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Petra Kvitová - Venus Williams Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
Czech RepublicP Kvitová577--
United StatesV Williams765--

Live Comments

  1. 18:15 - KVITOVA 5-7 7-6 7-5 WILLIAMS. MATCH! Unsurprisingly, it was Williams who finally crumbled. A couple of missed first serves and and couple of unforced errors is the difference between victory and defeat for the champion. Kvitova goes on to fight another day in a half so wide open now with the ejecting of Li Na.

  2. 18:13 - KVITOVA 5-7 7-6 6-5 WILLIAMS. The pressure certainly got to Kvitova. Two double faults later, she was two points from losing her serve yet still endured. A big serve and a trusty serve and running forehand winner combo later, the pressure is back on Williams.

  3. 18:09 - KVITOVA 5-7 7-6 5-5 WILLIAMS. From blissful game points up, nervous errors fly from the Williams racquet as the Czech is suddenly two points from victory. Instead of crumbling, Williams fires up her groundstrokes and then slams down a 115mph message of a body serve to secure another hold and lifeline.

  4. 18:03 - KVITOVA 5-7 7-6 5-4 WILLIAMS. Williams finds herself up 0-30 and with a real opportunity for the first time in an age, only to watch as the chances slip away with more shining courage from her oponent. First a backhand into the net, then a screaming, swerving unreturnable serve. A perfectly guided forehand winner followed, and then Kvitova closed with a typical serve and groundstroke one-two to seal it all.

  5. 17:59 - KVITOVA 5-7 7-6 4-4 WILLIAMS. This time, Williams throws back an assured hold as the pressure still somehow rolls straight off her back. More big serves and the pressure falls right back to the Czech.

  6. 17:54 - KVITOVA 5-7 7-6 4-3 WILLIAMS. No such serving problems for Kvitova, of course. Four more monster serves, culminating with two straight aces, and before Williams can even break, the pressure is back on her tall shoulders.

  7. 17:52 - KVITOVA 5-7 7-6 3-3 WILLIAMS. From an effortless 40-15 lead, Williams throws in a double fault before a baseline duel concludes with the Czech overpowering the American. Still, however, Williams just refuses to budge and somehow musters up some first serves out of thin air to hold on.

  8. 17:49 - KVITOVA 5-7 7-6 3-2 WILLIAMS. As has become standard fare over the course of this match, another service game sees another hold as the Czech superstar sends unreachable serves to the corners, the lefty advantage as clear as ever.

  9. 17:45 - KVITOVA 5-7 7-6 2-2 WILLIAMS. Although not quite as comfortable as the ever-firing Kvitova serve, Williams finds just enough first serves this time to levels things up again. The tension, however, is unchanged.

  10. 17:39 - KVITOVA 5-7 7-6 2-1 WILLIAMS. The tension is piercing. After a variety of nervy deuces in Williams’ service game, deuce doesn’t come for Kvitova but Williams still finds herself a backhand put-away away from a break point. The backhand horribly missed, any hope snuffed out by another Kvitova ace.

  11. 17:35 - KVITOVA 5-7 7-6 1-1 WILLIAMS. As easy as Kvitova’s service game was, this was not. A complete loss of service rhythm for Williams culminated in a barrage of missed first serves and a double fault. Multiple deuces came and went, before the American finally managed to dig out a hold and level things off.

  12. 17:28 - KVITOVA 5-7 7-6 1-0 WILLIAMS. No relenting from Kvitova here. The Czech sweeps into the third set with all the momentum in the world, slamming more destructive first serves down and holding easily.

  13. 17:23 - KVITOVA 5-7 7-6 WILLIAMS. SET! Venus Williams is known for her propensity to collapse in tiebreaks and it’s no different here. From the first point, a pathetic 70 miles per hour second serve that met the strings of a delightful impossibly acute angled return, the writing was on the wall. Kvitova bulldozed her way through while Williams collapsed, with the five-time champion concluding with a double fault for good measure

  14. 17:16 - KVITOVA 5-7 6-6 WILLIAMS. Have no fear, Kvitova returns the favour with a destructive hold of her own. A few big serves later, it’s tiebreak time.

  15. 17:12 - KVITOVA 5-7 5-6 WILLIAMS. Another service game and another assured hold for the American. Yet more brutal serves rain down, and before long she is strutting to her chair with her nose in the lead again.

  16. 17:09 - KVITOVA 5-7 5-5 WILLIAMS. With the tension at its highest, the two women found their best. Two points from defeat and sensing Williams’ presence, Kvitova responds to Williams clutch serving with three huge deliveries of her own, all out wide, to hang on and restore a desperate parity in set two

  17. 17:04 - KVITOVA 5-7 4-5 WILLIAMS. The rallies are getting longer and longer yet the hitting is as fearsome as ever. Kvitova wins the first and levels the screaming forehand with a blistering yell of jubilation. Venus comes back with a big serve and winners of her own. Kvitova returns the favour. At 30-30, Williams cranks up to 117 miles per hour to bring up game point, which is snuffed by a perfectly guided Kvitova forehand winner. At deuce, Williams finds another monster serve and pairs it up with a smashing forehand, before pummelling the Czech straight down the middle to take the game.

  18. 17:00 - KVITOVA 5-7 4-4 WILLIAMS. Kvitova sees Williams’ love hold and matches it with brutal efficiency. She slams down four serves to each corner of the court before swaggeringly chucking a ball over to the other side.

