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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
SpainR Nadal766--
SwitzerlandR Federer633--

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  1. - - So it's Nadal versus Wawrinka in Sunday's final after Rafa makes it 23 wins in 33 meetings with Roger. The Spaniard will now be aiming to become only the third man to win each of the Slam titles twice. It would also be his 14th overall. Of course, Wawrinka will have something to say about that and will be hoping his maiden appearance in a major final will end with a fairytale success. Join us at 8.30am UK time on Sunday for live coverage.

  2. - - GAME, SET & MATCH! FEDERER 6-7 (4) 3-6 3-6 NADAL: It's all over! Nadal books his place in Sunday's final with a straight sets win after breaking Fed once again on his second match point. The Swiss maestro has been made to work to hold his serve in almost every game today - and this was no exception. At 40-15 he's on cruise control but lets Rafa back in at deuce. The Swiss manages to save one match point but when a stunning winner on the run sets up the second, he buckles under pressure.

  3. - - FEDERER 6-7 (4) 3-6 3-5 NADAL: At times this is just a real joy to watch. In one point you are left in awe of Rafa's raw power and accuracy. In the next it's the finesse and guile of Roger. But in the moments that count it's Nadal who is coming out on top. At 40-30 a drilled backhand from Federer sets up a simple volley at the net. Unfortunately for the Swiss, he messes up his lines and crashes it into the cord. He now needs to hold serve to stay in the match.

  4. - - PHOTO: Rafa looks to his corner with delight as he moves towards another major final.

  5. - - BREAK! FEDERER 6-7 (4) 3-6 3-4 NADAL: An unforced error at 30-30 gifts Nadal a chance to strike a killer blow. Federer gets his first serve in but when his approach shot off Rafa's return clips the net it spirals up into the air and just beyond the baseline. Surely now it's all over for the 17-time Grand Slam champion?

  6. - - PHOTO: One of many great rallies from today's semi.

  7. - - FEDERER 6-7 (4) 3-6 3-3 NADAL: In a match consisting of some magnificent tennis, this one would be left on the cutting room floor. It's as routine as you'd hope if you were Rafa. Some decent first serves see him take command and he finishes it off with thumping forehand into the corner that Fed can only deflect wide.

  8. - - FEDERER 6-7 (4) 3-6 3-2 NADAL: Resilient play by Federer who shows real grit to fight off two break points to edge ahead in the third. His old favourite of a wide serve and volley sees him snatch the advantage and another strong delivery ends with Rafa blocking a return out of the court.

  9. - - BREAK! FEDERER 6-7 (4) 3-6 2-2 NADAL: It looked like it was going to be over with a whimper, but suddenly there's hope for Roger as he hits straight back. Two miss-hit shots down the line by Rafa tee up a brace of break points for the Swiss. Nadal saves one but then crashes another forehand long to give the world number six a chance.

  10. - - PHOTO: Rafa wins yet another key point.

  11. - - BREAK! FEDERER 6-7 (4) 3-6 1-2 NADAL: It's all going wrong for Federer. The Swiss can't cope under the Nadal onslaught and the errors are creeping into his play. At 15-40 down he has a simple volley into the left channel but clips it into the net to hand Rafa the momentum in the third. This could well be over in three sets.

  12. - - FEDERER 6-7 (4) 3-6 1-1 NADAL: A third ace of the match gives Nadal the impetus and he goes on to hold to 15 when Federer nets a crosscourt backhand. The Swiss needs to make Rafa work header on his serve. The final game of the second set is surely his blueprint for any hope of success.

  13. - - Someone watching this with interest will be Stan Wawrinka, who awaits the winner. The Swiss number two's four-set victory over Berdych in yesterday's first semi final was a high calibre contest. Relive how he secured his maiden appearance at a Grand Slam final with our game by game breakdown. Wawrinka v Berdych: As it happened

  14. - - FEDERER 6-7 (4) 3-6 1-0 NADAL: The third set gets off to the best possible start for Federer who gives himself a confidence boost with a hold to love. That's eight points without reply on his serve now. But can he make any inroads on the Rafa serve and force a break point or two? That's key if he wants to get back in this semi-final.

  15. - - PHOTO: Federer looks at the floor in disappointment.

  16. - - SET! FEDERER 6-7 (4) 3-6 NADAL: WOW! Rafa recovers from a difficult position to serve out the second set. From 0-30 down he wins two incredible points to level. A rasping forehand puts Fed on the defensive but he manages to return the Spaniard's overhead before clipping the next volley into the net with an attempted winner down the line. Another ridiculous rally ends with a beast of a forehand from Nadal. Fed then fires a brace of tame shots into the net to hand the world number one the set.

  17. - - FEDERER 6-7 (4) 3-5 NADAL: The Swiss recovers some composure and rattles through his second love service game of the match, finishing it off with a stylish ace down the centre line. Rafa will now serve for the second set.

