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Agnieszka Radwanska - Victoria Azarenka Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
PolandA Radwanska656--
BelarusV Azarenka170--

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  3. - - GAME, SET AND MATCH - AZARENKA 1-6 7-5 0-6 RADWANSKA - It only takes the one match point for Radwanska though as Azarenka pulls a backhand return of serve wide across court. Radwanska is through to her first Australian Open semi-final at the expense of the two-times defending champion. Breathtaking stuff from Radwanska.

  4. - - AZARENKA 1-6 7-5 0-5 RADWANSKA - A little bit of tension on display from Radwanska as she throws in her first double fault. But two forehand winners and a trip into the net and the Pole has two match points ...

  5. - - Radwanska then, serving for the match ...

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  7. - - BREAK - AZARENKA 1-6 7-5 0-5 RADWANSKA - Just sensational stuff from Radwanska once again as she easily gets up to a drop shot, flicks a backhand smash over the net and shows outrageous anticipation to find the backhand winner after staying in the point much longer than she has the right to! Azarenka saves a first break point with a winner and a second with a backhand drive volley but another sensational point from Radwanska brings up a third break point and this time Azarenka double faults.

  8. - - AZARENKA 1-6 7-5 0-4 RADWANSKA - Brilliant game from Radwanska as she aggressively steps up the court to batter a series of winners and hold for the loss of just the one point, sealing the game with her very first ace of the match.

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  11. - - BREAK - AZARENKA 1-6 7-5 0-3 RADWANKSA - Azarenka completely deconstructs as she slaps a forehand long, a double fault and another forehand long to hand Radwanska three more break points. A third forehand long from Azarenka hands Radwanska the double break and the Belarusian trudges back to her chair with her head hanging.

  12. - - AZARENKA 1-6 7-5 0-2 RADWANSKA - Radwanska just toys with Azarenka on the second point of the game, drawing the Belarusian in with a drop shot before strolling up a couple of strokes to play the lob winner. The Pole absolutely belts a forehand winner down the line to bring up game point, before sealing the consolidating hold when Azarenka goes long with a forehand approach shot.

  13. - - BREAK - AZARENKA 1-6 7-5 0-1 RADWANSKA - Another ridiculous get from Radwanska, as she races up to a drop shot and then lunges at passing shot only to come up with a sensational forehand volley winner across court and level at deuce. Azarenka squanders a game point by pulling a forehand drive volley wide and then goes wide with a backhand down the line to hand Radwanska a break point. The Pole squanders it but gets a second chance and this time does break with an angled backhand drop shot.

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  16. - - SET - AZARENKA 1-6 7-5 RADWANSKA - Azarenka appying the pressure now and earns herself three set points with a couple of brutal returns right on to the baseline. The Belarusian only needs one though and breaks to love to seal the second set with an angled backhand return winner across court.

  17. - - AZARENKA 1-6 6-5 RADWANSKA - Azarenka lets out an anguished squeal as she misses another backhand, her 31st unforced error of the match. And there are more concerned looks towards her camp after another backhand goes astray to end a 21-stroke rally. 30-all. The Belarusian recovers with a backhand winner down the line before sealing the hold with a decent first serve that Radwanska can only net. The Pole will have to serve to stay in it once again after the change of ends.

  18. - - AZARENKA 1-6 5-5 RADWANSKA - Radwanska serving with new balls. She opens with a big first serve and sneaks ahead again when Azarenka misses her change-of-direction backhand down the line. And Radwanska goes on to hold with a cross court forehand right into the corner that Azarenka can only return into the net, looking for the winner down the line.

  19. - - AZARENKA 1-6 5-4 RADWANSKA - Azarenka also posts a comfortable service hold, this time to 15, to put the scoreboard pressure on Radwanska, who will need to serve to stay in this second set after the change of ends.

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  21. - - AZARENKA 1-6 4-4 RADWANSKA - Much better from Radwanska as she storms out to a 40-love lead before Azarenka pegs one point back with a brutal cross court forehand winner. But the Pole holds at the second attempt to get things back on track in this second set.

  22. - - AZARENKA 1-6 4-3 RADWANSKA - Wow. Was that break a turning point for Azarenka? Since going down the break in this second set, the Belarusian is yet to drop a point, rattling off a love service game to back up the love break. She seals the hold with a backhand winner approach shot across court. Dangerous times for Radwanska after the change of ends.

  23. - - BREAK - AZARENKA 1-6 3-3 RADWNSKA - Azarenka comes storming back on the attack with two brutal backhand returns to open the game before a sloppy netted backhand from Radwanska hands the Belarusian three immediate break back points. She only needs the one though, breaking back to love with a forehand winner down the line off the shorter ball. Back on serve in this second set.

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  25. - - BREAK - AZARENKA 1-6 2-3 RADWANSKA - Two double faults in the game are really a killer blow to Azarenka as it hands Radwanska another two break points. But one is all the Pole needs a she produces a sensational angle on an off-backhand winner across court from the mid-court ball.

  26. - - AZARENKA 1-6 2-2 RADWANSKA - Radwanska gives herself a "what were you thinking" tap to the forehead after gifting Azarenka an easy point. Just a few signs now that the Pole is slipping off the blistering first set pace a little. But she holds without too much trouble, without facing a break point anyway, and levels up once again in this second set.

