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Fernando Verdasco - Andy Murray Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
United KingdomA Murray677--
SpainF Verdasco456--

Live Comments

  1. 18:46 - MURRAY 6-4 7-5 7-6 VERDASCO. MATCH! Murray wins! In the tiebreak Murray’s composure lasts three points, until a missed backhand sends him screaming to the heavens. Verdasco forces another error out of the Brit before levelling up the tiebreak at 3-3 with a hammer-blow of an inside-out forehand winner. An unreturned Murray serve edges him back into the lead, and it’s a Verdasco netted forehand that edges him to triple match point. Murray finishes it off with a smash, and moves into the quarters.

  2. 18:37 - MURRAY 6-4 7-5 6-6 VERDASCO. Murray quickly leaps to a 40-0 lead with a still-angry and completely vocal Verdasco smashing a forehand into an advertising box on the court. One further error from Verdasco seals the game, and Verdasco is screaming once more.

  3. 18:33 - MURRAY 6-4 7-5 5-6 VERDASCO. Murray lets out an almighty scream as a backhand flies long, his control of the third set all but gone. More return errors fly from Murray’s racquet in another rapid hold is notched up for Verdasco. Before long, both are back in their seats and both are fuming.

  4. 18:30 - MURRAY 6-4 7-5 5-5 VERDASCO. Murray composes himself after three games of intense berating, and cruises through a service game of his own to level the match up again. Big forehands and even bigger serves aplenty.

  5. 18:26 - MURRAY 6-4 7-5 4-5 VERDASCO. Verdasco is still angry, and he’s still holding firm. The Spaniard smashes down a few serves while screaming “vamos” in his most masculine voice and sending death stares straight down the court after every point. He quickly holds to take the lead in the set.

  6. 18:23 - MURRAY 6-4 7-5 4-4 VERDASCO. BREAK! As Verdasco continues to seethe, Murray sends some pointed “c’mons” down the court, but his play doesn’t match up to his mind games. A double fault and silly errors cost him dearly, and soon enough Verdasco is smashing a backhand unnecessarily hard into an open court and breaking the Scot back.

  7. 18:18 - MURRAY 6-4 7-5 4-3 VERDASCO. Drama breaks out as the umpire controversially overrules a line call to give Murray the point. A fuming, ranting Verdasco responds by smashing Murray with a thunder forehand right into his backside. The game becomes a series of endless deuces until Verdasco yells himself through the game. At the change of ends, the Spaniard disposes of his anger by screaming at the umpire.

  8. 18:07 - MURRAY 6-4 7-5 4-2 VERDASCO. Verdasco’s day is summed up as he perfectly constructs a point, only to shank a sitter of a forehand well wide on game point. A love hold for Murray this time, and he stands within two games of victory.

  9. 18:04 - MURRAY 6-4 7-5 3-2 VERDASCO. Not for the first time, Verdasco squanders game points and suddenly he finds himself down game points. By now, anger is coursing through his veins and he smashes a forehand straight down the line to save it. Five break points come and go as Murray struggles to snatch the second break, but finally a still-fuming Verdasco holds to prolong his own agony.

  10. 17:53 - MURRAY 6-4 7-5 3-1 VERDASCO. It doesn’t take Murray too long to hold once more. A couple of big first serves, a couple of screaming forehands behind them and he’s soon swaggeringly flicking the ball over with his serve taken care of for another turn.

  11. 17:50 - MURRAY 6-4 7-5 2-1 VERDASCO. Murray isn’t satisfied with just one break, and with plenty of help from Verdasco errors, two more break points beckon. The first is scuppered with a strong first serve and the second with an unfortunate shank. Too more errors fly off Murray’s racket to give Verdasco his first hold of the set, but he isn’t too crushed.

  12. 17:45 - MURRAY 6-4 7-5 2-0 VERDASCO. Verdasco continues to play headless, with Murray easing to a 40-0 lead on his own serve. Two furious points from Verdasco follow - a perfect dropshot and a demolished backhand – but a missed return condemns him to a 0-2 deficit as Murray edges ever-closer to victory.

