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Eugenie Bouchard - Simona Halep Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
CanadaE Bouchard76---
RomaniaS Halep62---

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  1. - Two years ago Eugenie Bouchard was junior champion at Wimbledon and now she will get the chance to play for the women's title. She is playing in only her sixth senior major and will take on 2011 champion Petra Kvitova in the title match on Saturday afternoon.

  2. - Bouchard 7-6(5) 6-2 Halep. GAME, SET AND MATCH. A netted backhand from Bouchard hands Halep a life-line and a break back point. But the Romanian pulls her cross court forehand wide before sending another forehand long to hand Bouchard a sixth match point. And this time Eugenie Bouchard does book her place in the final; a big first serve out wide can only be returned wide by Halep. A fairly muted celebration from Bouchard, who is clearly not happy with just a semi-final win!

  3. - Bouchard 7-6(5) 5-2 40-40 Halep. A forehand winner across court from inside the baseline secures the first point for Bouchard. The Canadian's second serve on the second point is called out but a challenge shows it was in giving her a first serve back. This time, though, there is no confusion, as Bouchard sends a forehand long. A deep forehand draws the error from Halep on the next point before another forehand winner from the Canadian, this time off the short ball, brings up two more match points. A backhand down the line goes wide from Bouchard this time, played from about two metres inside the baseline. Still one more match point remaining. But this one goes begging on a double fault, the Canadian's third of the match. Understandable nerves from Bouchard as she looks to reach a Grand Slam final for the first time.

  4. - Bouchard 7-6(5) 5-2 Halep. The Romanian nets a forehand to hand Bouchard a third match point but she comes up with a gutsy forehand down the line that the Canadian can only lunge at at pull her backhand wide. Bouchard challenges but only really to give herself a few more seconds to recover. It's not enough though as Halep goes back to the same spot, albeit with a cross court backhand this time, to earn herself another game point before Bouchard sends a forehand just long to help Halep holds. A real test of Bouchard's nerves coming up after the change of ends as she steps to serve for the match.

  5. - Bouchard 7-6(5) 5-1 40-40 Halep. The Romanian nets a forehand before pulling a forehand well wide to gift Bouchard a 0-30 lead. Halep pegs one back with a cross court backhand winner that wrong-foots Bouchard but then nets a backhand to hand the Canadian two match points. The first goes begging when Bouchard stands up as a member of the crowd calls out. Halep doesn't spot it though and serves an ace to save the first. One more match point left. Bouchard goes long with a forehand down the line after a chat with Nouni. She needs to get that point out of her head. A netted forehand hands Halep a game point but Bouchard denies her with an inch-perfect inside out forehand that lands right on the line. Back to deuce.

  6. - Bouchard 7-6(5) 5-1 Halep. Bouchard opens the game with an ace but Halep comes back at her to level at 30-all with an injection of pace on a cross court forehand and a great turn of pace in getting up to the resulting drop shot and placing her forehand reply back down the line for a passing shot winner. Halep comes back at Bouchard again and levels at deuce when the Canadian nets a forehand but a huge inside out forehand winner down the line earns Bouchard a second game point. A double fault from Bouchard squanders this one but she produces a great response with a forehand winner off the shorter ball. There's a deep breath this time before the serve from Bouchard and it seems to work as a big serve out wide is only returned high into the net by Halep. Bouchard now only a game away and Halep will have to serve to stay in it.

  7. - Bouchard 7-6(5) 4-1 Halep. BREAK. Ouch. Halep opens with another double fault although she quickly makes amends with a fantastic backhand winner right down the line and into the corner. Aggressive play from Bouchard sees Halep play a defensive backhand almost from the back hoarding. Nouni over-rules a Halep shot on to the sideline. It was a clear winner, confirmed by Halep's hawkeye challenge. It levels Halep at 30-all but another couple of errors, a forehand long and a forehand into the net. And Bouchard has the double break. Halep is fading fast now.

  8. - Bouchard 7-6(5) 3-1 Halep. Bouchard lets Halep into the game with a low forehand into the net after again refusing to retreat behind the baseline. But she recovers with a forehand down the line, moving forward as she plays it; Halep unable to get her backhand response to land in play. It brings up two game points for Bouchard but the Canadian only needs the one and consolidates the break with a forehand winner across court.

  9. - Bouchard 7-6(5) 2-1 Halep. BREAK. A slightly awkward looking backhand winner across court from Bouchard as she refuses to re-treat up at the net helps her on her way to two more break points after a shocking forehand long from Halep and a double fault. The first goes begging for the Canadian when she nets a forehand but a second double fault in the game from the Halep gives away the service game. Bouchard leads by a set and a break.

  10. - Bouchard 7-6(5) 1-1 Halep. Fabulous backhand winner down the line from Halep as she denies Bouchard on a first game point, the Romanian having pushed her opponent wide. But Halep goes wide with a backhand return on the next point and Bouchard has the hold to 15 that opens her second set account.

