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Agnieszka Radwanska - Olga Govortsova Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
PolandA Radwanska67---
BelarusO Govortsova05---

Live Comments

  1. - MATCH - RADWANSKA 6-0 7-5 GOVORTSOVA: Radwanska wins! Not the greatest second set performance from her, but the Pole calmly navigated a potentially sticky situation in the heat, and eventually escaped relatively untroubled.

  2. - RADWANSKA 6-0 6-5 GOVORTSOVA: Another cool hold from Radwanska. She hasn't been troubled since the first game of the second set, and no doubt she'll want to nab the match before the tiebreak.

  3. - RADWANSKA 6-0 5-5 GOVORTSOVA: It would have been understandable to expect a collapse from Govortsova the second her break was relinquished, but instead she dug deep and unleashed a few more thunderous backhands to keep her in the game.

  4. - RADWANSKA 6-0 5-4 GOVORTSOVA: Radwanska wastes little time in exercising her authority over the Belarusian by holding with consummate ease to take herself within a game of the third round.

  5. - BREAK - RADWANSKA 6-0 4-4 GOVORTSOVA: And there it is. Radwanska inevitably breaks back right after hitting the shot of the day thus far - a bullet of a forehand winner from the Pole, the power from Govortsova's shot perfectly absorbed and redirected.

  6. - RADWANSKA 6-0 3-4 GOVORTSOVA: Despite missing the boat in the previous game, Radwanska bounces back immediately to hold and give Govortsova no breathing space whatsoever.

  7. - RADWANSKA 6-0 2-4 GOVORTSOVA: Fantastic tennis from Govortsova as the fifth seed rapidly moved to a 0-40 lead. Rather than panicing and even overhitting, Govortsova completed her recovery by beating Radwanska in a series of backhand-to-backhand rallies and almost punishing her at her own game.

  8. - RADWANSKA 6-0 2-3 GOVORTSOVA. After Govortsova's rapid start, Radwanska bites back with another routine hold, looking back in business and ready to pounce once more.

  9. - RADWANSKA 6-0 1-3 GOVORTSOVA: Govortsova keeps the pressue on with another solid game. In some ways, the Belarusian is almost a much lesser version of her countrywoman Azarenka, and the relentlessness of her backhand has also temporarily caused Radwanska a few problems.

  10. - RADWANSKA 6-0 1-2 GOVORTSOVA: Finally, Radwanska ges on the scoreboard by inceasing her depth and being more aggressive. After an entire set of having to do so little, she seemed a little shellshocked at first.

  11. - RADWANSKA 6-0 0-2 GOVORTSOVA: Govortsova impressively keeps up her momentum and easily holds. The Belarusion is roing a good job of openining up the court with her blistering backhands and Radwanska is mifed after spending so much time with little to do.

  12. - BREAK - RADWANSKA 6-0 0-1 GOVORTSOVA: In a brisk turn of fortune, Govortsova suddenly strings together a series of backhands and throws down her first game of the match by breaking Radwanska.

  13. - SET - RADWANSKA 6-0 GOVORTSOVA: In a flash, Radwanska seals the first set against Govortsova with a perfectly-timed return winner. Radwanska didn't have to do an awful lot, but what she did she executed faultlessly.

  14. - RADWANSKA 5-0 GOVORTSOVA: Another game, another hold for Radwanska. It really isn't a contest at the moment, with Govortsova incapable of even taking the Pole to deuce.

  15. - BREAK - RADWANSKA 4-0 GOVORTSOVA: The Pole breaks again. Govortsova is desperately trying to take the initiative, but the simple fact is that far too many errors are leaking from her racket.

  16. - RADWANSKA 3-0 GOVORTSOVA: It's a field day for Agnieszka Radwanska. When Govortsova isn't taking risks and invariably making tonnes of errors, most of her shots are straight down the middle and arm Radwanska with the one thing she lacks - power.

  17. - BREAK - RADWANSKA 2-0 GOVORTSOVA: Radwanska wastes little time in establishing her dominance through her unbending consistency. More errors from Govortsova, and the break is already her's,

  18. - RADWANSKA 1-0 GOVORTSOVA: First blood to the fifth seed. Govortsova arrives all guns blazing, but her strokes quickly whimper out and the errors take over.

  19. - Up next on Hisense Arena are Agnieszka Radwanska and Olga Govortsova. They're already present and warming up - match underway imminently.

Agnieszka Radwanska

Nationality POL
Date of Birth 06/03/1989
Height 1.73 m
Weight 56 kg

Olga Govortsova

Nationality BLR
Date of Birth 23/08/1988
Height 1.82 m
Weight 67 kg

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