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Garbiņe Muguruza - Maria Sharapova Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
Russian FederationM Sharapova176--
SpainG Muguruza651--

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  1. 16:18 - So it is Sharapova through to the semi-finals of the French Open, in three battling sets, where she awaits the winner between Eugenie Bouchard and Carla Suarez Navarro, who are locked in a three set epic of their own over on Suzanne Lenglen.

  2. - - GAME, SET & MATCH! Muguruza 6-1 5-7 1-6 Sharapova. Muguruza slightly falls away at the start of the game, three quick unforced errors handing Sharapova three match points. The Spaniard saves with first with a cross court forehand winner but she can do nothing about the second, her forehand ending up in the bottom of the net to concede the match.

  3. - - Muguruza 6-1 5-7 1-5 Sharapova. Muguruza is unfortunate enough to break a string on her return meaning there is little she can do with her subsequent forehand, which ends up in the net to allow Sharapova to hold. The Russian was comfortably leaving in that game anyway and now Muguruza will have to serve to keep this match alive, after the change of ends.

  4. - - BREAK! Muguruza 6-1 5-7 1-4 Sharapova. It's been a battle all day for Sharapova but she earns herself another two more break points with an outstanding point, first going down the line with a backhand before chasing across the baseline to produce a forehand winner down the line. Both go begging though with backhands wide across court but a Muguruza netted forehand hands Sharapova another go and this time she does secure the double break, Muguruza again netting a forehand.

  5. - - Muguruza 6-1 5-7 1-3 Sharapova. But a netted backhand return from Muguruza gifts Sharapova another game point and this time the Russian does take advantage, sealing the game with a big serve that Muguruza cannot return in play. Sharapova consolidates the break to move ahead in this final set.

  6. - - Muguruza 6-1 5-7 1-2 Sharapova. Accurate forehands are proving a struggle right now for Muguruza so instead she steps inside the court and thumps an off-backhand across court for a winner to earn herself an immediate break back point. She goes just long with a backhand while Sharapova saves a second with a forehand winner down the line and a third with an ace. The Russian also has to save a fourth and a fifth before Muguruza denies Sharapova on a game point with a thumping backhand down the line

  7. - - BREAK! Muguruza 6-1 5-7 1-2 Sharapova. Super use of the wide serve from Muguruza at 30-all as he pushes Sharapova wide before following in to the net to produce a forehand winner down the line. But Sharapova clings on to the game, denying Muguruza on two game points, before going on to break with a deep forehand that the Spaniard can only return into the bottom of the net. Can Muguruza find a way back into this?

  8. - - Muguruza 6-1 5-7 1-1 Sharapova. The Spaniard finds herself just a little too off-balance to pull her cross court backhand in as she bids to put even more pressure on the Sharapova serve. Instead, the Russian finds a way to hold to 30 despite a time violation warning just before game point. That had been brewing for a while, and Sharapova just ignores it until winning the game, when she directs a yell of "come on" in umpire Eva Asderakis's direction.

  9. - - Muguruza 6-1 5-7 1-0 Sharapova. A booming inside out forehand winner right into the corner from Muguruza gets her off the mark in this final set after she quickly finds herself 0-30 down on serve. But the Spaniard somehow finds a way to come through the game unscathed, that should give her some confidence, it was a great hold. She sneaks out in front to steady the ship.

  10. - - SET! Muguruza 6-1 5-7 Sharapova. An absolutely stunning pick-up from Sharapova leaves Muguruza only able to offer up a wry smile as it helps the Russian on her way to a first set point. The chance goes begging when Sharapova pulls a routine forehand just wide but an ace creates a second chance and this time Sharapova does level the match, a deep forehand prompting a forehand reply into the net from Muguruza. This match is going to the decider.

  11. - - BREAK! Muguruza 6-1 5-6 Sharapova. Brutal from Sharapova as she thumps a couple of forehand winners over the net to bring up a break point opportunity. The Russian only needs the one though, using all her experience to break at the crucial time, with another solid rally then ends in forcing the error from the young Spaniard. Sharapova will now serve for the second set, after the change of ends.

  12. - - Muguruza 6-1 5-5 Sharapova. A thumping forehand drive volley from Sharapova on the first point is a brave choice but one that pays off with a winner. The Spaniard does get a point on the board with a brilliant return right at the feet of Sharapova but it's only a temporary respite as the Russian produces a solid first serve on the next point to draw the error on the forehand return and secure a hold to 15.

  13. - - Muguruza 6-1 5-4 Sharapova. An ambitious forehand return straight down the line from Sharapova lets Muguruza off a the hook a little at 0-30 when it goes wide. It is followed by a cross court backhand wide from the Russian and we're back to 30-all. In ends up as a fantastic hold from Muguruza when another forehand, again down the line, goes astray from Sharapova, who will have to serve to keep this match alive after the change of ends.

  14. - - Muguruza 6-1 4-4 Sharapova. Boom! A really agressive game from Sharapova to level up, her most comfortable service game of the match so far. It ends with a blistering inside out forehand winner across court from the Russian to sling all the pressure back over the net at the young Spaniard.

  15. - - Muguruza 6-1 4-3 Sharapova. The Russian narrowly misses a forehand return to squander an immediate chance to re-establish her break advantage before Muguruza earns herself a game point with a brilliantly executed backhand drop shot. The Spaniard goes on to secure the game when Sharapova pulls a forehand wide. Muguruza is edging ever closer to a maiden Grand Slam semi-final.

