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Samantha Stosur - Ana Ivanovic Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
A Ivanovic666--
AustraliaS Stosur742--

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  3. - - GAME, SET AND MATCH - IVANOVIC (8)6-7 6-4 6-2 STOSUR - Ivanovic comes from a set down to seal the match in some style, running away with the third set. Stosur bids farewell to Melbourne Park for another year.

  4. - - BREAK - IVANOVIC (8)6-7 6-4 5-2 STOSUR - That could be that, folks. Ivanovic gets the double break and will serve for the match. Stosur led this match and looked good value to go on to win it, but has lost her way and has it all to do to save her Aussie Open hopes...

  5. - - IVANOVIC (8)6-7 6-4 4-2 STOSUR - After having won just one point on the Ivanovic serve in this third set, Stosur reels off three in-a-row to carve out a break point. But the Serb serves extremely well to get herself out of trouble and stave off the break-back point.

  6. - - IVANOVIC (8)6-7 6-4 3-2 STOSUR - Ivanovic furious with herself as, on two separate occasions, sends a backhand return off the Stosur second serve into the net. She should really be getting that back in play and dictating from there. Stosur holds to stay in touch. Still needs to break back, though...

  7. - - IVANOVIC (8)6-7 6-4 3-1 STOSUR - A real ugly game from Stosur on the Ivanovic serve. The Aussie is just unable to get a foothold in any of the points.

  8. - - IVANOVIC (8)6-7 6-4 2-1 STOSUR - Stosur on the scoreboard at the start of this second set, but she's gotta thank Ivanovic for that. The Serb changes it up and comes to the net on two occasions, attempting a stop volley and then a drop shot that both tamely loop into the net.

  9. - - IVANOVIC (8)6-7 6-4 2-0 STOSUR - The Serb consolidates the break with consummate ease. Ivanovic bludgeons her way to a love hold. She's on top form at the minute, and, as previously mentioned, that is better than Stosur's. But can she keep it up?

  10. - - BREAK - IVANOVIC (8)6-7 6-4 1-0 STOSUR - Too good. Ivanovic is definitely in the ascendancy now. She comes flying out of the blocks at the start of this third set and instantly breaks her opponent's serve.

  11. - - SET - IVANOVIC (8)6-7 6-4 STOSUR - Ivanovic stares down the barrel at 15-30, with her first serve deserting her, but she digs deep and grinds out two successive points. The first set point disappears as she dumps a routine forehand into the net, but she makes no such mistake on the second - kicking a serve down the middle to level the match up.

  12. - - IVANOVIC (8)6-7 5-4 STOSUR - A love game for Stosur, who forces Ivanovic to serve out the set. What a match we've got on our hands now...

  13. - - IVANOVIC (8)6-7 5-2 STOSUR - After serving at around 40 percent on her first serve during the first set, Ivanovic is enjoying greater succes in this stanza. She's won10 out of 10 points and goes on to hold.

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  15. - - IVANOVIC (8)6-7 4-2 STOSUR - Great serving from Ivanovic. A real comfortable hold. The Serb's first serve cleans the lines and gives Stosur the world of problems. The best way to consolidate the break.

  16. - - BREAK - IVANOVIC (8)6-7 3-2 STOSUR - Big, big tennis from Ivanovic who gets the first break of this second set. She comes in and attacks the Stosur serve, taking it early to fire a couple of winners. Can she hold her nerve and consolidate the break now? Will her troublesome serve let her down once again?

  17. - - IVANOVIC (8)6-7 2-2 STOSUR - We remain on serve in this second set. Ivanovic settles down to power her way to a love hold. There's a late, questionable call from Stosur's deep forehand on 40-0, but the Aussie opts not to challenge.

  18. - - IVANOVIC (8)6-7 1-2 STOSUR - The Aussie clings on having been pegged back from 40-0 to 40-30. Ivanovic, sensing that the game is all-but lost, changes it up and approaches the net on consecutive points - winning them both. Maybe she should back herself more...

  19. - - IVANOVIC (8)6-7 1-1 STOSUR - Ivanovic keeps pace with the Australian, easing her way to a hold in her first service game of this second set. Some lovely shots on the way to the hold. When Ivanovic is at her best, she is playing better than Stosur, but the Serb is unable to maintain that high standard.