  11. - Bouchard 7-6(5) 0-1 Halep. Halep goes for a huge backhand down the centre of the court only to net the ball and let Bouchard off the mark but the Canadian matches her opponent's error by putting too much on a forehand of her own down the line. It's a hold to 15 for the Romanian to open the second set.

  12. - It's taken 60 minutes exactly but Genie Bouchard is potentially just one set away from her first ever Grand Slam final. Simona Halep will no doubt have something to say about that but how much is that ankle troubling her?

  13. - Bouchard 7-6(5) Halep. SET. Halep saves the first set point with an all-or-nothing running forehand down the line that Bouchard can only return into the net along the floor. But the second set point is on Bouchard's own serve. And this time she does wrap things up, a forehand drive volley across court just having enough on it to take it away from Halep, who can only frame the ball into the crowd.

  14. - Bouchard 6-6 (6-4) Halep. TIE-BREAK. Bouchard gets a little lucky with a net cord taking the ball away from Halep to get the mini-break back before she levels up properly with a winner that again goes back behind the Romanian on the baseline. A cross court backhand from Bouchard is returned wide by Halep when then also goes long with a forehand, challenged unsuccessfully by the Romanian. Two set points to Bouchard.

  15. - Bouchard 6-6 (2-4) Halep. TIE-BREAK. The breaker eventually resumes with the lady who was taken unwell helped away from the court. The Romanian stretches her mini-break lead with a return to the net and a backhand error from Bouchard. Halep leads 4-2 at the change-of-ends.

  16. - Bouchard 6-6 (2-3) Halep. TIE-BREAK. Bouchard snatches the mini-break lead with some great defence that eventually ends in Halep putting a forehand just marginally wide down the line. But surrenders it with her first double fault of the match. The ball catches the net and is called in but a challenge from Halep sees the call over-ruled to a double fault. The Romanian then goes ahead by the mini-break when Bouchard puts a backhand wide down the line. There's a pause in the breaker, with both players called back to the chair by umpire Nouni as he spots someone taken unwell in the crowd.

  17. - Bouchard 6-6 Halep. Bouchard goes back behind Halep with a forehand winner, wrong-footing the Romanian on the baseline before just missing a forehand drop shot, pulling the ball into the net instead. That would have been two set points but instead Halep levels at 30-all before earning herself a game point when Bouchard again misses a forehand. A brilliant point from both players ends in Halep's favour when she eventually wears down the Bouchard defence, the Romanian threading a backhand winner down the line. It will be a first set tie-break.

  18. - Bouchard 6-5 Halep. A brilliant return from Halep is followed by a poor backhand as she moves gingerly out to the shot - she's still not entirely comfortable mobing out that way. Bouchard continues her recovery from 0-30 down with a couple of huge serves again before earning herslef a game point with a forehand right on to the baseline. There's a late challenge from Halep, with Bouchard having a little conflab with Nouni about the timing of it. But she maintains her focus enough to boom down another big point that Halep can only return long. The Romanian will have to serve to stay in this set for the second time.

  19. - Bouchard 5-5 Halep. An incorrect call on the sideline on a Halep forehand across court leads to the first point having to be replayed after the Romanian challenges. But Halep takes the replay when Bouchard sends a forehand long before going on to earn herself three game points of her own. The Canadian denies her opponent on the first with yet another injection of pace on an inside out forehand approach shot and Halep squanders the second with a double fault. But Bouchard goes for too much on a forehand return on the third, sending the ball sailing well long, to let Halep off the hook and help the Romanian hold.

  20. - Bouchard 5-4 Halep. The first love game of the match goes the way of Bouchard as she easily deals with a poor drop shot and follows up with a forehand winner down the line. Some huge hitting from the Canadian then seals the game as she moves Halep from one side to another, eventually creating the space to thread an inside out forehand winner down the line. Halep will have to serve to stay in the set after the change of ends.

  21. - Bouchard 4-4 Halep. Bouchard unleashes another beast of a forehand, landing the ball on the very outside of the line for a winner, to bring up break point once again. Halep saves it with a forehand winner of her own before pulling a backhand wide across court to gift Bouchard a second chance. The Romanian saves this one with a much better backhand, this time inside out across court for a winner before going on to hold with a couple of bigs serves once again.

  22. - Bouchard 4-3 Halep. Bouchard glares at the court after going for a big forehand down the line on the run and instead netting the ball. Obviously that error was the fault of the grass. Halep has the first point of the game. But some big, brave serving from Bouchard followed up by some even bigger ground-strokes sees the Canadian seal the game, a forehand winner being the shot that finishes it. A big game coming up for Halep after the change of ends.

  23. - Bouchard 3-3 Halep. Aggressive stuff from Halep as she moves Bouchard from side to side, eventually drawing the errors, on the opening two points of the game. Bouchard responds with a blistering backhand down the line followed by a change-of-direction, inside-out forehand winner across court from well inside the baseline. Halep then nets a forehand to allow the Canadian back to 30-all. The Romanian wrong-foots Bouchard on the baseline with a forehand winner to bring up a game point before netting another forehand. Bouchard then nets an ill-advised backhand drive volley close to the sideline - she would have been better off letting that one bounce - but Halep still can't close out the game going long with a routine forehand. Eventually, though, the Romanian does hold when Bouchard goes long.