  18. - - FEDERER 6-7 (4) 2-5 NADAL: The world number one consolidates the break to 15 but there are signs his first serve is beginning to dip. A double fault gives Fed a miniscule amount of hope at 30-15, but Nadal recovers and moves within one game of a two-set lead.

  19. - - PHOTO: A dismayed Federer knows it's a long way back from here.

  20. - - BREAK! FEDERER 6-7 (4) 2-4 NADAL: Rafa finally makes a deserved breakthrough. The Spaniard just kept turning the screw and for the first time Federer looks a bit rattled. An absolutely impossible pick up shot from deep with the Swiss Maestro at the net, tees up two break points and he made the last one count with a sensational forehand winner into the left corner.

  21. - - FEDERER 6-7 (4) 2-3 NADAL: Yet another love game for Nadal. Fed didn't have a sniff and after the epic battle of the previous game, the heat is straight back on the Swiss as he looks to stay with the world number one in this engrossing contest.

  22. - - FEDERER 6-7 (4) 2-2 NADAL: Massive hold for Federer who has now saved no fewer than six break points in the match. Nadal produced a string of sublime winners both down the line and across court but he couldn't quite make them count as Federer saved three break points in this exhilarating game that went to deuce on four occasions. The Swiss eventually got through it still intact as a clever winner and triumphant challenge on a line call does the job.

  23. - - PHOTO: Rafa hits a return to Roger.

  24. - - FEDERER 6-7 (4) 1-2 NADAL: Rafa holds to love for the third time in the match as Federer can only fire a return into the right-side of the net. It looks like the strapping on the hand is doing the trick for Nadal.

  25. - - FEDERER 6-7 (4) 1-1 NADAL: Brilliant play by Federer at the net sees him hold to 15. No sign of that new strapping causing Rafa any problems. Fed's impressive first serve and dominance of the game just what he needed. There's still a lot of tennis left in this one.

  26. - - Rafa currently having a medical time out for that blister.

  27. - - FEDERER 6-7 (4) 0-1 NADAL: Another psychological blow for Federer. After losing such a closely-fought first set he dominates at 30-30 and has Rafa on the rack. The Spaniard can only prod a tame defensive shot into the air but Fed crashes it into the net on the volley. The Spaniard then engages the 32-year-old in a superb rally before holding serve with an exquisite drop shot.

  28. - - PHOTO: Rafa's roar of delight.

  29. - - SET! FEDERER 6-7 (4) NADAL: First blood to Nadal. The first two points go against serve but the momentum shifts in favour of the Spaniard at 2-1 when Federer misses a simple volley to hand Rafa the initiative. The Spaniard breaks again and then wins a tough baseline tussle to widen the gap. Fed rallies and wins the point of the tie break with a sublime drop shot followed by a clinical volley. Nadal responds with a big first serve and then edges a lengthy rally when the Swiss fizzes one long.

  30. - - Read our Eurosport expert's view on why anything is possible for a rejuvenated Federer. Anything now possible for resurgent Federer

  31. - - TIE BREAK - FEDERER 6-6 NADAL: In the end it's a hold to 30 for Nadal but at first it looked like we could have had something special on our hands. The duo open with a point of the highest order as a 34-stroke rally ends with Fed flashing a backhand into the net. But the points that ensure prove relatively routine and Rafa earns the tie break when he forces Fed to fire long.

  32. - - FEDERER 6-5 NADAL: The world number six turns up the heat on Rafa with a superb service game to leave the Spaniard needing to hold next to force a tie break. An ace seals it to 15 but the pick of the points sees Federer coolly convert at the net after Nadal almost sneaked a pick-up shot on the run down the line.

  33. - - FEDERER 5-5 NADAL: Still nothing to choose between these two. At 30-15 Rafa leans back and clips a forehand way long. The crowd sense an opportunity for Fed and he does go on the attack, but again he chooses the inopportune moment to overcook a fierce forehand. Rafa responds with his first ace of the match to come through unscathed.

  34. - - PHOTO: The duo pose for the photographers ahead of their 33rd meeting.

  35. - - FEDERER 5-4 NADAL: Federer can't live with the heavy top spin under a bombardment from Rafa and faces another break point after a mixed service game including an ace and a double fault. A thumping backhand down the line gets him back in at deuce and he manages to regain his composure to hold when Nadal's probing forehand lands out.

  36. - - VIDEO: Nadal survives a tough clash with Dimitrov in the previous round.

  37. - - FEDERER 4-4 NADAL: It's developing into a thoroughly entertaining contest. Rafa's ruthless efficiency puts him in control but Fed hits back with a superb disguised winner down the line. The pair then indulge us with the best rally of the contest thus far which ends with the Swiss firing into the net on the stretch after a stunning forehand into the left side of the court from Nadal.

  38. - - FEDERER 4-3 NADAL: Fed digs deep to get himself out of a pretty big hole. A flurry of Rafa winners tee up two break points. An attempted backhand across court then flies long and the Swiss manages to force deuce. The duo then exchange blows before a wide ace and a complete miscue from Nadal provide Roger with a big, big hold.

