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Angelique Kerber - Maria Sharapova Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
GERA Kerber746--
Russian FederationM Sharapova664--

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  1. - GAME SET AND MATCH ANGELIQUE KERBER! Kerber wins a simply extraordinary game to take the biggest win of her career and dump Maria Sharapova out of the tournament. An amazing long rally at deuce has the Centre Court crowd at fever pitch and after a stunning lob that somehow lands inside the baseline, Sharapova dumps it in the net! On her 7th match point, Kerber finally sees it through as Sharapova misses off the backhand. What a match!

  2. - WHAT A GAME THIS IS! And it's not over yet! Sharapova had just clawed herself level but she nearly goes and throws it all away! At 0-40 down you think she's blown it. You think it's all over. But she saves three match points on the trot! Incredible stuff, and brave hitting. It's not over yet and she has to face another match point, which she manages to fend off with a monster serve. Back to deuce before another match point comes (that's 6 now for Kerber) and goes. More gobsmackingly courageous hitting from Sharapova and she has advantage twice but blows it twice.

  3. - SHARAPOVA 6-7 6-4 4-5 KERBER. It's not over yet! Kerber was serving for the first set and bottled it. The same has happened here! She's nervy - of course she's nervy - and she hits a double fault to go 15-30 down. Sharapova then comes up with a brutal backhand return winner to bring up two break points! The first goes begging but she forces Kerber wide on the second and the German misses her forehand. The Russian breaks back in the nick of time.

  4. - SHARAPOVA 6-7 6-4 3-5 KERBER. Kerber is one game away and on the first point reaches down for a passing shot on the run and gets it over the net and down to Sharapova's feet, where the Russian can't pick it up. What a shot! Sharapova digs in, winning the next two points but she misses long to bring up 30-40 and match point. She goes big and finds a line - boy that was brave. A forehand winner now and Sharapova has advantage. Kerber hits the net and Sharapova hangs on in there. For now.

  5. - SHARAPOVA 6-7 6-4 2-5 KERBER. How will Kerber deal with the nerves? Just two service holds and she'll be in the quarter-finals. At 30-15 she stays in a log rally and eventually Sharapova goes wide. A huge "come on!" resounds around Centre. It's 40-15 but she can't get over the line, missing long twice for deuce. And now it's break point as Sharapova demolishes a second serve! An unforced error has the Russian fuming, but she'll have another chance thanks to a rasping backhand winner. Again it goes begging! Now Kerber has advantage and she takes it with a flat forehand down the line. What a huge, huge hold for the German!

  6. - SHARAPOVA 6-7 6-4 2-4 KERBER. What a point to open the game! At 21 shots it's the longest of the match and sees Kerber produces some astounding defensive work to stay in it. She's on the back foot throughout but a slight slip allows Sharapova to direct a backhand into the open court. With kerber still panting, the Russian kicks on and closes the game out at 40-15 with an inch perfect forehand down the line.

  7. - SHARAPOVA 6-7 6-4 1-4 KERBER. Kerber doesn't want to let her lead slip and moves to 40-15 but Sharapova fights back and pegs her back to deuce. Are we going to get a turnaround? No, says Angelique Kerber, who takes advantage before slapping away a forehand winner to move closer to victory.

  8. - SHARAPOVA 6-7 6-4 1-3 KERBER. The Kerber camp are on their camp now. They can sense victory now. Sharapova has other ideas, though, and thrashes another crosscourt backhand winner to get off to a good start in the game. It's soon 30-30, though, and this is tense. Needless to say this is a big point. And Sharapova wins it. She wins the next one too, with the help of the let chord, and she is on the board in the decider.

  9. - SHARAPOVA 6-7 6-4 0-3 KERBER. The German loses the first point but puts it behind her to move to 30-15. Sharapova misses a couple of returns and Kerber consolidates her early advantage.

  10. - SHARAPOVA 6-7 6-4 0-1 KERBER. Here we go then. Deciding set. Statistics say that the player who has just won the second set is more likely to go on and win the match. Kerber's taking no notice of that - she gets the set underway with an emphatic love service game.

  11. - SHARAPOVA 6-7 6-4 KERBER. Sharapova levels the match! It's another brutal crosscourt backhand that comes to the Russian's aid, getting her to 30-15. From there she approahces the net and Kerber can't clear the net with her passing shot. 40-15 and the first serve is simply too big. Sharapova takes it and we're heading for a decider! Who do you see going on to win this?

