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Rafael Nadal - GaŽl Monfils Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
SpainR Nadal666--
FranceG Monfils123--

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  1. - - World number one Nadal is safely through then and will place 16th seed Kei Nishikori in the fourth round on Monday.

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  3. - - GAME, SET AND MATCH - NADAL 6-1 6-2 6-3 MONFILS - Boom! There's the win for Nadal, sealed by a love service hold when Monfils sends a forehand return sailing out of play. That really was a message of intent from the world number one, Monfils did not play as badly as the scoreline suggests.

  4. - - BREAK - NADAL 6-1 6-2 5-3 MONFILS - Monfils over-hits a forehand just long down the centre third of the court to hand Nadal a break point that would surely be decisive. Sure enough Nadal does grab the break, Monfils again going for too much and failing to get his forehand in play and the world number one will serve for the match next.

  5. - - NADAL 6-1 6-2 4-3 MONFILS - Nadal quickly finds himself 0-30 down before recovering with a dinked forehand volley winner and a brutal off-forehand ground stroke across court. A forehand just long hands Monfils a break point but Nadal saves it with another huge inside out winner and follow-up forehand volley winner. The Frenchman gets a second chance when Nadal misses a sliced backhand across court but again the Spaniard denies him before going on to hold when Monfils goes long with a return.

  6. - - NADAL 6-1 6-2 3-3 MONFILS - Monfils levels up at 30-all with a pin-point forehand winner right down the sideline before squandering a first game point with a backhand error across court. He takes the game a couple of points later with a backhand winner.

  7. - - NADAL 6-1 6-2 3-2 MONFILS - The Frenchman ghosts into the net on the perfect play only to take his eye off the ball at the last minute and dump his forehand into the net. He slashes at the ball angrily immediately after before picking it up and exaggeratedly practising the shot, much to the amusment of the crowd. A blistering forehand winner down the line from Monfils raises even Uncle Toni's eyebrows before Nadal responds with his own to hold to 15.

  8. - - NADAL 6-1 6-2 2-2 MONFILS - Another solid service game from Monfils as he races through a hold to 15 with a big serve out wide and a forehand winner down the line. Can he do anything on the Nadal serve though? He's failed to so far but needs to if he is to make an inroads in this match.

  9. - - NADAL 6-1 6-2 2-1 MONFILS - Any hope Monfils had of geeing up the crowd with those aces to end the previous game are quickly stamped out by Nadal as he eases through a love service hold with a big first serve down the centre of the court that the Frenchman can only net in return.

  10. - - NADAL 6-1 6-2 1-1 MONFILS - Nadal just wafts a racquet in the direction of Monfils' decent serve and sends his forehand return back across court on the angle for a winner. It denies the Frenchman the hold on his first game point while another brutal 18 point rally saves the second for the Spaniard as Monfils nets a forehand. A running forehand sails then sails wide to hand Nadal another break point. Monfils saves it with a backhand down the line before holding with back-to-back aces!

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  12. - - NADAL 6-1 6-2 1-0 MONFILS - Monfils completely lets Nadal off the hook by over-hitting a cross court backhand and allowing the Spaniard to level at deuce instead of setting up two break points. The Frenchman makes amends on the next point with a forehand winner back to the same spot but Nadal saves the break point with a high forehand volley winner and then goes on to hold when Monfils sends a return sailing out of play

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  14. - - SET - NADAL 6-1 6-2 MONFILS - There is absolutely no reaction from the crowd at all as Nadal wraps up the second set. Monfils nets a backhand to gift the Spaniard two set points before slapping down another double fault, his fourth of the match, to concede the set. The Rod Laver crowd don't seem to know how to react!

  15. - - NADAL 6-1 5-2 - An emphatic love service hold from Nadal consolidates the break and leave Monfils serving to stay in this second set with only just over an hour on the clock.

  16. - - BREAK - NADAL 6-1 4-2 MONFILS - Back-to-back double faults from Monfils prove absolutely catastrophic (as you would expect) as Nadal breaks the Frenchman's serve at the first attempt with an angled forehand winner across court.

