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Agnieszka Radwanska - Yulia Putintseva Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
PolandA Radwanska656--
KAZY Putintseva072--

Live Comments

  1. - MATCH - RADWANSKA 6-4 5-7 6-2 PUTINTSEVA: A netted forehand ends Putintseva's spirited challenge, but what a recovery it was. To win just a few more fans, Putintseva then spends a fair amount of time signing autographs despit her loss. Radwanska marches on.

  2. - GAME - RADWANSKA 6-4 5-7 5-2 PUTINTSEVA: As if this battle hasn't had enough twists, Putintseva lets out a triumphant yell and a shaking fistpump as she recovers a break from Radwanska. Surely she has left herself too much to do?

  3. - BREAK - RADWANSKA 6-4 5-7 5-1 PUTINTSEVA: Some great depth from Radwanska while defending on the back foot proves too much for Putintseva and she duly breaks again.

  4. - GAME - RADWANSKA 6-0 5-7 4-1 PUTINTSEVA: It's not a break until you hold, and that's exactly what Radwanska has done. She has won 80% of points on her first serve and for good reason.

  5. - BREAK - RADWANSKA 6-0 5-7 3-1 PUTINTSEVA. First blood to Radwanska as she breaks with typical guile, chasing down three big groundstrokes a smash before plucking out a backhand down-the-line winner.

  6. - GAME - RANDWANSKA 6-0 5-7 2-1 PUTINTSEVA: Another routine hold for Radwanska. As she sits down at the change of ends, the Pole promptly douses herself in ice for dear life. An uncomfortable day for all.

  7. - GAME - RADWANSKA 6-0 5-7 1-1 PUTINTSEVA: Putintseva levels up the set with more imperious forehands. Radwanska continues to return inexplicably poorly against a player whose serve is far from a weapon.

  8. - GAME - RANDWANSKA 6-0 5-7 1-0 PUTINTSEVA: Evidently, there were few lasting effects from the second set as Radwanska powered through. More dominant serving from the Pole wraps up her first game of the final set.

  9. - RADWANSKA 6-0 5-7 PUTINTSEVA: There we have it. Putintseva takes the second set 7-5 from Radwanska. In the end, it was quite emphatic - the teenager threw down 17 winners with a mere 8 unforced errors. And with that, the 10 minute heat rule is in effect.

  10. - BREAK - RADWANSKA 6-0 5-6 PUTINTSEVA: In another dramatic twist, Putintseva pounces with a return forehand winner along with more bold forehands and will serve for the second set.

  11. - GAME - RADWANSKA 6-0 5-5 PUTINTSEVA: Rather than crumbling under the weight of losing and then standing on the brink of exit, Putintseva grinds out a hold with yet more bold forehands.

  12. - GAME - RADWANSKA 6-0 5-4 PUTINTSEVA: In what is likely the first and last time this will ever happen in her career, Radwanska serves 3 (three!) aces in succession en-route to a routine hold. The Pole's ace count now stands at a Serena-esque 9.

  13. - BREAK - RADWANSKA 6-0 4-4 PUTINTSEVA: Unsurprisingly, Radwanska cuts out her sloppy return errors and easily breaks back. Putintseva attempts to fight back by upping the aggression but a netted forehand hands the Pole the re-break.

  14. - GAME - RADWANSKA 6-0 3-4 PUTINTSEVA: Radwanska holds, heaping the pressure back onto Putintseva. Her first serve still so uncharacteristically dominant.

  15. - GAME - RADWANSKA 6-0 2-4 PUTINTSEVA. Incredibly, Putintseva is now engaging with Radwanska in the craftier points, and even winning some. Radwanska's forehand, howevever, is leaking far too many errors.

  16. - GAME - RADWANSKA 6-0 2-3 PUTINTSEVA: Once again, Radwanska closes out her service game with yet another ace. Despite a poor passage of play, the Pole looks unfazed.

  17. - GAME - RADWANSKA 6-0 1-3 PUTINTSEVA Putintseva ishowing no sign of the shyness that often plagues her matches with top players. After slipping a passing shot past the Pole, the young Kazakhstani breaks out into the increasingly familiar sight - fistpumping and milking the camera twice in one game. Putintseva consolidates for 3-1.

  18. - BREAK - RADWANSKA 6-0 1-2 PUTINTSEVA: Out of nowhere, Putintseva trades from the baseline with Radwanska and achieves the near-impossible of outfoxing the most cunning player around. A wrong-footing forehand breaks the Radwanska stranglehold on the match and indeed her serve.

  19. - GAME - RADWANSKA 6-0 1-1 PUTINTSEVA: Finally, Putintseva captures her first game after a series of missed returns from the world number 5. Although it had much to do with Radwanska's level, the Kazakhstani's commitment to attacking her forehand down-the-line has reaped its rewards.

  20. - GAME - RADWANSKA 6-0 1-0 PUTINTSEVA: Another game, another cool ace from Radwanska to close it out. An over-pressing Putintseva is certainly helping her cause greatly, but the Pole is making it look easy.

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  23. - SET - RADWANSKA 6-0 PUTINTSEVA: And there it is. - a bagel served with Polish sausage. While others continue to suffer terribly in the heat, not least Putintseva herself, Radwanska waltzes through the first set with minimal physical effort and time on the court.

  24. - GAME - RADWANSKA 5-0 PUTINTSEVA: The onslaught continues and it seems Radwanska has no intention of staying out for any longer than necessary. Last year's quarterfinalist seals the hold with an ace down the T.

  25. - BREAK - RADWANSKA 4-0 PUTINTSEVA: A long deuce game sees some booming forehands from little Putintseva, but mostly frustration as she looks visibly uncomfortable in the searing heat. By contrast, the steely Pole is as impassive as ever and steals another break with little fuss.

  26. - GAME - RADWANSKA 3-0 PUTINTSEVA: Radwanska consolidates her break with yet more forays to the net. The teenager attempts to fight craftiness with her own dropshots, but Radwanska's variety of spins and angles is too much.

  27. - BREAK - RADWANSKA 2-0 PUTINTSEVA: It seems that Radwanska is determined to minimize her movement in the burning heat. Once again, the Pole is assaulting the net and playing with maximum efficiency. Not every player can alter their gameplan so dramatically, but then not every player is as crafty as Agnieszka Radwanska.

  28. - GAME - RADWANSKA 1-0 PUTINTSEVA: The fifth seed notches up her first game with ease, moving forward to the net on virtually every point.

  29. - Up now on Hisense is fifth-seeded Agnieszka Radwanska against feisty teenager Yulia Putintseva. Last year, Putintseva became known as much for her tantrums and endlesly intensive thrilles,

Agnieszka Radwanska

Nationality POL
Date of Birth 06/03/1989
Height 1.73 m
Weight 56 kg

Yulia Putintseva

Nationality KAZ
Date of Birth 07/01/1995
Height 1.63 m
Weight 59 kg

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