  13. 17:41 - MURRAY 6-4 7-5 1-0 VERDASCO. BREAK! Verdasco appears to have lost his head and responds to the lost set with a flurry of errors alongside one magnificent Murray backhand, which quickly see him down a break point. One backhand barely lands in, but on the second break point Murray presses with his inside-out forehand and Verdasco slaps a forehand of his own into the bottom of the net.

  14. 17:35 - MURRAY 6-4 7-5 VERDASCO. SET! It took a fair bit of time, but Murray finally holds! At 30-30, an arduous and endless point climaxes with the pair at the net as Verdasco hits a delicate dropshot, only to exhaustedly send his passing shot wide. Murray finds himself up a set point, but loses it to a flurry of F bombs with Verdasco yelling vamos 20 times in the background. But on the second, Murray perfectly times backhand straight down-the-line to capture the set.

  15. 17:27 - MURRAY 6-4 6-5 VERDASCO. BREAK! In a flash, Murray finds himself up break point and senses his moment, smashing down a backhand down-the-line. Only, it comes back and flies over his head and he’s forced to scramble back and scoop the ball over the net with his back to the court. Most players would happily dispatch Murray’s reply, but not Verdasco, who comically drops a volley into the net and leaves himself a game away from a two-set deficit.

  16. 17:23 - MURRAY 6-4 5-5 VERDASCO. After Verdasco’s long and complicated hold, Murray smashes a few unreturnable serves, fires down a forehand winner to bring up break point then finishes with a sliding ace to hold serve himself. Easy peasy.

  17. 17:19 - MURRAY 6-4 4-5 VERDASCO. Murray digs his way to 0-30, but not so fast says Verdasco! He levels the score and smashes down a violent inside out forehand, followed by an even more furious double fistpump celebreation. A limp error quickly removes the game point, however, and soon enough he’s moaning to his camp as a break point looms. Murray can’t capitalize either, dumping a loose return long and Verdasco eventually escapes once more.

  18. 17:13 - MURRAY 6-4 4-4 VERDASCO. At full, majestic stretch Verdasco chases down a forehand and demolishes it past a helpless Murray. Another forehand whistles past Murray, but at the third attempt of a big forehand, Murray guesses correctly and rifles a forehand passing shot of his own straight down the line. Shortly after, his serve his held and Murray is back in pursuit of the elusive break.

  19. 17:06 - MURRAY 6-4 3-4 VERDASCO. With Murray bearing down on him at 15-30 on his serve, Verdasco kicks a brilliant serve up, punches a few forehands and ends with a resounding thud of a smash. He then cleans up on a poor Murray drop volley, and confidently holds out another service game. Still on serve and still a danger.

  20. 17:03 - MURRAY 6-4 3-3 VERDASCO. A nice little Verdasco dropshot isn’t enough to halt the barrage of first serves from Murray. One attempted Verdasco return flies into the crowd, another from a booming Murray serve drops short and allows Murray to whistle a forehand past his helpless opponent and secure another hold.

  21. 16:59 - MURRAY 6-4 2-3 VERDASCO. A forehand error for 15-15 doesn’t hinder Verdasco, who flies into full, bombastic forehand mode. A few fly past a helpless Murray, then an attempted Murray backhand down-the-line slams into the middle of the net and offers him an easy hold.

  22. 16:56 - MURRAY 6-4 2-2 VERDASCO. Murray quickly levels things up again, finding a few free points with first serves, then laying down a serve and forehand winner 1-2 punch to bring up three game points. On the second, an unreturned serve out wide is enough to capture another game.

  23. 16:52 - MURRAY 6-4 1-2 VERDASCO. Whoops! Verdasco expertly sets up a point, only to maturely throw it all away with a horrifically botched smash. Murray quickly finds himself at 15-30 with the door just slightly ajar, and a loose forehand long from Verdasco offers him a further break point. Murray doesn’t take it though, opting to slink back behind the baseline he sprays a poor slice long, before Verdasco unleashes on a trademark thunder forehand. A backhand error completes Verdasco’s escape.

  24. 16:47 - MURRAY 6-4 1-1 VERDASCO. Murray quickly finds himself up game point, but a sprayed forehand error throws in a few complications. He handles it well though, drilling a winning backhand crosscourt, then straight down the line to capture the game. A quick fistpump punctuates the hold.

