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Jelena Jankovic - Kurumi Nara Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
J Jankovic67---
JapanK Nara45---

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  3. - MATCH - JANKOVIC 6-4 7-5 NARA: With many thanks to her opponent, Jankovic notches up five games in a row and escapes into the second week in straight sets. Not a great performance from the Serb - she was incredibly fortunate to escape without being forced to raise her level, but a win is a win. She left the court more than happy, but not before hamming it up with the crowd.

  4. - BREAK - JANKOVIC 6-4 6-5 NARA: After standing in such good stead mere minutes earlier, the occasion and missed opportunities visibly gets to Nara as she collapses into oblivion. The game ends with Jankovic chasing down a dropshot before comically waving her arms in a fair attempt to distract her opponent from slotting the ball into the open court. Somehow, it works - Nara nets the ball, the point is Jankovic's and she will serve for the match.

  5. - JANKOVIC 6-4 5-5 NARA: With a couple of careful backhands, Jankovic levels the set.

  6. - JANKOVIC 6-4 4-5 NARA: Even with her poor play, Jankovic still has the wherewithal to ensure that her opponent must serve out the set. Surprise, surprise; Nara drops her serve at 3-5 and the match is calmly back on schedule.

  7. - JANKOVIC 6-4 2-5 NARA: Nara continues to improve, moving closer and closer to the baseline and being increasingly more confidence.

  8. - BREAK - JANKOVIC 6-4 2-4 NARA: Nara deserves much credit. She is chasing down every ball and looking to be aggressive ever time her 5ft2 frame allows it. Unlike Jankovic, she comes with the right mentality.

  9. - BREAK - JANKOVIC 6-4 2-3 NARA: With a limp and not entirely unsurprising double fault from Nara, Jankovic breaks right back.

  10. - BREAK - JANKOVIC 6-4 1-3 NARA: After exchanging service holds, the Japanese youngster takes a surprise second break lead with some powerful backhands.

  11. - JANKOVIC 6-4 Nara. Naturally, Jankovic only goes and serves out the first set without dropping a point.

  12. - JANKOVIC 5-4 Nara. Jankovic breaks once again and will duly look to serve for the first set. Doubtful that many onlookers are holding their breath.

  13. - JANKOVIC 4-4 NARA: Just as briskly as Jankovic looked to have broken away, she is ebbed back once again.

  14. - JANKOVIC finally does hold. 2 winners and 9 unforceded errors thus far - not the greatest match ever but it's erros thus farn]ot the greatest ever mach

  15. - JANKOVIC 3-2 NARA: Three breaks in each of the last 3 games - Jankovic taking first blood each time but unable to consolidate anything at all. She'll try again.

  16. - JANKOVIC 1-1 NARA: It seems that first game may have lulled JJ into a false sense of security. After spending the following game also dinking the ball in play with little initiative against her 5ft2 opponent, falling down break point finally galvanizes her into all-action backhand action. But a backhand putaway kisses the net, changes direction of her sure-winner and comically gives Nara an easy shot to break.

  17. - BREAK - JANKOVIC 1-0 NARA: The Serb wastes little time in establishing a break lead, nor did she have to do very much to pocket it. Just a couple of balls into court and Nara's mistakes did the rest.

  18. - Hello! Welcome to day six of our Australian Open coverage. Kicking things off today on the Hisense Arena is the ever-entertaining Jelena Jankovic against pintsized Japanese player Kurumi Nara.

Jelena Jankovic

Nationality SRB
Date of Birth 28/02/1985
Height 1.77 m
Weight 59 kg

Kurumi Nara

Nationality JPN
Date of Birth 30/12/1991
Height 1.58 m
Weight 52 kg

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