by Del Potro! He sends Djokovic sprawling and has only to put away a forehand at the net, but he puts the ball into the net! 15-30...

  23. - - Del Potro comes out on top of a long rally, sending a backhand deep out to the right that Djokovic slides into, but puts into the net. Incredible tension in Shanghai now...

  24. - - Djokovic puts unbelievable spin on his backhand, and Del Potro can't keep the return down - 0-15, and the pressure just ramped up a notch...

  25. 5-4 - Djokovic rattles through an easy service hold - and now all the pressure is straight back on Del Potro as he has to hold to avoid losing. Huge game coming up next.

  26. 4-4 - Del Potro holds comfortably! At deuce he places two first serves perfectly into alternate corners of the box, and though Djokovic gets a racquet to it he can't get it in.

  27. - - Deuce! Del Potro looks like he's going to close the game out as he gets to 40-15, but a couple of missed shots - including one that is just a millimetre over the line - and it's 40-40. Needs to dig deep again...

  28. - - Now it's Djokovic's turn to overreact after missing a shot, squeaming in anguish as if his fiancee has just been kidnapped as he misses a chance to lead 15-30.

  29. 4-3 - Del Potro agonised as he overdoes it with a backhand winner at the net, after setting up the simplest of points - bit of an overreaction to be honest. He then goes wide with a simple forehand, and Djokovic pops an ace down the centre for 40-0 before closing out what turns into a simple hold.

  30. - - Two huge saves of serve in the last two games - momentum constantly shifting in the match now, and absolutely impossible to call a winner as it stands.

  31. 3-3 - Del Potro finishes off the game in style, banging down his fourth ace of the match to get to advantage, and then dictating the point before Djokovic goes long with a desperate lob. Fantastic stuff, and the match is still wide open!

  32. - - BRILLIANT BY DEL POTRO! He saves the second break point after an epic rally with a forehand whipped down the line out of almost nothing, inch perfect. What a shot! Deuce...

  33. - - First break point saved - but only as Djokovic nets a simple forehand!

  34. - - Two break points! A strangely lazy forehand swipe by Del Potro clips the tape and falls back, and it's 15-40...

  35. - - Djokovic furious with the umpire as a backhand onto the line for 0-30 is called out - but the challenge shows it was indeed out, and it's 15-15. Djokovic then comes to the net on the next and it's 15-30. Real chance for the top seed.

  36. 3-2 - Game Djokovic! Fabulous hold of serve from the world number two, and it just feels that could be a key moment in this match. Del Potro won some huge points in that game and came out empty handed - that could sting. Holding serve in this next game feels crucial.

  37. - - How's that for a way to save a break point! Djokovic's sixth ace of the match, and at the perfect moment.

  38. - - Break point for Del Potro! A lengthy rally decided by some barnstorming hitting by Del Potro, who works his way forward before dispatching a huge backhand winner.

  39. - - DEUCE! Stunning sliced return onto Djokovic's shoelaces gives Del Potro a glimmer of hope at 30-15 after Djokovic starts the game fast, but a nearly-untouchable serve out wide makes it 40-15 - only for Djokovic to net while trying another sliced dropshot from the baseline. Del Potro then wins the next point after stunning lob wrongfoots his opponent, and the Argentine wraps up with a blistering forehand winner as Djokovic slips in any case.

  40. 2-2 - Staggering shot down the line from Del Potro gets him to advantage, and Djokovic blasts long with his very next return. A closer game though: that'll be a big boost for Djokovic's confidence.

  41. - - DEUCE! Half a chance for Djokovic as he gets to 40-40: Del Potr opened the game with two huge serves, but a second double fault of the match opens the door, and a ripping forehand deep and wide makes it 30-30. Djokovic then goes wide, but Del Poto lets Djokovic off by netting the Serb's mis-hit smash!

  42. 2-1 - Djokovic really mixing it up now, reaching 40-15 by first banging forehands into the corners, then by slicing backhand dropshot perfectly over the net. A forehand winner wrong-footing Del Potro makes it 2-1.

  43. 1-1 - Del Potro responds in kind with an equally impressive service game, keeping his opponent on the back foot - and Djokovic consistently fails to keep the ball in play. Both men have their teeth into this match now, and it's genuinely hard to see where the next break will come from.

  44. 1-0 - Djokovic very nearly starts the set with three consecutive aces, but the third of them just misses, and after the second serve Djokovic ends up overbalancing, again, and blasting long. No matter, though: he wins the next point at the net with an angled backhand slice, and then wraps up the game. Good start after losing that second set.

  45. 3-6 - Del Potro wins the set in fine style, with a game to love - and Djokovic didn't get close to him throughout that set! Amazing turnaround, and it all seemed to boil down to Djokovic's timing going off just a little. All the low-margin shots that came off in the opening set started finding the net or the tramlines. Anyone's match now...

  46. 3-5 - Easy hold for Djokovic - Del Potro tries to force it with an attempted winner down the line at 30-15, but it's well wide. Djokovic then crunches a backhand winner on the next point, and Del Potro will have to hold his nerve to serve this set out.

  47. 2-5 - Fantastic save from Del Potro! He whistles through deuce with another two big first serves that simply give Djokovic no chance of working an opening, and the Argentine is on the verge of squaring this match.

  48. - - Deuce! Fabulous tennis from Del Potro, serving wide - and though Djokovic does brilliantly to stay in it, Del Potro is in charge of the point and lashes wide and deep to save the game.

  49. - - Del Potro saves the first two break points, one with a thundering serve to set up a winning volley at the net, the next with a perfect passing show as Djokovic comes in...