  39. - - FEDERER 3-3 NADAL: We're enjoying a few more rallies on the Nadal serve and the Spaniard is showcasing some of those heat-seeking missile-like shots that hit the lines with unerring accuracy. There's not much Fed can do on this occasion and the Spanish ace levels it up once more.

  40. - - PHOTOS: Check out the best images from last few days in our Australian Open gallery. Australian Open

  41. - - FEDERER 3-2 NADAL: That was over all too quickly. The Swiss races through the gears to take a 40-0 lead and holds to love when Rafa goes for broke with a fizzing forehand that drops wide of the right-hand tramline.

  42. - - FEDERER 2-2 NADAL: Rafa survives a mini scare and the Swiss will be a tad frustrated. A drop volley and clinical follow up gets Fed off to a flyer and he looks in good shape when he dominates the rally at 15-30. But he overcooks an approach shot to let Nadal back in and is forced to play a wonderful return down the line to force deuce. An unforced error then gives the Spaniard the initiative and he closes it out to hold firm.

  43. - - FEDERER 2-1 NADAL: The Swiss maestro finds himself in a bit of bother as a rasping Rafa forehand ties it at 30-30. Fed responds with a clever serve and volley routine before the point of the match so far sees him recover with some astute play at the net after Nadal's shot down the line had clipped the cord.

  44. - - VIDEO: The fans' view on Nadal

  45. - - FEDERER 1-1 NADAL: No sign of any early problems with Rafa's hand as he eases to an impressive game to love. Some bold serves leave Federer with little to bite at and on the final point he returns weakly into the net.

  46. - - How Federer saw off Murray in the last eight.

  47. - - FEDERER 1-0 NADAL: An accomplished opening from the Fed as a trio of red-hot first serves see Nadal return long. The Spaniard does manage to miss-hit one winner when the world number six misjudges its flight at the net, but it's a routine start for the Swiss.

  48. - - Here we go then, Federer to serve first.

  49. 08.50 - More info on that injury: Why Rafa may not be at his 'blistering' best... Nadal’s blister could hand Federer crucial advantage in semi-final

  50. 08.48 - The blister problems that could hinder Rafa's bid to reach the final.

  51. 08.45 - Photo of Federer arriving on court via @AustralianOpen

  52. 08.40 - The players are out on court and the warm up is underway.

  53. 08.37 - ROUTE TO THE SEMIS - Rafa was one set to the good when Bernard Tomic was forced to retire in round one while Thanasi Kokkinakis and Gael Monfils offered little resistance. Kei Nishikori provided a sterner test in the last 16 before the world number one endured a real scare against Grigor Dimitrov last time out. The Bulgarian took the opening set and then pushed Nadal to two more tie breaks. The fourth set was more routine but there was enough to suggest the King of Clay may not be at his best.

  54. 08.35 - Federer is targeting an 18th Grand slam. Nadal is after his 14th. The Spaniard could become only the third man to win each of the Slam titles twice. As for Federer, the Swiss Maestro is aiming to reach a first major final since beating Andy Murray at Wimbledon in 2012 and also has his sights on an all-Swiss affair against Stan the Man on Sunday.

  55. 08.32 - ROUTE TO THE SEMIS - Federer: The world number six has rolled back the years over the past fortnight, producing some exquisite tennis that mean suggestions of his demise as a serious title challenger have been premature. A rampant last eight success over Andy Murray followed an equally convincing straight sets triumph over Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, while Teymuraz Gabashvili, Blaz Kavcic and James Duckworth were all defeated without dropping a set in the opening three rounds.

  56. 08.30 - Not long now. So, who's going to come out on top? We used Hawkeye to analyse the do's and don'ts for each player if they are to reach the final. HawkEye: What Fed must do to beat Rafa

  57. 08.25 - HEAD-TO-HEAD: This is the 33rd meeting of what many perceive to be the greatest rivalry in tennis history. Nadal has enjoyed the edge over the years, clocking up an impressive 22-10 record. Federer has not beaten his nemesis in a major since the Wimbledon final back in 2007.

  58. 08.20 - Our Eurosport expert Mats Wilander analyses the evolution of the man awaiting today's winner in Sunday's final - Stanislas Wawrinka. The Swiss saw off the challenge of Tomas Berdych in yesterday's first semi-final. Game Set, Mats: The evolution of Wawrinka

  59. 8.15am - Hello and welcome to our live coverage of a much-anticipated semi-final showdown between two of the game's true greats - Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. The clash is due to get underway at 8.30am UK time when we will hopefully we treated to a spectacle that is undoubtedly the highlight of Day 12 at this year's Australian Open. Are we set for a classic?

Rafael Nadal

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Date of Birth 03/06/1986
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg

Roger Federer

Nationality SUI
Date of Birth 08/08/1981
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg

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