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Timea Bacsinszky - Maria Sharapova Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
Russian FederationM Sharapova66---
SwitzerlandT Bacsinszky21---

Live Comments

  1. - Bacsinszky 2-6 1-6 Sharapova. GAME, SET AND MATCH. Three big serves from Sharapova, three return errors from Bacsinszky, three match points. The Russian only needs the one though, dinking a neat forehand drop volley over the net that Bacsinszky can only net on the run. That's a comfortable straight sets win for Sharapova in 60 minutes. Next up for the fifth seed will be unseeded Alison Riske.

  2. - Bacsinszky 2-6 1-5 Sharapova. BREAK. Bacsinszky finds herself on the wrong end of another two break points. She saves the first with a huge first serve that Sharapova can only return long but clearly the Russian is keen to get off court as soon as possible; she steps up the agression on the next point, hammering balls in the direction of Bacsinszky until she draws the error - a forehand long. Sharapova will now serve for the match.

  3. - Bacsinszky 2-6 1-4 Sharapova. The Russian makes quick work of consolidating the break, the highlight of the game being a vicious injection of pace on a forehand down the line. Bacsinszky does actually get to the ball, which is impressive given how ferociously Sharapova hit the shot, but she can do nothing when she gets there and the Russian is potentially just two games away from the third round.

  4. - Bacsinszky 2-6 1-3 Sharapova. BREAK. Bacsinszky completely befuddles Sharapova when she fakes a forehand drop shot only to put the slice deep down the line for the winner. Unfortunately for the Swiss player though, Sharapova is all over her serve and quickly breaks with a big forehand off which Bacsinszky can only hit a backhand error.

  5. - Bacsinszky 2-6 1-2 Sharapova. Bacsinszky is definitely taking more risks, even at this early stage in the second set, as she fires down a big first serve followed by a forehand drive volley winner. But it's the only point she can take off the Sharapova serve as Sharapova seals a second game of the set for the loss of just the one point, an ace doing the damage on game point.

  6. - Bacsinszky 2-6 1-1 Sharapova. A quick and easy service hold from Bacsinszky, who levels up in the early stages of this second set. That hold will give the Swiss player a boost of confidence after a poor finish to the opening set.

  7. - Bacsinszky 2-6 0-1 Sharapova. Sharapova nets a forehand on the first of three game points but she secures the first game of the second set on the next point with a swinging serve out wide that Bacsinszky can only only return wide down the line.

  8. - Bacsinszky 2-6 Sharapova. SET. A second double fault from Bacsinszky hands Sharapova a couple of set points. The first is saved by the Swiss player as he belts down a much better serve that Sharapova mis-hits into the net. But the Russian makes no mistake on the second and takes the first set with a cross court backhand that Bacsinszky can only hit an error from.

  9. - Bacsinszky 2-5 Sharapova. BREAK. Ouch! Sharapova unusually misses a forehand drive volley before also making an error when she races up to the next and attempts a gentle forehand drop shot on the angle across court. Bacsinszky secures the break back when Sharapova produces another error by the Swiss player will still have to serve to stay in this opening set.

  10. - Bacsinszky 1-5 Sharapova. BREAK. Sharapova secures another break of serve, bringing up the chance with a sensational running backhand winner across court on the angle. The final point of the game is a bit of an anti-climax when Bacsinszky nets a forehand.

  11. - Bacsinszky 1-4 Sharapova. Solid serving again from Sharapova as she eases through another service hold to maintain her break advantage. Three big serves and three return errors from Bacsinszky sees the Russian hold for the loss of just the one point.

  12. - Bacsinszky 1-3 Sharapova. The fifth seed squanders her first break point in this latest game by completely mis-timing a backhand across court and instead looping it wide. A second then also goes begging when Sharapova stops mid point to challenge a backhand down the line from Bacsinszky, only for the ball to be shown to have landed plum on the line. Sharapova denies Bacsinszky on a couple of game points but eventually the Swiss player does get her side of the scoreboard ticking over when Sharapova misses a forehand.

  13. - Bacsinszky 0-3 Sharapova. Superb serving from Sharapova as she holds to 15 with a forehand winner to consolidate the early break for the Russian. Sharapova, by the way, this year is bidding for a second Wimbledon title 10 years (10 YEARS!!) after her first.

  14. - Bacsinszky 0-2 Sharapova. BREAK. A trademark forehand volley winner from Sharapova, combined with another netted forehand from Bacsinszky combines to help the Russian on her way to three break points. And Sharapova does break with a peice of inspired play as she races up to a decent drop shot from Bacsinszky and feeds her forehand passing shot down the line for a winner.

  15. - Bacsinszky 0-1 Sharapova. By no means an easy opening service game for Sharapova as she is pushed to deuce a number of times by Bacsinszky. But the fifth seed comes through it without having to face a break point, her Swiss opponent netting a forehand in the end to concede the game.

  16. - Sharapova and Bacsinszky are just about ready to get their clash underway now and it will be the French Open champion to kick things off by serving first ...

  17. - The players have just walked out on to Court 1, Sharapova looking ominously focused. They have met just the once before, way back in 2006 in Zurich, when the Russian ran out a fairly comfortable straight sets win.

  18. - We are going to turn our attention now to French Open champion Maria Sharapova's second round clash against Switzerland’s Timea Bacsinszky.

Timea Bacsinszky

Nationality SUI
Date of Birth 08/06/1989
Height 1.7 m
Weight 62 kg

Maria Sharapova

Nationality RUS
Date of Birth 19/04/1987
Height 1.88 m
Weight 59 kg

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