  27. - - AZARENKA 1-6 2-1 RADWANSKA - Another sensational passing shot winner from Radwanska as she chases up the court to a really, very good drop shot from Azarenka only to guide the ball at full pace down the line for a winner. How does she do that? Azarenka, though, is connecting with a few more balls than in the first set and holds for the loss of just that one point when Radwanska fails to land a backhand return.

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  29. - - AZARENKA 1-6 1-1 RADWANSKA - After a sliced backhand exchange cross court, Radwanska steps up to belt a backhand down the line with an injection of pace, undoing Azarenka in the process. The Belarusian manages to level at deuce by punishing the Radwanska second serve and drawing the lob just long before earning a break point when Radwanska nets a forehand. A fantastic serve from the Pole saves it while another sensational lob saves the second and she goes on to hold when Azarenka nets.

  30. - - AZARENKA 1-6 1-0 RADWANSKA - Azarenka challenges on the very first point of the second set after missing yet another forehand before Radwanska gets the Belarusian on the run with the perfect backhand lob. A couple of big serves help Azarenka but she still finds herself break point down after a backhand passing shot winner down the line from the Pole. A complete mis-hit on the forehand squanders it while a second also goes begging and a third and Azarenka goes on to hold eventually.

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  32. - - SET - AZARENKA 1-6 RADWANSKA - A slower serve from Radwanska is punished by Azarenka with the inside out forehand approach shot winner across court to level up at 30-all. But the Belarusian promptly dumps another forehand in the net on the next point and Radwanska has set point. Another sensational point from Radwanska to seal the set, the Pole crouching down low to a sliced backhand drop shot that Azarenka can only pull the ball wide across court.

  33. - - AZARENKA 1-5 RADWANSKA - Azarenka lets out a scream of frustration after going long with a forehand on the opening point of the game. And then she hits her legs with her racquet and mutters some more after the second. A much better shot from Azarenka to level at 30-all with an injection of pace on an inside out forehand winner across court and she does eventually go on to hold to get her side of the scoreboard belatedly off the mark by getting Radwanska on the run.

  34. - - AZARENKA 0-5 RADWANSKA - Radwanska has clearly come out with a very clear game plan today and, so far, is executing it perfectly as she holds to consolidate the double break with a trip up to the net, backhand drive volley, ducking out of the way of the ball before tracking back for the low lob and producing a sliced backhand across court that Azarenka can only net in reply. The defending champion will have to serve to stay in this opening set after just 24 minutes.

  35. - - BREAK - AZARENKA 0-4 RADWANSKA - Again the chance goes begging as the Pole cannot quite control her forehand return but beautiful length from Radwanska undoes Azarenka, who nets a forehand and hands her opponent a fourth break point of the game. Wonderful tennis from both players again as Azarenka works her way up to the net before finding a forehand drive volley winner. Radwanska gets herself a fifth chance with an interesting smash that nonetheless comes off. And this time she does break.

  36. - - AZARENKA 0-3 40-Ad RADWANSKA - Azarenka continues to look unsettled as another couple of forehands drift long of the baseline followed by a backhand also long. It's two more break points. The first goes begging when Radwanska nets a backhand down the line while Azarenka saves the second with a backhand drive volley winner but Radwanska earns herself a third with a sensational sliced backhand drop shot on an acute angle playing practically from on the floor...

  37. - - AZARENKA 0-3 RADWANSKA - The forehand is proving a little troublesome so far for Azarenka today as she pulls another one wide across court. A couple of errors from Radwanska allow Azarenka into the game though before she steps out wide and re-directs a wide serve back down the line for winner and a break back point. Radwanska saves it with an amazing angle on the backhand approach shot. The Pole goes on to hold when Azarenka again just misses with her forehand, this time going a little long.

  38. - - BREAK - AZARENKA 0-2 RADWANSKA - A bit of a slow start from Azarenka as she drops the first two points of her opening service game, a netted forehand and a forehand just marginally wide down the line. A fantastic point from both players sees Radwanska cover every single inch of the court, culminating in a smash up at the net, and bring up two break points. She only needs the one though as Azarenka misses another forehand. Great start from the Pole.

  39. - - AZARENKA 0-1 RADWANSKA - Two very quick and easy opening points from Radwanska are folllowed up by an angled forehand passing shot winner from Azarenka. But a netted forehand return from the Belarusian and a forehand down the line from Radwanska that Azarenka can't deal with it and the Pole has the hold for the loss of just that one point.

  40. - - The players are just about ready to go. And it will be Radwanska to get the clash underway after winning the spin of the coin and opting to serve first...

  41. - -

  42. - - WEATHER - It's a fantastic day for tennis in Melbourne today, current temperatures are around about 19 degrees in the blazing sunshine. There is not a cloud in the sky either so the sun could be a factor in serving. But apart from that, perfect conditions for tennis.

  43. - - STATS - These two good friends have met each other a fairly whopping 15 times in the past seven years but the stats do not make good reading for Radwanska. She has managed just three wins in that time and two of those came in the first two meetings. Seven of their meetings have come in the last two years and Azarenka has won all seven of those. The last time Radwanska even took a set from Azarenka was back at the Australian Open in 2012.

  44. - - Hello and welcome to LIVE coverage of the final women's Australian Open quarter-final between world number two, and two-times defending champion, Victoria Azarenka and world number five Agnieszka Radwanska.

Agnieszka Radwanska

Nationality POL
Date of Birth 06/03/1989
Height 1.73 m
Weight 56 kg

Victoria Azarenka

Nationality BLR
Date of Birth 31/07/1989
Height 1.83 m
Weight 66 kg

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