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Alison Riske - Maria Sharapova Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
Russian FederationM Sharapova66---
United StatesA Riske30---

Live Comments

  1. - GAME SET AND MATCH MARIA SHARAPOVA! The Russian wins 11 (yes, 11) straight games to win 6-3 6-0, sealing it with another delightful forehand passing shot. Riske looked good to begin with and it was shaping up to be a decent contest but Sharapova soon worked out her opponent and it was plain sailing from there on in. The Russian cruises into the round of 16.

  2. - SHARAPOVA 6-3 5-0 RISKE. Sharapova is going all out on the return, swinging wildly, and she can afford to do so. She cares enough, though, to challenge on a return that is way wide of the mark. Another forehand winner is followed by a netted Riske backhand and it's another break and another game that goes Sharapova's way. It's all but over now.

  3. - SHARAPOVA 6-3 4-0 RISKE. Formality. That's what this match is now. Sharapova races to 40-0, but then Riske comes up with some huge hitting as she did in the opening games. Sharapova shows her what she thinks of any sign of a resurgance, thumping down an ace with contempt to seal another hold.

  4. - SHARAPOVA 6-3 3-0 RISKE. Riske continues to land some blows on her first serve, but as soon as we go past five shots or so, Sharapova looks completely in control. At 30-30 Riske comes to the net - that's the 10th time she's done so and the 6th time it hasn't worked. Sharapova is ruthless on break point and cruising to victory now.

  5. - SHARAPOVA 6-3 2-0 RISKE. The Sharapova first serve percentage is still down in the low 50's but she's getting this done regardless. The forehand in particular is where the damage is being done, with a winner at 15-0 and a monster at 40-15 that sets up an equally monstrous drive volley.

  6. - SHARAPOVA 6-3 1-0 RISKE. It's important for Riske that she stems this flow of games and holds serve at the start of the second set. A break would surely indicate curtains, and that's exactly what's on the cards at 0-30. She grabs a point back but Sharapova comes up with a sumptuous flick of the wrist which sends the ball crosscourt and past Riske who's stranded at the net. The American saves the first break point thanks to a big serve but approaches the net on the second and is again passed by the Sharapova forehand. Another break goes the way of the Russian.

  7. - SHARAPOVA 6-3 RISKE. Sharapova makes it 5 games on the trot as she ties up the first set, which is greeted with a huge fist pump and "Come on!" A tricky start for the number 5 seed but she has negotiated the threat posed by Riske very well and is now turning the screw.

  8. - SHARAPOVA 5-3 RISKE. Sharapova continues to grow into this match and soon has 0-30 on the Riske serve. The American isn't rolling over, though, and gets back to 30-30. Sharapova then crunches another forehand to bring up break point and Riske goes long. Successive breaks for Sharapova. Fantastic time to come good - she'll serve for the first set.

  9. - SHARAPOVA 4-3 RISKE. Sharapova looks to have found her stride and races to 40-0. A couple of sloppy backhands later and we're at 40-30 but after a long point, the Russian opens her stance and slaps a forehand up the line to move ahead for the first time in the match.

  10. - SHARAPOVA 3-3 RISKE. Riske continues to let rip on her first serve. If she wasn't landing these blows she'd have been broken easily. As it is, we have a string of deuces, Sharapova dominating when she gets a look at a second serve but Riske hitting enough big ones to hang in there. Sharapova gets rid of Riske with a ridiculous angle on the forehand and puts the following shot into the open court. It's break point again and Riske double faults! Sharapova breaks back and we're back on terms.

  11. - SHARAPOVA 2-3 RISKE. Sharapova commits her second double fault of the match at 15-0 and then Riske comes up with a ridiculous backhand down the line that skids off the grass and past the Russian. Sharapova is sublime, though, from 15-30 down, closing one point out from the net before producing successive inside out forehand winners to seal the game.

  12. - SHARAPOVA 1-3 RISKE. No sign of a riposte from Sharapova as Riske breezes to a love service game. She's got a big serve on her and is really starting to wind it up.

  13. - SHARAPOVA 1-2 RISKE. Sharapova is up and running on the scoreboard, darting to the net to put away a forehand to seal the game.

  14. - SHARAPOVA 0-2 RISKE. Riske backs up her break. It is unclear how exactly she does it, as the Beeb decide to switch around their channels to make way for the World Cup. As a result I'm forced to watch an advert for Mock the Week (how irritating is Andy Parsons?) before we return to the tennis to find the score's 2-0.

  15. - SHARAPOVA 0-1 RISKE. We're barely three points into this contest and Barry Davies on the BBC commentary has already cracked out a Riske-based pun. "Well she'll have to take risks today" he chuckles to himself. This is great banter, it really is. True to her name, the American does take some risks and is rewarded with an early break of serve. An early setback for Sharapova.

  16. 16:20 - Maria Sharapova won Wimbledon back in 2004 as a 17 year old but hasn't tasted success here since. Could this be her year? Standing in her way today is the 23 year old American, Alison Riske, ranked 44 in the world. A win today would represent her best ever Wimbledon performance.

  17. 16:15 - Good afternoon! The rain isn't stopping us on Centre Court, where Maria Sharapova and Alison Riske have just emerged. We'll be underway shortly and you can follow it LIVE right here.

Alison Riske

Nationality USA
Date of Birth 03/07/1990
Height 1.75 m
Weight 66 kg

Maria Sharapova

Nationality RUS
Date of Birth 19/04/1987
Height 1.88 m
Weight 59 kg

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