  24. - Bouchard 3-2 Halep. A couple of unforced errors from Bouchard really let Halep off the hook early in the game as the Romanina looks to test out that left ankle. Bouchard recovers with a couple of much better serves that Halep cannot return. The Candian gets the focus back quickly with a big inside out forehand wide across court that Halep cannot chase down and then a forehand winner across court. There's no obvious limp from Halep although she doesn't look exactly comfortable either. It looks like, for now at least, Halep will continue.

  25. - Bouchard was dancing around on the baseline, trying to get loose during the injyury timeout for Halep. She had her back to the chairs as well, presumably to block out what was going on and just focus on her own game.

  26. - It wasn't immediate apparent on the last point of that game but Halep appears to have turned her ankle as she chased across the baseline for the backhand. She calls for the trainer straight away after that game ended and there will be a pause here. Not a great sign for the Romanian just 12 minutes into this match. Hopefully, getting the left ankle taped will help this match continue.

  27. - Bouchard 2-2 Halep. BREAK. Bouchard has a very Sharapova-esque ability to quickly forget bad points and games, making her a very tough competitor. And she does just that to start this fourth game. A forehand winner whipped across court brings up 0-30 for the Canadian before Halep can get off the mark. But Bouchard quicly goes on to secure the immediate break back when Halep pulls a backhand wide across court.

  28. - Bouchard 1-2 Halep. BREAK. A forehand winner from Halep (not entirely sure that was planned but the result is the same) and netted backhand from Bouchard sees the Romanina sneak out to a 0-30 lead against the Canadian's serve. Bouchard quickly rights the ship, and levels up at 30-all before pulling off a backhand wide across court to gift Halep an ealry break point. And break Halep does as Bouchard goes just marginally long with a forehand down the centre of the court. Sloppy and a bit nervy there from Bouchard.

  29. - Bouchard 1-1 Halep. The Romanian also posts a service hold to 15 to open her account, although her dropped point comes on a double fault. Still, Halep is off the mark. It doesn't look like either player is over-awed by the occasion early on.

  30. - Bouchard 1-0 Halep. A few deep breaths from Bouchard but no real signs of nerves as she holds for the loss of just the one point. Five points, five first serves from the Canadian. She brings up two game points with a blistering inside out forehand winner right on to the sideline, followed by a big serve that Halep can only return wide.

  31. - The players are just about ready to go and it will be Bouchard to kick things off, Halep winning the spin of the coin and opting to make her opponent serve first ...

  32. - The umpire for this clash will be France's Kader Nouni.

  33. - In complete contrast to that, Bouchard cites Wimbledon as her favourite tournament of the year and the grass as her favourite surface. And the 20-year-old lifted the girls' singles trophy just two years ago. So, although that is a very different tournament, she does know what it takes to win at SW19.

  34. - The interesting thing about this match is that Halep says grass is her least favourite service. And yet here she is in the Wimbledon semi-finals.

  35. - Here are Bouchard's thoughts on this afternoon's match-up: "I am excited (but) she is a very good player so I am definitely ready for another tough match. I am so pleased to reach the semi-finals again but I want to go one step further this time around."

  36. - The winner of this match will face sixth seed Petra Kvitova in Saturday's final, the 2011 champion overcoming fellow Czech Lucie Safarova 7-6(6) 6-1 just moments ago.

  37. - There's no doubt that Bouchard has the bigger weapons of these two players. But can she cope with the speedy Halep? And will nerves play a part?

  38. - These two have played each other just once before - in Indian Wells earlier this year - when Halep triumphed in three topsy-turvy sets. 6-2 1-6 6-4 was the score that day in the Romanian's favour in one hour and 39 minutes.

  39. - Halep, meanwhile, has been here before. Much like Bouchard this year, the Romanian was the most consistent performer on the WTA last year. And she has reached a Grand Slam final before - taking on Maria Sharapova in last month's French Open title match.

  40. - Bouchard is playing in her third consecutive Grand Slam semi-final having also reached the last four at the Australian and French Opens earlier this year. It's been a sensational rise so far this year for the Canadian, who just 18 months ago was ranked 144 in the world. But today she is attempting to do something she has not managed to date - to book her place in a Grand Slam final.

  41. - Hello and welcome to LIVE coverage from this second women's Wimbledon semi-final between two of the next generation on the WTA Tour - 22-year-old Simona Halep and 20-year-old Eugenie Bouchard.

Eugenie Bouchard

Nationality CAN
Date of Birth 25/02/1994
Height 1.78 m
Weight 61 kg

Simona Halep

Nationality ROU
Date of Birth 27/09/1991
Height 1.68 m
Weight 60 kg

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