  17. - - NADAL 6-1 3-2 MONFILS - A slapped forehand and two backhand errors from Monfils sees Nadal cruise through another very comfortable service hold. Monfils needs to be careful now as Nadal is clearly looking to get the break and move towards the end of this second set

  18. - -

  19. - - NADAL 6-1 2-2 MONFILS - Another absolutely blistering forehand winner across court from Monfils. The power he gets on those shots is incredible. Nadal earns himself a break point when Monfils sends a forehand long but Monfils saves it with a brilliant backhand passing shot down the line. And from there the Frenchman goes on to hold and level up for a second time in this set.

  20. - - NADAL 6-1 2-1 MONFILS - Monfils tries to take the ball on the rise but ends up crouched down on the court as he pulls a change-of-direction backhand wide down the line. Nadal goes on to race through a love service hold and maintain his momentum.

  21. - - NADAL 6-1 1-1 MONFILS - Better from Monfils as he outlasts Nadal in a 19-stroke rally before going on to post only his second game of the match with a curling forehand winner. All of a sudden the Frenchman looks re-energised once again. He must be THE most frustrating man to coach on tour!

  22. - - NADAL 6-1 1-0 MONFILS - Monfils just looks disinterested as he goes for a barnstorming forehand return of serve and completely slaps the ball away wide to help Nadal hold to 15 for the opening game of the second set.

  23. - - SET - NADAL 6-1 MONFILS - Ouch. Monfils has barely looked like he's got going yet in this match as he fails to move his feet at all and as a result slaps his off-balance backhand wide wide into the tramlines to hand Nadal what has turned out to be a surprisingly easy first set. Just 39 minutes on the clock so far.

  24. - - NADAL 5-1 MONFILS - A huge ace out wide from Nadal leaves Monfils completely rooted - he didn't see that one at all - and brings up three game points for the Spaniard. He fails to take advantage of the first but quickly puts himself to within one game of the opening set with yet another winner.

  25. - - NADAL 4-1 MONFILS - A fantastic 21 shot point, with both players moving from side to side along the baseline. It eventually ends in Monfils' favour but Nadal levels at deuce with a very impressive flicked backhand smash that the Frenchman can only put in the net. Monfils fails to take advantage of another two game points before finally getting on the scoreboard with an ace down the very centre of the court.

  26. - - NADAL 4-0 MONFILS - Monfils flicks a dismissive forehand winner across court, low over the net and away for a winner to pegs Nadal back a point at 40-15. But it's only temporary respite for the Frenchman as Nadal takes the next point to consolidate the double break.

  27. - - BREAK - NADAL 3-0 MONFILS - Nadal almost falls over backwards as he gets his feet caught up underneath him. But he instead somehow manages to stumble back and thump a forehand winner down the line instead. Monfils responds with a forehand winner down the line of his own but it's not enough to stop Nadal from breaking for a second time as Monfils nets a forehand.

  28. - -

  29. - - NADAL 2-0 MONFILS - Nadal has the chance to consolidate the break with a hold to 15 but a backhand volley into the net and a Monfils forehand winner down the line and all of a sudden it's deuce. A brilliant off-forehand winner across court from Monfils brings up a break back point although he squanders it with a shocking forehand that lands well long. Nadal also saves a second break point with a blistering backhand across court. Eventually, Nadal goes on to hold and consolidate the break

  30. - - BREAK - NADAL 1-0 MONFILS - Fantastic work from Nadal to kick things off. It's not a bad start from Monfils as he quickly earns himself a game point with an ace, but three consecutive errors from the Frenchman and Nadal has the early break.

  31. - - Here we go then, the players are just about ready to get underway and it will be Monfils to get the clash underway by serving first...

  32. - - The last match of day six on the Rod Laver Arena sees world number one Rafael Nadal take on French 25th seed Gael Monfils.

Rafael Nadal

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 03/06/1986
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg

GaŽl Monfils

Nationality FRA
Date of Birth 01/09/1986
Height 1.93 m
Weight 80 kg

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