  12. - SHARAPOVA 6-7 5-4 KERBER. Kerber finds herself serving to stay in the set but that doesn't phase her. It's a love service game and Sharapova will have to sit down, get back up and come out to serve for the set to level the match.

  13. - SHARAPOVA 6-7 5-3 KERBER. Sharapova couldn't back up her early break in this set but she makes no mistake this time! It's not exactly plain sailing but she finds a pair of forehand winners to move to 40-30 before forcing Kerber into an error. The Russian takes control in the second set.

  14. - SHARAPOVA 6-7 4-3 KERBER. Yet again Kerber squats down to the floor to pick up a groundstroke. How many other players do that? It would certainly explain those thighs. It's not effective here, though, and she gets a challenge wrong on her way to 15-40. There's trouble now and Sharapova cracks a backhand crosscourt winner to break serve. Is that a crucial swing of momentum in this match?

  15. - SHARAPOVA 6-7 3-3 KERBER. Sharapova comes out with a pretty comfortable hold. Boy, she needed that. She lets out a wailing 'come on' which has a hint of desperation in it. This is tough going for her.

  16. - SHARAPOVA 6-7 2-3 KERBER. Kerber dictates the play and moves to 30-0 but Sharapova is soon back in it at 30-30 clenching her fist and offering growls of encouragement to herself. Kerber calmly takes the sting out of her opponent's positivity with two big serves that see her hold serve and nudge ahead once more.

  17. - SHARAPOVA 6-7 2-2 KERBER. Sharapova goes up 40-0 and it looks like we'll follow that marathon game with a nice quick one. But how wrong we were! It's deuce, again! Sharapova comes through it with an ace but this is a real battle out there now. It's taken over 25 minutes to play 4 games.

  18. - SHARAPOVA 6-7 1-2 KERBER. On the first point of this game we have the longest and by far the best rally of the match. Sharapova wins it, drawing Kerber to the net before picking her off with a delightful topspin backhand lob. Kerber applauds her opponent - great to see. You don't want to give her too much encouragement, though, Angelique - she'll sting you. Sharapova inded brings up a break point but it goes begging and we have a couple of deuces. Kerber digs in and gets through a marathon game to move ahead again in the second set.

  19. - SHARAPOVA 6-7 1-1 KERBER. Sharapova can't back up her break! Having got her nose in front in the set she lets it slip at the very next hurdle, conceding her serve to love in a game rife with unforced errors.

  20. - SHARAPOVA 6-7 1-0 KERBER. Sharapova was visibly frustrated to have lost her first set at Wimbledon this year. But she puts it behind her and Kerber is now the frustrated party, bashing her racquet against her foot as she succumbs to a break in the very first game of the second set.

  21. - SHARAPOVA 6-7 (4-7) KERBER. Kerber takes the first set! Two wide down the line backhands from Sharapova mean that Kerber holds both her service points to win the breaker.

  22. - SHARAPOVA 6-6 (4-5) KERBER. Kerber holds her nerve and keeps this on serve as a Sharapova backhand goes wide for 3-4. Sharapova serving again and hits a crosscourt forehand winner but then goes wide again on the backhand! She's challenging, but it's way wide. Minibreak Kerber.

  23. - SHARAPOVA 6-6 (3-3) KERBER. Sharapova's attacking hitting is too good on her first service point but she's overly enthusiastic and nets on the second. The minibreak is gone and then Kerber gets the better of her in a long rally that had both players scrambling from side to side. Change of ends now.

  24. - SHARAPOVA 6-6 (2-1) KERBER. Sharapova kicks off the breaker and Kerber misses a second serve return. Another Sharapova backhand finds the corner and she has a minibreak. The backhand does the damage on the next point, too - Kerber's defense is wide. Or is it? She challenges and wins it. The point is replayed and Sharapova misses a forehand.

  25. - SHARAPOVA 6-6 KERBER. She wasn't able to serve to win the set but she can certainly serve to stay in it. Kerber breezes to a hold to take this first set to a breaker.

  26. - SHARAPOVA 6-5 KERBER. Kerber wasn't best pleased about conceding her serve there but she seems to have put it behind her as she wins a couple of long rallies to make it 0-30. The Russian fights back to 30-30 despite her first serve going missing and she paints the lines to bring up 40-30. And the first serve is back! It's an unreturnable down the T to win the game and it's greeted with a roar of determination. Big, big hold.

