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Dmitry Tursunov - Roger Federer Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
SwitzerlandR Federer7666-
Russian FederationD Tursunov5724-

Live Comments

  1. - GAME SET AND MATCH ROGER FEDERER! The Swiss wins 7-5 6-7 6-2 6-4. A couple of sevens on the scoreboard show that Tursunov was equal to Federer for much of this contest, but he fell away markedly from the third set onwards. Job done for the number 4 seed.

  2. - Tursunov isn't happy. He's remonstrating with the umpire about something. There was a debatable call in the previous game, but there's no use getting riled about that. Big effort needed from him here.

  3. - FEDERER 7-5 6-7 6-2 5-4 TURSUNOV. Federer misses a dropshot and sends a forehand long, and Tursunov to his credit continues to go for some big shots. He wins the game and Federer will switch ends and serve it out.

  4. - FEDERER 7-5 6-7 6-2 5-3 TURSUNOV. The Russian comes out swinging on the return - he feels he has nothing to lose now. He's not chasing balls down either. He's basically dead and buried. If he were to survive his next service game you can't see him breaking Federer to stay in the set.

  5. - FEDERER 7-5 6-7 6-2 4-3 TURSUNOV. The breakthrough has been made. A horribly weak backhand goes wide, a forehand approach misses the line, and Tursunov finds himself in all sorts of trouble. He saves one break point but Federer runs round his backhand and puts away a crosscourt forehand to convert the second.

  6. - FEDERER 7-5 6-7 6-2 3-3 TURSUNOV. Fed draws level in the fourth set with a love service game that took about a quarter of the time it took Tursunov to hold last time out.

  7. - FEDERER 7-5 6-7 6-2 2-3 TURSUNOV. A huge "Come on!" from Roger Federer as he brings the game back to deuce for a fifth time. He sees this as a good chance to break but he cannot do so. In the end Tursunov's resistance is strong and weathers the storm of break points.

  8. - FEDERER 7-5 6-7 6-2 2-2 TURSUNOV. A love service game for Federer who is not being troubled. It feel like it's only a matter of time before he makes a breakthrough on the Tursunov serve.

  9. - The trainer is back out on court and speaking to Tursunov. He doesn't take a time out and the players switch ends as normal.

  10. - FEDERER 7-5 6-7 6-2 1-2 TURSUNOV. Federer is not able to execute that assault, as Tursunov hangs on in there and nudges ahead again in the set.

  11. - FEDERER 7-5 6-7 6-2 1-1 TURSUNOV. Federer powers down an ace to draw level in the fourth set. He goes for a new racket - is he planning an assault on the Tursunov serve in the next game?

  12. - FEDERER 7-5 6-7 6-2 0-1 TURSUNOV. Tursunov gets the fourth set underway and his challenge isn't totally over. He gets himself ahead in the set.

  13. - FEDERER 7-5 6-7 6-2 TURSUNOV. Federer has no trouble whatsoever serving out the third set. You have to think at this point that it's curtains for Tursunov.

  14. - FEDERER 7-5 6-7 5-2 TURSUNOV. It's a double break and the Russian looks beleaguered. Federer is dominant and surely that's the third set wrapped up.

  15. - FEDERER 7-5 6-7 4-2 TURSUNOV. So close! Federer fires down three consecutive aces but bottles the chance for the full house. He still wins the game to love, mind.

  16. - FEDERER 7-5 6-7 3-2 TURSUNOV. A strange game from Tursunov, looking interested one minute and not bothered the next. He wins it, though.

  17. - FEDERER 7-5 6-7 3-1 TURSUNOV. The practice serves Federer was able to do during Tursunov's absence have clearly paid off. Love service game.

  18. - Tursunov is finally back and we can all simmer down and crack on with this thrid set.

  19. - Federer is keeping himself busy with a bit of jumping on the spot and air-swinging of the racket. The crowd are keeping themselves entertained with various memebers going for that human trumpet impersonation in a bid to elicit an "OLE!" from the rest of the crowd. I think it's fair to say there's been far too much of that this French Open, as there always is.

  20. - Tursunov has gone off court. Is he receiving treatment? Where is he?

  21. - FEDERER 7-5 6-7 2-1 TURSUNOV. Federer races to an advantage in the 3rd set, breaking Tursunov at the first time of asking. The Russian holds serve to keep it at just the single break but then calls for the trainer....

  22. - FEDERER 7-5 6-7 TURSUNOV. Incredible! Tursunov is level in the match! Federer takes the first minibreak but Tursunov manages to claw it back and after it has stayed on serve for a while, he finds a crunching down the line forehand winner on set point. He's matched Federer, to be fair, and deserves to be on terms.

  23. - FEDERER 7-5 6-6 TURSUNOV. History does not repeat itself! It nearly does though. Tursunov is in all sorts of trouble but somehow manages to scramble his way back from the brink at 0-40. We're going to a breaker!

  24. - FEDERER 7-5 6-5 TURSUNOV. Federer is once again untroubled on serve. Tursunov will have to come out and serve to stay in the second set at the exact point at which he faltered in the first set.

  25. - FEDERER 7-5 5-5 TURSUNOV. The second set continues in the same way as the first; Tursunov keeps himself in the set at 4-5 and continues to hit the ball cleanly and not allow Federer too many opporunities.

