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Maria Sharapova - Simona Halep Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
Russian FederationM Sharapova666--
RomaniaS Halep474--

Live Comments

  1. - - Speaking to the crowd in an interview ahead of the presentation, a triumphant Sharapova said: "This is the toughest Grand Slam final I've ever played. All respect to Simona. I thought she played an unbelievable match today... I can't believe it. I never thought seven or eight years ago that I would win more Roland Garros' when I was 27-years old than any other... I'm so emotional right now, I can't even talk!"

  2. - GAME, SET AND MATCH! - SHARAPOVA 6-4 6-7(5) 6-4 HALEP. Maria seals her fifth Grand Slam and second French Open title after edging one the greatest finals of recent times in just over three hours. She's had her wobbles today but she wasn't going to let it slip this time. A brilliant overhead and a brutal first serve tee up three match points and she delivers the killer blow with a trademark forehand. She sinks to her knees in delight - what a match!

  3. - - BREAK! - SHARAPOVA 6-4 6-7(5) 5-4 HALEP. Magnificent from Sharapova. This crowd are being spoilt today. Some of the rallies on show are a real throwback to the halcyon eras of women's tennis with Navratilova, Graf et al. The Russian responds to a loss of serve in the only way she knows how - by attacking at full throttle. Two sensational crosscourt winners do the bulk of the damage as she breaks to love. She will now serve for the title... deja vu anyone?

  4. - - BREAK! - SHARAPOVA 6-4 6-7(5) 4-4 HALEP. This rollercoaster of match continues to wow the crowd. There is no let up in the twists and turns as Sharapova mixes the sublime and the woeful, firing down two more double faults, including a crucial one at break point, to let Halep back in it. All square in the decider. No-one wants to lose this - but at times it feels like no-one wants to win it either!

  5. - - SHARAPOVA 6-4 6-7(5) 4-3 HALEP. Strong nerve from the youngster. A double fault gives Sharapova a sight of a break but the Russian attacks a weak second serve and lashes it into the net to put Halep 40-30 up. The fourth seed then produces a fizzing winner that clips the line to hold and stay within touching distance.

  6. - - SHARAPOVA 6-4 6-7(5) 4-2 HALEP. That was quite brilliant under the circumstances. After struggling all match to find consistency on serve, Sharapova races out of the traps and seals the game to love with a combination of ferocious forehand and backhand winners. The trophy is within touching distance once again...

  7. - - BREAK! - SHARAPOVA 6-4 6-7(5) 3-2 HALEP. Where did that come from? Perhaps free from the shackles of her misfiring serve, Sharapova attacks Halep with relish and notches up triple break point. Inevitably, the resilient Romanian saves two of them but is finally undone when she can only fire a backhand on the stretch into the net. Now, what about this Sharapova serve?!

  8. - - SHARAPOVA 6-4 6-7(5) 2-2 HALEP. An epic game eventually sees Masha hold, but Halep will feel it's a missed opportunity. A second ace of the match puts Sharapova in command of the game but Halep just won't go away. It's an attribute Maria will appreciate in the youngster - but not today. 40-15 soon becomes deuce and the frustration is evident. A number of net cords go the Russian's way as she fights off two break points before finally overpowering her young opponent.

  9. - - SHARAPOVA 6-4 6-7(5) 1-2 HALEP. Impressive work from Halep as she digs herself out of a hole at 0-30 to take the next four points. It's the first hold for seven games and it's clinched with a stunning winner to the left-side of Sharapova's baseline after another full-blooded rally.

  10. - - BREAK! - SHARAPOVA 6-4 6-7(5) 1-1 HALEP. It's all too familiar isn't it? Sharapova gets the match by the scruff of the neck and then trips herself up. Two more double faults leave her up against it. A time warning facing two break points increases the heat and even with the point at her mercy at the net, she contrvies to guide a crosscourt drop shot well wide of the tramlines. Incredible!

  11. - - BREAK! - SHARAPOVA 6-4 6-7(5) 1-0 HALEP. Sharapova made Halep wait a very long time during a break between set two and three. It could well have been a ploy to get her head right and quell the momentum of the 22-year-old. If so, it did the trick as she eased through this opener to 15 as Halep fired long trying to defend two break points.

  12. - - SET! - SHARAPOVA 6-4 6-7 (5) HALEP. The Romanian somehow forces a decider as a tentative Sharapova takes an age to serve before tightening up and hammering a shot down the line that misses by some distance. All square, but who's favourite in the deciding set?

  13. - - TIE BREAK - SHARAPOVA 5-6 HALEP - Halep is still alive as Sharapova fires long and then seems to implode. Set point to the Romanian who looked dead and buried. Maria to serve...

  14. - - TIE BREAK - SHARAPOVA 5-3 HALEP - Halep hits back from 4-2 with some great defensive work but then cracks a forehand into the net on the Sharapova serve. Can the Russian do it? Two points from glory...