  27. - SHARAPOVA 5-5 KERBER. Sharapova hits back in the nick of time! She wins the first point thanks to some aggressive backhand hitting but on the next point she is so far over to the left to cover the serve to the backhand that she can't do anything when Kerber throws one down the T to the forehand. But she is proactive and aggressive on all the subsequent points and gets the better of Kerber in a net duel to break back.

  28. - SHARAPOVA 4-5 KERBER. Sharapova is serving to stay in the set now and the pressure is on. At 15-0 she feels that pressure and when the court opens up for her she is shaky on her forehand again, altering the racquet head speed through the stroke and sending it wildly long. Some big serves help her on her way to a hold and Kerber will come out and serve for the set.

  29. - SHARAPOVA 3-5 KERBER. Kerber is serving with new balls and she uses the extra firepower to good effect, serving fiercely to the Sharapova backhand. Always the backhand. She rounds it off at 40-15 with a serve down the T that Sharapova can only get her frame to.

  30. - SHARAPOVA 3-4 KERBER. Sharapova finds her forehand and spanks it brutally down th line. Her next serve is equally brutal and she's soon at 40-0. Kerber nets and that's a very welcome love service game for the Russian. She clenches her fist and has that glint of determination in her eye.

  31. - SHARAPOVA 2-4 KERBER. Kerber moves forward and tucks away a cute dropshot. The German is applauding her opponent on the next point as Sharapova smacks a searing backhand crosscourt on the return. The backhand is well and truly firing but the forehand still isn't. Another weak one into the net from Sharapova hands Kerber another hold.

  32. - SHARAPOVA 2-3 KERBER. A big Sharapova serve sets up a high forehand which she swings at from above her head. That's good, but in general the forehand of Sharapova is all over the place and more unforced errors flow from it to bring up 15-30. The backhand seems to be working fine, though, and two crosscourters bring her to 40-30 where she seals the game with an unreturnable serve.

  33. - SHARAPOVA 1-3 KERBER. Kerber's confident start shows no signs of letting up and she registers her first ace on her way to a hold to 15.

  34. - SHARAPOVA 1-2 KERBER. Sharapova starts more brightly in her second service game but sees her 30-0 lead cancelled out thanks to another double fault and a limp forehand into the net. She's yet to find her feet. But she kicks on and finds her serve at last, thumping an ace down the T to get herself on the scoreboard.

  35. - SHARAPOVA 0-2 KERBER. Kerber continues her strong start, moving quickly to 30-0, but we're soon at 30-30 as Kerber too proves she is prone to a double. We go to deuce and then Kerber has to fend off a break point, squatting to pick up a low ball and forcing a Sharapova error. She brings up a game point of her own and clinches it with a crosscourt backhand winner.

  36. - SHARAPOVA 0-1 KERBER. Sharapova gets us underway but it's a shaky start, Kerber crunching a flat forehand winner down the line for 0-30. Sharapova nicks a point back but there's that flat forehand up the line again from Kerber! Two break points - the first is saved by a Sharapova forehand winner but then the Russian double faults on the second! Absolutely criminal.

  37. 13:10 - The players are warming up. Not long to go now so here's a stat for you. Sharapova has lost just 7 games in the tournament so far. Yes, 7. Kerber, on the other hand, has had to endure two 3-setters on the bounce.

  38. 13:07 - Sharapova might not have to worry about Williams but today she’ll have to worry about a 'tricky' left-hander (why are lefties always described as tricky?). Kerber has some Slam pedigree – she reached the semi’s here in 2012 but has not been past the fourth round of a major since. She’s often happy to let her opponents dictate play and is comfortable hitting on the run, boasting a pair of veritable thunder thighs.

  39. 13:05 - Is Sharapova the Wimbledon favourite? The draw has opened up pretty nicely, thanks to the exits of several seeds including Li Na, Agnieszka Radwanska and, of course, the big bad beast that Sharapova just cannot slay: Serena Williams. Sharapova will certainly be feeling a great deal more optimistic with Williams out of the way and what a story it would be if she could win her second Wimbledon title 10 years on from her first.

  40. 13:00 - Good afternoon! Guess what - it’s not raining at Wimbledon! The last two days of play have been blighted by the rain but not today. Not that the rain would be able to stop us on Centre Court, where Maria Sharapova is about to take on Angelique Kerber. It’s a heavyweight clash between two top-10 seeds and you can follow it LIVE right here.

Angelique Kerber

Nationality GER
Date of Birth 18/01/1988
Height 1.73 m
Weight 68 kg

Maria Sharapova

Nationality RUS
Date of Birth 19/04/1987
Height 1.88 m
Weight 59 kg

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