  26. - FEDERER 7-5 5-4 TURSUNOV. Federer fails to put away a baseline overhead and I'll give it to him - they are tricky. A double fault gives Tursunov a glimmer of hope but it's promptly shut out by Federer. Tursunov serving to stay in the set - we know what happened last time he tried that.

  27. - FEDERER 7-5 4-4 TURSUNOV. Tursunov stumbles his way to a hold, but you can't help feeling that this set is following the same course as the previous one. Very even, but it feels almost inevitable that Federer will turn up the heat and find a way through when it really matters.

  28. - FEDERER 7-5 4-3 TURSUNOV. A shaky start but Federer comes good with the help of a delightful drop volley. He finishes off the game with a sweep of the arm on the backhand side that sails past a stranded Tursunov at the net.

  29. - FEDERER 7-5 3-3 TURSUNOV. Federer lets out a roar in digust as he dumps a forehand into the net at 30-30. Tursunov isn't giving him much of a look-in on his serve so the Swiss can't afford to be making unforced errors if he wants to break through. Tursunov does really well at deuce, following up a huge approach shot with a perfectly placed backhand volley. He closes out to draw level again.

  30. - FEDERER 7-5 3-2 TURSUNOV. Federer comes out with a comfortable hold with the lively new balls. This set is looking rather a lot like the first...

  31. - FEDERER 7-5 2-2 TURSUNOV. Tursunov swiftly moves to 40-0 but loses his way and after a couple of errors finds himself at deuce. He comes through it and gets himself back on terms.

  32. - FEDERER 7-5 2-1 TURSUNOV. The Russian absolutely spanks a forehand return on the opening point which flies past Federer. No further trouble in the subsequent points for the Swiss, though.

  33. - FEDERER 7-5 1-1 TURSUNOV. A marvellous exchange sees both players dragging eachother around the court. Tursunov does really well, gets the better of Federer and goes on to hold to love.

  34. - FEDERER 7-5 1-0 TURSUNOV. Federer has the added advantage of serving first in this second set. It's not comfortable, though, and Tursunov will be disappointed not to have put a return back in court on break point. Federer has no issues closing it out from deuce.

  35. - FEDERER 7-5 TURSUNOV. Federer steals it! The set seemed destined for a tiebreak but Federer finds the perfect time to come up with the first break of the match. He rushes to 0-30 and then gets the better of Tursunov in a thrilling net duel. He turns it on when it really matters and wraps up the set with a huge forehand.

  36. - FEDERER 6-5 TURSUNOV. This time Federer comes to the net with conviction and puts away a sumptuous drive volley. He holds out to 15 and Tursunov will have to come out once again and serve to stay in this set.

  37. - FEDERER 5-5 TURSUNOV. Federer fails to put any pressure whatsoever on the Tursunov serve. A love game and are we heading for a tiebreak?

  38. - FEDERER 5-4 TURSUNOV. Federer has embraced the Edberg approach this year but when he's tried to come in behind the serve today he's looked sluggish and has been picked off. It's not enough, though, to hinder his progress in this set and now Tursunov will serve to stay in it.

  39. - FEDERER 4-4 TURSUNOV. Tursunov is eager to get onto his forehand wherever possible. When he does get round it he can really spank it and it does some damage. Still on serve here.

  40. - FEDERER 4-3 TURSUNOV. Textbook serve out wide and winner into the open court from Federer to kick the game off. But from then on he finds himself in trouble, going break point down. A big serve gets him out of danger and he gets his forehand firing to come through the game and back into the lead.

  41. - FEDERER 3-3 TURSUNOV. Federer draws Tursunov into some longer baseline rallies and swiftly moves to 0-30. He brings up two break points thanks to some magnificent defence, focring Tursunov to play an overhead from the baseline before forcing a forehand error. Tursunov digs in, though, and comes out unscathed. For now.

  42. - FEDERER 3-2 TURSUNOV. The first uncomfortable hold of the match. A couple of unforced errors see Federer down at 15-30, but a couple of big serves get him out of trouble.

  43. - FEDERER 2-2 TURSUNOV. The Russian gets his serve into the groove and powers down some big ones that Federer can't deal with. Another comfortable hold.

  44. - FEDERER 2-1 TURSUNOV. The Swiss holds to love without so much as breaking into a jog. Tursunov didn't get into a single rally there.

  45. - FEDERER 1-1 TURSUNOV. Tursunov is looking more like Will Ferrell than ever before and, bizzarely and perhaps ironically, lists the actor as one of his interests on his bio on the ATP website. Anyway, on the court he gets himself on the scoreboard despite being taken to deuce.

  46. - FEDERER 1-0 TURSUNOV. Federer gets the match underway with a comfortable hold.

  47. 11:50 - As you'd expect, Federer dominates the head to head, winning each of their four encounters. However, they're last meeting, at Indian Wells earlier this year, was no walkover, with Tursunov forcing two tie-breaks. They've never met on clay or at a Grand Slam. Federer should win, but with favourites dropping like flies during this French Open, who knows?

  48. 11:45 - Roger Federer is in third round action and here you can follow the whole match live. His opponent today is the Russian Dmitry Tursunov, who has had his injury problems in recent years but is back as a seed here at Roland Garros. Can he cause the Swiss meastro some problems today?

Dmitry Tursunov

Nationality RUS
Date of Birth 12/12/1982
Height 1.85 m
Weight 82 kg

Roger Federer

Nationality SUI
Date of Birth 08/08/1981
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg

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