  15. - - TIE BREAK! - SHARAPOVA 6-4 6-6 HALEP. More misery for Halep as she loses her service game to love meaning we are all set for a tie break. A brutal forehand sees Sharapova attack from the off and Halep galvanises her opponents hopes with a stray forehand long. The Russian then notches up triple break point and seals it with a smash to the body after the Romanian appeared to snap a string on her racket.

  16. - - BREAK! - SHARAPOVA 6-4 5-6 HALEP. What a response from the young pretender! She shrugs off the disappointment and frustration of her service game to rack up triple break point with a clinical overhead. Sharapova delivers two huge serves to hit back but then cannons a shot way beyond the baseline. Another chance for Halep to serve for the set. Can she make it count this time?

  17. - - BREAK! - SHARAPOVA 6-4 5-5 HALEP. A huge blow for the Romanian. She tenses up when it matters most and gifts Sharapova two break back points. The 22-year-old digs deep to save the first but then gets really unlucky when Sharapova benefits from a dead net to level it up.

  18. - - BREAK! - SHARAPOVA 6-4 4-5 HALEP. A magnificent display of tennis from both players. The majority of games have been a real rollercoaster and this was no different. Sharapova looks to be coasting at 40-15 but Halep comes storming back to force deuce. The point of the match follows with both players reaching the impossible before the Russian eventually miscues into the net. Another swashbuckling rally ensues with Halep emerging triumphant when the Siberian Siren just misses the line.

  19. - - SHARAPOVA 6-4 4-4 HALEP. The Jekyll and Hyde nature of Sharapova may have been a feature of this match, but so have the sensational rallies. A thunderous winner down the line puts Halep in control after another battle from the baseline. But Sharapova never goes away and when the Romanian double faults for only a third time in the match, the Russian roars back. Halep does remarkably well to fight off two break points before securing a huge hold when the seventh seed misfires into the alley.

  20. - - SHARAPOVA 6-4 4-3 HALEP. A first ace of the match sees Sharapova enjoy some respite on that serve as she races into a 40-0 lead. Halep responds by sneaking the next two points before the Russian finally puts the game to bed with a blistering crosscourt backhand that her opponent can only block out of court.

  21. - - SHARAPOVA 6-4 3-3 HALEP. The fourth seed levels it up to 15 with a confident service game that concludes with a rasping shot down the line. The Romanian must be relishing the prospect of receiving right now, given the troubles Sharapova has had with double faults.

  22. - - SHARAPOVA 6-4 3-2 HALEP. It's never boring when Sharapova's in town; what a huge hold! From a dominant, match-winning position to what looks like a mini collapse. Three double faults put her on the verge of losing a third straight game, but that dogged spirit that is a hallmark of her career comes to the fore again. A scream of 'C'mon' when Halep misfires at deuce is followed by a massive sigh of relief when the 22-year-old crashes a backhand into the alley to let Masha off the hook.

  23. - - SHARAPOVA 6-4 2-2 HALEP. Just what the doctor ordered! The 22-year-old carries the momentum into her service game and romps into a 40-0 lead. Sharapova responds and forces a shot on the run long before being undone by some fabulous defensive work by the fourth seed that eventually sees the Russian sear another blockbuster long.

  24. - - BREAK! - SHARAPOVA 6-4 2-1 HALEP. The pendulum swings once again and Halep's hopes are still alive. A fifth double and first of this set from Masha gives the Romanian a window of opportunity at 0-30 and when Sharapova fails to put away an overhead she is buoyed by two break points. Some fine anticipation ensures she makes the return of serve and it pays dividends as Sharapova hammers an attempted shot down the line into the net.

  25. - - BREAK! - SHARAPOVA 6-4 2-0 HALEP. Brave resistance from Halep but she's got a mountain to climb now. The Romanian youngster is scurrying from side to side, producing some fine defensive work and it helps her see off two more break points as the Sharapova onslaught rains down on her. A double fault puts her up against it once again, however, and this time her swing is slightly off as she arrows a shot into the left-hand alley she is facing.

  26. - - SHARAPOVA 6-4 1-0 HALEP. The confidence is oozing through the 27-year-old as she romps through her opening service game of the second set to take it to love. It's all a bit demoralising for Halep who will be well aware that the Russian tends to get better and better as matches go on. Last month's Madrid Open final is proof of that.

  27. - - SET! - SHARAPOVA 6-4 HALEP. The seventh seed sees off the late challenge of Halep to break back and seal the set in 57 minutes after another absorbing game. The Romanian fights off the first break point but then hammers a shot well wide of the tramlines to gift Sharapova the breakthrough. It's the first set the fourth seed has lost at this tournament and you wonder whether she can find the answers to take this into a decider.

  28. - - BREAK! - SHARAPOVA 5-4 HALEP. Who saw that coming? Halep is back in this! The service jitters haunt Sharapova once again as a fourth double fault of the match offers up two break points for Halep. The Romanian wastes the first but then somehow stays in the next rally to triumph as Sharapova drills a shot down the line just wide under no real pressure.