  50. - - Huge opening for Djokovic: three rallies go his way as Del Potro mis-times forehands wide, long and long, and it's 0-40 on Del Potro's serve. Three break points...

  51. 2-4 - Djokovic comes through his service game easily, but only thanks to a change of tactics: with his forehands from the baseline misfiring now, he decides to come into the net several times. Good decision, and his drop-volley to finish off the game is top drawer.

  52. - - Djokovic is grumbling ceaselessly about something in the stadium - is he being divebombed by mosquitoes? Are there flash bulbs going off in the crowd to disrupt him? Whatever it is, one thing's for sure: it wan't bugging him in the first set, and it's not bugging Del Potro right now.

  53. 1-4 - So much for Djokovic getting into the set: Del Potro responds with four huge serves that Djokovic struggles even to get over the net, and the Argentine wins without losing a point.

  54. 1-3 - It's more trouble for Djokovic as we reach deuce - Djokovic has looked as shaky in this set as he looked indomitable in the first - but he gets behind a couple of first serves to clinch the game and give himself a foothold in the set.

  55. 0-3 - Del Potro finishes the game off with his third ace of the match! He's won seven points out of eight on his first serve in this second set - he only won eight points in total on first serve in the opening set.

  56. - - Amazing rally almost gets up to the 40 shot mark! Djokovic finally loses the point as he goes long, and Del Potro celebrates reaching 40-15 as if he's won the match.

  57. 0-2 - DEL POTRO BREAKS! Del Potro unlucky not to win it straight away as a perfect return winner is undermined by a late 'out' call on Djokovic's serve, but it matters not as a perfect winner onto the line gives the Argentine his first break of the match.

  58. - - Two break points for Del Potro! A shaky point for Djokovic as he slips and overbalances throughout, and finally he blasts long and wide with a forehand. 15-40...

  59. - - Djokovic wins the next point as Del Potro tees up an easy smash - Djokovic forced to change his racquet after that mishap earlier, incidentally.

  60. - - First big blunder of the match from Djokovic: a shot into the net followed by a slip and a racquet thrown to the floor mark the start of the game - 0-30, and a way into the match for Del Potro.

  61. 0-1 - Juan Martin Del Potro decides deuce in fine style - with two blistering aces. Great way to win the opening game of the second set. Good to see some grit from the Argentine after one-way traffic in the first set.

  62. - - Another deuce! A long rally at 15-15 ends with Djokovic putting a forehand in the tramlines while going for a winner - but the next point Del Potro loses in similar manner as he slices a backhand wide. Djokovic then chips a return well over the baseline, but makes up for it with a backhand winner that's hit so hard it's a surprise the ball didn't split open.

  63. - - Djokovic well on his way to defending a title that he took against Andy Murray last year - Murray was on the verge several times in that match, eventually losing a second set tiebreak 13-11 as Djokovic forced his way back into it. Can Del Potro hit back in the same fashion?

  64. - - Utter dominance from the world number two against a man who sent world number one Rafa Nadal packing in fine style yesterday. Incredible stuff so far.

  65. 6-1 - FIRST SET DJOKOVIC! Djokovic still dominant in every sphere: coming out on top of the rallies, serving brilliantly. Del Potro is forced long for 15-0, an ace makes it 30-0, a rare shot into the tape pegs Djokovic back to 30-15, before two huge first serves tee up a winner from the net and a wildly overhit return on consecutive points. Set over!

  66. 5-1 - Del Potro finally off the mark! Djokovic earned advantage, but the break point was saved once again with a big forehand, and Del Potro kept his nerve to close out a first game of the match.

  67. - - Great save by Del Potro: big serve, backed up with a forehand winner lashed at insane speed deep, and wide.

  68. - - Another break point for Djokovic! Del Potro looks like getting into it at last: a thumping forehand winner and an forehand by Djokovic get the world number five to 30-0, but Djokovic then pulls out two huge winners then Del Potro nets a backhand. 30-40...

  69. - - Del Potro has so far won just four of nine points on his first serve - and one of six on his second serve!

  70. - - Djokovic looking supreme, at his absolute best, right now...

  71. 5-0 - Djokovic pumps down three almost untouchable serves (including the first ace of the match) to race to 40-0, and though Del Potro produces a forehand return winner to prolong the game it's all over moments later as Djokovic challenges an 'in' call on a Del Potro forehand. The Serb's challenge is correct, the ball was long, and there's only one man in this right now.

  72. 4-0 - Djokovic breaks again! Great-looking first serve from the Argentine, but Djokovic manages to get his racquet to it, then two shots later a stunning backhand onto the baseline wrongfoots Del Potro, who sticks the ball in the net.

  73. - - Two break points for Djokovic - Del Potro just can't get into these rallies, and it's 15-40...

  74. - - Djokovic leads the head-to-head 9-3 between these two players - though Del Potro beat the Djoker just recently at Indian Wells in the semi-finals.

  75. 3-0 - Djokovic saves! Three big serves in a row quickly gets him from 15-40 to advantage as Del Potro struggles even to chip the ball back over. A weaker serve follows on game point, but Del Potro blinks first in the exchange of sliced backhands, putting one into the net. Djokovic keeps his momentum.

  76. - - Del Potro lokos set to break back as he races to 15-40 on Djokovic's serve - can the world number two save?

  77. 2-0 - Djokovic off to an absolute flyer in this match as he follows up a hold in the opening game with a break of serve. He is dominating from the baseline in the early stages.

  78. - - Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Shanghai Masters final!

Novak Djokovic

Nationality SRB
Date of Birth 22/05/1987
Height 1.88 m
Weight 80 kg

Juan Martín Del Potro

Nationality ARG
Date of Birth 23/09/1988
Height 1.98 m
Weight 97 kg

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