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  21. - - IVANOVIC (8)6-7 0-1 STOSUR - Great hold for Stosur to start the second set, but Ivanovic will be hugely disappointed after working her way to 0-40 on the Stosur serve.

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  23. - - SET - IVANOVIC (8)6-7 STOSUR - Ivanovic wastes a serve to give Stosur the mini-break at 8-9, and the Australian makes no mistake on her eighth set point - producing a lovely one-two to send the home fans into raptures.

  24. - - IVANOVIC v STOSUR - The two are back out on court and are having a warm-up ahead of the resumption of this match.

  25. - - PLAY SUSPENDED - Out of nowhere, the heavens open. The roof will be closed on the Rod Laver Arena and play will resume shortly. Sam Stosur leads Ana Ivanovic 8-7 in the tie-break.

  26. - - TIE-BREAK - IVANOVIC 6-6(6-6) STOSUR - These two cannot close out a set. Stosur had four set points earlier in the match and Ivanovic has three consecutive ones in the breaker, but her atrocious ball-toss lets her down as Stosur levels it up at 6-6.

  27. - - TIE-BREAK - IVANOVIC 6-6(3-3) STOSUR - Stosur instantly has the mini-break but throws it away at 3-0. Ivanovic serves well during the following two points to level the breaker up.

  28. - - IVANOVIC 6-6 STOSUR - Following the changeover, Stosur comes out all guns blazing, firing winner after winner to take this contest into a tie-break.

  29. - - IVANOVIC 6-5 STOSUR - A really poor game from Stosur, who may still have those four set points on her mind. The Aussie is guilty of three unforced errors on the Ivanovic serve, handing her opponent the game and the lead in this set.

  30. - - BREAK - IVANOVIC 5-5 STOSUR - Ivanovic survives four set points to dig in, battle it out and get the break-back. It's a real contest the two are serving up and this opening set could go either way. Back on serve now...

  31. - - IVANOVIC 4-5 STOSUR - Ivanovic has gone really flat, out of nowhere. She seems to have lost the edge she had in the opening six games or so, but somehow still manages to cling onto this set with a lucky hold of serve.

  32. - - IVANOVIC 3-5 STOSUR - Good serving from Stosur. She is able to follow up the break with a love game. Ivanovic will have to serve to stay in this opening set.

  33. - - BREAK - IVANOVIC 3-4 STOSUR - Stosur gets the vital breakthrough in this fiercely-fought first set. Ivanovic gets to 30-0 but can do nothing as the Aussie fires a number of consecutive piercing winners past her, before drawing the Serb in and beating her at the net.

  34. - - IVANOVIC 3-3 STOSUR - Another bludgeoning service game from Stosur, who gives her opponent no chance of a break point this time. It's still all level and on serve in the opening set.

  35. - - IVANOVIC 3-2 STOSUR - Stosur is able to get her first point on the Ivanovic serve, and does more than that - carving out a break point. But the Serb turns on the style as she sends down three booming forehands to win the game.

  36. - - IVANOVIC 2-2 STOSUR - Stosur races to 40-15 but is pegged back by the Serb - an exquisite drop shot the highlight. But Stosur makes no more mistakes, chip and charging on both points to grab the hold.

  37. - - IVANOVIC 2-1 STOSUR - Ivanovic follows up her opening love service game with an equally impressive second one. The Aussie hopeful just can't read her opponents serves at the minute. Positive start from both ladies.

  38. - - IVANOVIC 1-1 STOSUR - It's clear to see from the off that Ivanovic is taking this to Stosur. The Serb is on the front foot and is looking to take everything early. Stosur is serving too well, though, and is able to comfortably hold.

  39. - - IVANOVIC 1-0 STOSUR - The simplest of opening service games for Ivanovic, who makes every one of her first serves to hold to love.

  40. - - Hello and welcome to LIVE coverage of the first evening match on the Rod Laver Arena. 14th seed Ana Ivanovic takes on home favourite Samantha Stosur.

Samantha Stosur

Nationality AUS
Date of Birth 30/03/1984
Height 1.72 m
Weight 65 kg

Ana Ivanovic

Nationality SRB
Date of Birth 06/11/1987
Height 1.84 m
Weight 69 kg

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