  29. - - SHARAPOVA 5-3 HALEP. Much better from Halep who ensures Sharapova must serve for the set with a love game, her best of the contest so far. It ends a five-game losing streak and will give her a lift. Now, can Masha hold her nerve or will that serve wobble once again?

  30. - - SHARAPOVA 5-2 HALEP. The Siberian Siren consolidates her break as Halep has no answer to the onslaught. A 17th winner of the match puts her in control before the fourth seed crumbles with a shot into the net and a forehand long. Halep will now serve to stay in a first set in which she has been pretty much blown away.

  31. - - BREAK! - SHARAPOVA 4-2 HALEP. If Sharapova could develop the merest bit of consistency she would be nigh on unplayable. At 15-15 she plays a wonderful lob that completely flummoxes Halep who then fires into the net to tee up two break points. Another fizzing winner seals it at the first time of asking and the Russian looks to have got herself back on course after another sluggish start at this tournament.

  32. - - SHARAPOVA 3-2 HALEP. The seventh seed sneaks ahead but she made hard work of it. The Russian's power should be making real inroads on Halep's resistance but that unreliable serve is helping to create a level playing field. The Romanian benefits from yet another double fault to earn break point following deuce but a sensational forehand winner clips the line and gets Masha out of trouble. Both players exchange blows before Sharapova outslugs the 22-year-old to hold.

  33. - - BREAK! - SHARAPOVA 2-2 HALEP. A superb game of tennis sees Sharapova break back at the fourth time of asking. Neither player is allowing the other to land any cheap points, leaving the pair to thrash it out with some wonderful rallies and outstanding winners. You could produce a montage of fine winners just from that one game, but Sharapova finally prevails courtesy of an error when Halep hooks wide of the Russian's left-hand tramlines.

  34. - - SHARAPOVA 1-2 HALEP. The hit and miss nature of the Russian's serve is threatening to undermine the damage she can cause with her venomous forehand. Another double fault means she's having to pull off more and more blockbusters but on this occasion she just about comes through to 30. The final point involves the rally of the match thus far and eventually sees Halep touch a volley into the net on the stretch after her initial drop shot had Sharapova scrambling.

  35. - - SHARAPOVA 0-2 HALEP. Impressive stuff from the youngster who looks very much at home in her first ever Grand Slam final. A keenly-contested game goes to deuce once again before Halep takes command with a sublime winner down the line followed by an aggressive forehand at the net.

  36. - - BREAK! - SHARAPOVA 0-1 HALEP. No sign of nerves from Halep whose consistency eventually sees her get off to a flyer. Sharapova's power is hindered by her own erratic serve and she hands the Romanian an opportunity with a double fault. Halep trades blows in the concluding rally and then skips across for the changeover after earning the break when Masha fires long.

  37. 14.12 - The players have just completed the formalities of their respective warm ups. We are just seconds away from the start of the 2014 French Open final. Sharapova to serve first.

  38. 14.08 - Sharapova once famously labelled herself a "cow on ice" for being unable to master the balance and timing needed to slide for points on clay. However, the Russian has made rapid improvement and boasts an impressive 18-1 record on the surface this year and is the pundits' favourite for the title.

  39. 14.03 - Halep is hoping to emulate her adviser and compatriot Virginia Ruzici who won the title here in 1978. The diminutive starlet has yet to drop a set at this year's tournament and is currently waiting in the underground corridor ahead of her imminent arrival on court. Sharapova looks focused and ready to go.

  40. 14.00 - HEAD-TO-HEAD: The two players have met three times in the past with Sharapova boasting a 100 per cent record. The Siberian Siren defeated Halep in the Madrid Open final last month 1-6 6-2 6-3 to land her 31st career title.

  41. 13.55 - Four-time Grand Slam champion, Sharapova has now reached three finals on the spin here at Roland Garros. The 27-year-old feels she is finally at full strength following a shoulder injury that saw her miss the second half of last season. She said: "I'm very proud, because I worked hard to get myself injury free, and I had to work through some tough losses in the beginning of the season that I didn't want to accept. Now I'm in this position giving myself a chance."

  42. 13.50 - Halep comes into this showpiece occasion as the highest-ranked seed, but given Sharapova's wealth of experience, the Romanian recognises she will not be the favourite. She said: "I have nothing to lose. I will keep this in my mind always. I will try to hit very relaxed. I know that it will be very tough to manage the emotions, but I will try my best."

  43. 13.45 - Good afternoon and welcome to live coverage of the French Open women's final between fourth seed, Simona Halep and 2012 champion, Maria Sharapova. The players are due on Chatrier shortly.

Maria Sharapova

Nationality RUS
Date of Birth 19/04/1987
Height 1.88 m
Weight 59 kg

Simona Halep

Nationality ROU
Date of Birth 27/09/1991
Height 1.68 m
Weight 60 kg

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