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Sam Querrey - James Ward Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
United KingdomJ Ward17366
United StatesS Querrey66641

Live Comments

  1. 1-6 - GAME, SET AND MATCH! (Ward 1-6 7-6 3-6 6-4 6-1): An incredible display of tennis from the British player as he seals victory in the fifth set, having dropped just one game in the final stanza. Britain take a 2-0 lead in the tie, after Andy Murray's earlier win over Donald Young.

  2. 1-5 - WARD BREAKS AGAIN! (Querrey 6-1 6-7 6-3 4-6 1-5): Ward does it again and he's now just a single game away from victory. With the ball in his hands, you'd expect him to do it now...

  3. 1-4 - QUERREY STEMS FLOW AGAINST HIM (Querrey 6-1 6-7 6-3 4-6 1-4): Querrey manages to stop the rot and finally get on the scoreboard this set with a held service game. Still, if Ward can hold his nerve during his next two service games, he'll secure a superb victory. Querrey with it all to do.

  4. 0-4 - MAKE THAT TWO BREAKS! (Querrey 6-1 6-7 6-3 4-6 0-4): Ward secures a double break and he's now just two games from a famous victory in San Diego. Incredible turnaround when he looked down and out in the fourth set.

  5. 0-3 - WARD IS FLYING! (Querrey 6-1 6-7 6-3 4-6 0-3): Invigorated by that come-from-behind performance in the fourth set, Ward can do no wrong now! He breaks Querrey once more early in the fifth and continues his streak to take a three-zip lead!

  6. 4-6 - WARD SENDS IT TO A DECIDER! (Querrey 6-1 6-7 6-3 4-6): Fantastic stuff from Ward who breaks Querrey once more to seal the fourth set!

  7. 4-4 - WARD BREAKS BACK! (Querrey 6-1 6-7 6-3 4-4): Incredible scenes! Ward refuses to be beaten and he breaks to level things up in the fourth set! Four apiece now and we could yet be headed for a fifth and final set!

  8. 4-2 - QUERREY KEEPS NOSE IN FRONT (Querrey 6-1 6-7 6-3 4-2): Still Querrey is a break up in the fourth as the next few games go to serve. The American is now just two games away from claiming victory.

  9. 2-0 - ADVANTAGE AMERICA AGAIN (Querrey 6-1 6-7 6-3 2-0): Querrey wastes no time in breaking Ward early in the fourth set and the American looks well set for victory now.

  10. 6-3 - THE US TAKE THE LEAD AGAIN (Querrey 6-1 6-7 6-3): The third set goes the way of the US! Querrey's hit 10 aces to Ward's three so far today. What can the Brit produce in the fourth stanza now?

  11. 5-2 - QUERREY HOLDS AGAIN (Querrey 6-1 6-7 5-2): The big American closes on the third set and now Ward will have to serve to stay in it.

  12. 4-2 - WARD HANGS IN THERE (Querrey 6-1 6-7 4-2): Ward does well to stave off break points that surely would have put a bit dent in British hopes in this rubber and he holds to put the pressure back on Querrey.

  13. 4-1 - QUERREY INCHES TOWARDS SET (Querrey 6-1 6-7 4-1): The US move within two games of the set as Querrrey holds again after Ward did well to avoid being broken again during his service game.

  14. 3-0 - QUERREY CONSOLIDATES (Querrey 6-1 6-7 3-0): The big American is clearly enraged at needing at least four sets in this match now, and he thunders down some unstoppable serves that Ward never gets close to.

  15. 2-0 - QUERREY BREAKS! (Querrey 6-1 6-7 2-0): Ward gives away two cheap break points - he saves the first with a great serve, but then drags an attempted backhand winner wide - and Querrey takes the intiative once more!

  16. 1-0 - QUERREY BACK IN BUSINESS (Querrey 6-1 6-7 1-0): The American holds serve after the disappointment of the lost tie-break.

  17. 7-3 - JAMES WARD WINS THE SET! Querrey fires long with a forehand at the net while trying to put the point away, and James Ward has levelled the match against a man 125 places above him in the world!

  18. 6-3 - WARD 6-3: THREE SET POINTS! Querrey hits yet another into the net.

  19. 5-3 - WARD 5-3: WHAT A WINNER! Ward clatters a forehand right on the line - two points for the set!

  20. 4-3 - WARD 4-3: Querrey showing nerves as he puts another in the net! Ward with the mini-break once more.

  21. 3-3 - WARD 3-3: Querrey back on terms as Ward dunts a backhand into the net!

  22. 3-2 - WARD 3-2: Ward's turn to blunder now as he gives the mini-break back.

  23. 3-1 - WARD 3-1: The Brit consolidates his lead as Querrey booms a volley off the back of the court. Blunder!

  24. 2-1 - WARD 2-1: Querrey finds his serve this time, and gets into the tie-break.

  25. 2-0 - WARD 2-0: Querrey's first double fault of the match!