  19. 16:58 - KVITOVA 5-7 3-4 WILLIAMS. After the titanic struggle of that point, Williams slams down a few serves and effortlessly holds as the set reaches its business end.

  20. 16:57 - KVITOVA 5-7 3-3 WILLIAMS. It’s 30-30 and the biggest point of the match. For once, both women offer relative restraint as they stray from finding lines and focus on destroying the ball straight down the middle. They trade for an age, but finally Kvitova drags her opponent out wide and screams as Williams slips and falls. Williams sends down a withering look, which Kvitova returns with a thunderous forehand to hold.

  21. 16:55 - KVITOVA 5-7 2-3 WILLIAMS. The holds are getting tougher, but Williams serve finds her through. A barrage of bombs 115 miles per hour and above are enough to put her a nose in front.

  22. 16:45 - KVITOVA 5-7 2-2 WILLIAMS. The Czech is beginning up her game now, her backhand so powerful, potent and guiding her through as her more consistent stroke. First she slams one perfectly crosscourt, landing where the tramlines meet the baseline, and then she pummels Williams into submission with a series of blows straight down the middle.

  23. 16:41 - KVITOVA 5-7 1-2 WILLIAMS. So far, Williams just won’t relent on serve. She fires down a few more bombs that the Czech continues to struggle against and before long she is marching to her chair once again.

  24. 16:39 - KVITOVA 5-7 1-1 WILLIAMS. More errant shots fly off from Kvitova’s racquet, but more strong serving keeps Williams honest. In a flash of quick service winners and serve one-twos, she halts the run of games for Williams at one

  25. 16:33 - KVITOVA 5-7 0-1 WILLIAMS. A surprisingly errant start from Williams at the beginning of the set. Missed first serves and missed forehands grant Kvitova a fair few chances to make something happen early on, but the Czech responds by sending everything flying miles out.

  26. 16:28 - KVITOVA 5-7 WILLIAMS. SET! After an entire set of being dominated in the neutral rallies not affected by serve, Williams appears to change her tactics. Instead of aiming for angles and lines, Venus outslugs the Czech from the baseline, pummelling backhands straight down the middle and physically removing the Czech from the baseline. The tactic is gold, and soon she is sitting down with the first set in her pocket.

  27. 16:24 - KVITOVA 5-6 WILLIAMS. Once again, Venus sweeps into the net and dispatches a volley to the roar of the crowd. Not long after, she smashes down two massive first serves – the first a 117mph bomb that Kvitova barely reacts to, the second an ace that whistles by and gives her another game.

  28. 16:22 - KVITOVA 5-5 WILLIAMS. After another hammer blow of a backhand that screams crosscourt, Kvitova demonstrates a rare show of touch and intelligence as, seeing Williams far behind the baseline, dinks a lovely little dropshot. She returns to basics on the final offering, slamming down a service winner to hold once more.

  29. 16:18 - KVITOVA 4-5 WILLIAMS. Williams edges ahead once more as the serve dominance continues. Not a sniff of a break has come since the very first game, as the violent first serves continue.

  30. 16:15 - KVITOVA 4-4 WILLIAMS. Another game, another exhibition of monstrous serving. From 30-15, the Czech slams down a screaming ace straight down the T before unleashing a brilliantly angled backhand crosscourt for a winner.

  31. 16:12 - KVITOVA 3-4 WILLIAMS. The American is slowly firing up out there. She fires down a few more big serves, pairing them with assured second shots. At game point, the first lengthy point of the match ensues as Petra pounds and Venus scrambles from side to side. In the end, Williams is able to turn defence into offense and hold on once more.

  32. 16:09 - KVITOVA 3-3 WILLIAMS. Venus finds her first opportunities on the Kvitova serve, stealing to 30-30 and perfectly setting up an easy backhand…and dumps it well out! The Czech hands on and holds comfortably in the end.

  33. 16:03 - KVITOVA 2-3 WILLIAMS. For the first of perhaps many times, Venus veers into the net after a big forehand, flying into a backhand volley at full stretch and capturing the point. The big serves are reigning down regularly now, and with a booming forehand, Williams takes her third game of the set.

  34. 16:00 - KVITOVA 2-2 WILLIAMS. The short, staccato, serve-dominated points continue as both women attempt to assert themselves with the first strike. Kvitova comes out on top and notches up her second hold.

  35. 15:56 - KVITOVA 1-2 WILLIAMS. Williams finds her first serve, and with it a fair few easy points. Blazing them down at 115 miles per hour and more, she registers a hold to 15 with thanks to a wild Kvitova backhand on the final point.

  36. 15:55 - KVITOVA 1-1 WILLIAMS. It doesn’t take the Czech too long to level things up with a barrage of first serves. Williams is still yet to get going as the pair continue to posture in the opening games.

  37. 15:49 - KVITOVA 0-1 WILLIAMS. A couple of Williams errors bring the first Czech break point in the very first game, but a formidable backhand scuppers the danger. Few first serves for the American, but she escapes with thanks to a fair few Kvitova errors.

  38. 15:40 - Hello! Welcome to our coverage of the blockbuster third round match pitting 2011 Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova against five time champion Venus Williams. The players are out on court and ready to warm up.

Petra Kvitová

Nationality CZE
Date of Birth 08/03/1990
Height 1.82 m
Weight 70 kg

Venus Williams

Nationality USA
Date of Birth 17/06/1980
Height 1.85 m
Weight 72 kg

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