  16. - - BREAK! Muguruza 6-1 3-3 Sharapova. Looking comfortable at 30-love up, Sharapova pulls a forehand long before being undone by a great return from Muguruza - straight back at the Russian. A double fault from Sharapova then hands Muguruza a break back point. In the end it is absolutely gifted to the Spaniard as Sharapova slaps down a second consecutive double - her fifth overall.

  17. - - Muguruza 6-1 2-3 Sharapova. Murguruza is just starting to show some signs now of frustration as she finds herself two more break points down after being out-maneouvred by Sharapova on the baseline. She saves them both though, one with a backhand winner and the second when Sharapova nets a forehand, before going on to hold when another Sharapova forehand ends up in the net.

  18. - - Muguruza 6-1 1-3 Sharapova. Sharapova and Muguruza go toe-to-toe from the baseline but interestingly straight down the middle of the court, both of them aware of how crucial this part of the match is. Sharapova produces a terrific hold from 15-30 down, eventually sealing the game with an ace to consolidate her break.

  19. - - BREAK! Muguruza 6-1 1-2 Sharapova. The Russian pulls up on a cross court forehand, dragging the shot well wide into the tramlines to let Muguruza off the hook. But a second double from the Spaniard gives Sharapova just a hint of a chance at 30-all. That becomes a golden opportunity after a second consecutive double from Muguruza, who then concedes her serve with a forehand long down the centre of the court. A gift for the Russian.

  20. - - Muguruza 6-1 1-1 Sharapova. The Russian resorts to a drop shot to mix things up a bit but it is perfectly executed and catches Muguruza off guard completely. The Spaniard bounces back with two brutal forehand winners - one a return of serve and one from the mid court - before Sharapova can just hold on with a big first serve that Muguruza can only return into the net.

  21. - - Muguruza 6-1 1-0 Sharapova. The Russian is caught on the run again and even has to resort to switch hands to put up a left-handed forehand in a bid to get back in the rally. But ultimately it doesn't help much as Muguruza thumps a backhand winner down the line for another comfortable hold.

  22. - - SET! Muguruza 6-1 Sharapova. Wow! Muguruza breaks to love to take the first set for the loss of just one game in 27 minutes. Fantastic play from the Spaniard as she gets Sharapova on the back foot with another deep return of serve, the Russian putting her off-balance forehand reply into the net to concede this opening set.

  23. - - Muguruza 5-1 Sharapova. A decent first serve from the Spaniard is followed by a belting forehand winner fired directly down the line. Another blistering forehand winner from Muguruza earns her another game point from deuce before Sharapova goes wide to concede the game. Muguruza comes through the first mini-test of her serve unscathed and Sharapova will have to serve to stay in this opening set.

  24. - - Muguruza 4-1 Sharapova. The Russian gets a little lucky when her cross court forehand lands right on the line after catching the top of the tape on the way through but it's a sign of how nervous she is that she lets out a yell of "come on" after forcing a forehand error from Muguruza to bring up a couple of game points. FINALLY SHARAPOVA DOES GET ON THE BOARD! It's taken 19 minutes but the Russian has a game when Muguruza dumps her drive volley into the bottom of the net.

  25. - - Muguruza 4-0 Sharapova. Another wayward forehand from Sharapova helps Muguruza on her way to a 40-0 lead to consolidate the double break. The Spaniard lets her opponent right back into the game with two forehand errors of her own but eventually finds an ace to seal the hold.

  26. - - BREAK! Muguruza 3-0 Sharapova. The Russian is yet to really settle into the match and lets Muguruza off the hook completely after getting her on the run. Instead of following a punishing backhand up with a drive volley, Sharapova opts to let the ball bounce and the Spaniard is waiting to drill a forehand winner down the line for three more break points. Sharapova saves the first with a winner and the second with an ace. But a third double from Sharapova hands Muguruza the double break.

  27. - - Muguruza 2-0 Sharapova. Sharapova punishes a weak second serve from the Spaniard before picking up her second point by running round the ball to thump a forehand winner down the line to test the heavily-strapped left thigh of Muguruza. But another booming forehand from the Spaniard sees her hold for the loss of just those two points, consolidating the early break in the process.

  28. - - BREAK! Muguruza 1-0 Sharapova. What a perfect start for the 20-year-old Spaniard. She looks completely at home on the court right for the first point, leaping all over the Sharapova second serve. And it quickly pays dividends, Muguruza moving up the court and whipping a forehand winner across court for the break to 15.

  29. 14:10 - Here we go then. The players are just about ready to go and it will be Sharapova to get things underway by serving first ...

  30. 14:09 - The weather is pretty perfect tennis playing conditions at the moment - cloudy but not too overcast and roughly 18 degrees. It's only expected to get up to a high of 19 degrees as well so the players shouldn't have to worry too much about it getting considerably hotter whilst they are out on court.

  31. 13:55 - These two have played each other just the once before, last year on clay in Rome. Sharapova won that one fairly easily - 6-2 6-2. But it was just over a year ago and Muguruza has come a long way since then.

  32. 13:47 - Hello and welcome to LIVE coverage from the first of the women's quarter-finals between former champion Maria Sharapova and one of the new stars of the WTA, Garbine Muguruza.

Garbiņe Muguruza

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 08/10/1993
Height 1.82 m
Weight 73 kg

Maria Sharapova

Nationality RUS
Date of Birth 19/04/1987
Height 1.88 m
Weight 59 kg

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