  26. 1-0 - WARD 1-0: Good serve well backed up, and Ward takes the opening point.

  27. 6-6 - TIE-BREAK! Massive opportunity for Ward, but h's only 6-13 in career tie-breaks. Querrey is 94-95.

  28. 6-5 - WARD HOLDS TO LOVE! (Querrey 6-1 5-6): Great effort from Ward - and he can't lose this set without at least having a crack in a tie-break now...

  29. 5-5 - QUERREY HOLDS AGAIN (Querrey 6-1 5-5): No mistakes once more as the American remains perfect on serve.

  30. 5-4 - EXCELLENT HOLD FOR WARD (Querrey 6-1 4-5): Lovely service game from Ward, finished off with a thumping forehand winner - his 17th of the match, against 11 for Querrey. He's improved hugely in this second set - and boy did he need to, of course.

  31. 4-4 - TOUGH BREAK FOR WARD (Querrey 6-1 4-4): The Brit has a close line call go against him just as it looks as if he's going to earn a break point from 30-30, and Querrey holds - still no way through for Ward.

  32. 4-3 - BEST HOLD OF THE MATCH! (Querrey 6-1 3-4): Ward fights back from 0-40 to deuce on his own serve. After an appalling missed smash helped put him on the back foot, he fought back brilliantly with measured tennis and fine serving to stay in this set. Could prove crucial.

  33. 3-3 - NO LET-UP FROM QUERREY! (Querrery 6-1 3-3) Fine service game, rattled through in barely more than a minute - Querrey's service timing is excellent today, and the 6'6" power server is just giving Ward nothing.

  34. 3-2 - WARD DIGS DEEP (Querrey 6-1 2-3): Ward pushed to deuce on his serve this time round, but a fine backhand takes him to advantage, and a big serve sees him close out the game.

  35. 2-2 - QUERREY PULLS IT OUT (Querrey 6-1 2-2): The American booms down a couple of aces after looking briefly vulnerable at 30-30. Nothing Ward can do.

  36. 2-1 - WARD HOLDS AGAIN (Querrey 6-1 1-2): Much better serving from Ward once again, looking very good there - and Querrey needed an outstanding return to win even a point in that one.

  37. 1-1 - QUERRY UNTOUCHABLE: (Querry 6-1 1-1): The home player rattles through his opening service game of the set for the loss of not a single point.

  38. 1-0 - WARD HOLDS SERVE! (Querrey 6-1 0-1: The British world number 175 gets off to a better start as he holds serve in the opening game of the second set.

  39. - - Hard to see where Ward is going to go from here - other than back to the changing room with tail between his legs.

  40. 6-1 - FIRST SET TO USA! (Querrey 6-1): Ward sees a chink in the armour as he gets to 15-30, but a shot clean off the edge of his racquet not only makes it 30-30, but also ends his momentum. Querrey pumps down two big serves as he holds and takes the opening set.

  41. 5-1 - GAME FOR WARD! Ward's 18th unforced error of the match so far (18!) give sup break point at 30-40 - but he saves it with a good point, Querrey finding the net as he's forced to run wide for a backhand. Ward then aces to go to advantage - and lashes down a second excellent serve that Querry can only chip over, setting up an easy winner. Ward off the mark!

  42. 5-0 - ACES FLYING: Querrey smashes several aces down as he holds with complete ease once again. Ward has no answer to the home star right now - despite a very quiet, un-Davis Cup-like atmosphere so far.

  43. 4-0 - WARD LOSES SERVE AGAIN: All going horribly wrong for the Brit as a double-fault sends Querrey to advantage, and he then nets a simple backhand to lose his fourth game in a row. Carbon copy of Murray's match so far: tough opening hold, then next three games rattle off in a row.

  44. - - The stats gurus tell us that USA have lost 50 of the 81 Davis Cup matches they've played when losing the opening singles rubber. When they've won that opener, they've finished off their opponents over 90% of the time (in more than 200 matches).

  45. 3-0 - QUERREY HOLDS WITH EASY: The big-serving American gets four good ones off, and Ward gets nowhere near any of them - it's a hold of serve to love, and the look Ward gives his opponent suggests he's expecting a tough afternoon in Southern California.

  46. 2-0 - BREAK FOR QUERREY! The American's returns are too good for Ward in the Brit's opening service game, with the world number 175 looking slightly out of his depth in that one.

  47. 1-0 - GAME QUERREY: Ward trails 40-15 in the first game but fights back to push it to deuce as Querrey makes a few mistakes. But the American holds firm in the end to hold. Tough opening game for both men.

  48. 0-0 - Querrey serves first - these two have only played once, and Ward won that match - at Queen's in 2011.

  49. - - Second up is Sam Querrey of the USA against James Ward.

Sam Querrey

Nationality USA
Date of Birth 07/10/1987
Height 1.98 m
Weight 91 kg

James Ward

Nationality GBR
Date of Birth 09/02/1987
Height 1.91 m
Weight 72 kg

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