  25. 16:41 - MURRAY 6-4 0-1 VERDASCO. After missing a backhand, Murray leans over and dramatically winces in pain, before breaking out into a bizarre wide smile. Whatever was going through his mind there, it doesn’t help his tennis as he quickly loses two points in succession and Verdasco struts to his chair with the first game in his pocket.

  26. 16:36 - MURRAY 6-4 VERDASCO. SET! No problem at all for Mr Murray as he swaggers down an ace at 30-0 to bring himself up triple set point. Perhaps sensing the futility of the situation, Verdasco sails a forehand miles wide and long, and the first set falls to the Scot.

  27. 16:34 - MURRAY 5-4 VERDASCO. BREAK! Murray will attempt to serve for the set. The Scot found himself skipping miles behind the baseline in that game, grinding out a series of points and feathering the ball over the net. But as another break point flew his way, proactivity screamed back and a forehand smacked crosscourt is enough to offer up the break.

  28. 16:27 - MURRAY 4-4 VERDASCO. Ooh, some quick hands needed from the Scotsman as he steals into the net and punches at two volleys in succession, the second forehand volley doing the job. Off the ground, he is using his least favoured shot pretty well too, and he closes out his service game with a brutish forehand winner from his backhand side.

  29. 16:22 - MURRAY 3-4 VERDASCO. Another easy hold is notched up as Verdasco dominates with a gem of a forehand down-the-line. Murray is already being pushed from alley to alley and, seven games in, there is already a heck of a lot of heavy breathing as the pair sit down.

  30. 16:19 - MURRAY 3-3 VERDASCO. The rallies are getting a little intense, and after a particularly long one, Murray runs around his backhand to force an error with a very good inside-in forehand. A serve and a bullet of a shot from his favoured backhand crosscourt quickly bring the pair level once more.

  31. 16:14 - MURRAY 2-3 VERDASCO. Apparently holding serve is overrated too, as a slick Murray forehand forces an error and brings up a break point. The pair trade at the baseline for a bit, until the net has had enough and a Verdasco shot hits the tape and skips over. Eventually, a Murray backhand return error gives Verdasco the game and the Spaniard skips to his chair with his lead restored.

  32. 16:09 - MURRAY 2-2 VERDASCO. BREAK! Murray’s attempts to consolidate his shiny new break don’t exactly begin well as a forehand and backhand error see him fall down break point himself, but he swiftly rectifies the damage by stealing into the net with a solid volley. But Verdasco isn’t giving up; he smartly wrong-foots Murray with a forehand, and yet another Murray error restores parity.

  33. 16:03 - MURRAY 2-1 VERDASCO. BREAK! As Victoria Azarenka once said, “confidence is overrated”. A Verdasco double fault followed by a missed volley and forehand error well long condemns him to a break point. Murray sees his chance and automatically converts, slotting a handsome crosscourt backhand passing shot to draw first blood and snatch the first break.

  34. 15:59 - MURRAY 1-1 VERDASCO. Verdasco’s dropshot that bounced twice before even hitting the net wasn’t quite as good, but he abjures it from his memory and dispatches a lovely little backhand slice. A backhand dumped into the net from Murray, and the first break points fall the way of the Spaniard. A big forehand from Murray saves the first, and a bigger serve the second. Another break point comes, but Murray’s trusty crosscourt backhand eventually drives him to his first hold.

  35. 15:51 - MURRAY 0-1 VERDASCO. When asked today how he sees this match up, Verdasco confidently responded: “As a good opportunity to be in the quarterfinals”. Evidently so, judging by the manner in which he sped through the first game, holding to love with ease.

  36. 15:45 - Hello! Welcome to our coverage of the fourth round match between Andy Murray and Fernando Verdasco. The players are out on Court Lenglen and finishing up their warm ups. Play will begin shortly.

Fernando Verdasco

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 15/11/1983
Height 1.88 m
Weight 88 kg

Andy Murray

Nationality GBR
Date of Birth 15/05/1987
Height 1.9 m
Weight 84 kg

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