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Novak Djokovic - Andrey Golubev Live

Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
N Djokovic666--
KAZA Golubev014--

Live Comments

  1. 18:36 - DJOKOVIC 6-0 6-1 6-4 GOLUBEV. MATCH! A screamer from Golubev – a sliced, angled passing shot and the shot of the match. However, it does little to halt Djokovic who thunders back with miore strong first serves and saunters through in a brilliant opening display.

  2. 18:32 - DJOKOVIC 6-0 6-1 5-4 GOLUBEV. BREAK! Golubev races to 40-15 with a series of big serves. Djokovic responds with a slick lob that leaves the Kazakhstani statuesque at the net, and a double fault undoes the rest of his good work. Djokovic senses the moment and, after his opponent misses his first serve, steps up to the plate and slots an inside-out backhand return winner to bring up break point. Golubev’s resistance finally breaks and his netted backhand leaves Djokovic the job of serving it out.

  3. 18:28 - DJOKOVIC 6-0 6-1 4-4 GOLUBEV. Another game, another spotless hold for the tournament favourite. This time he powers down a series of big serves before slotting a trademark backhand down-the-line into the open court to secure another hold, this one to love.

  4. 18:27 - DJOKOVIC 6-0 6-1 3-4 GOLUBEV. Golubev wobbles once more as Djokovic pushes to deuce, saving multiple game points in the process, but some uncharacteristic errors are his undoing as the crucial break remains elusive.

  5. 18:20 - DJOKOVIC 6-0 6-1 3-3 GOLUBEV. Slick Golubev backhand passing shot aside, it’s another simple service game for Djokovic as he powers down a few more big serves and, before long, is back on the prowl for the crucial third set break to end it all.

  6. - DJOKOVIC 6-0 6-1 2-3 GOLUBEV. It looks all but over as Djokovic awakes from his three-return game slumber and arrives at double break point. However, with some previously unseen resilience, Golubev fends both de-facto match points off with big serves and quickly arrives at game point. Once there, he slams down a nice backhand before playing a deliciously slimy dink of an angled dropshot to hold serve once more.

  7. 18:12 - DJOKOVIC 6-0 6-1 2-2 GOLUBEV. As per usual, it takes Djokovic little time to capture a hold of his own. After similar serving, he sends an unreturned thunderbolt out wide to level things up once more.

  8. 18:10 - DJOKOVIC 6-0 6-1 1-2 GOLUBEV. After falling to convert his first break points, an impressive recovery from Golubev as he thundered down a forehand straight down the line before clinching the game with thanks to an uncharacteristic backhand return error from Djokovic. Golubev survives.

  9. 18:05 - DJOKOVIC 6-0 6-1 1-1 GOLUBEV. After a brutish return winner from Golubev, Djokovic wastes no time in holding serve with a series of strong deliveries. He clinches it with a big unreturned first serve while still looking unbothered.

  10. 18:01 - DJOKOVIC 6-0 6-1 0-1 GOLUBEV. HOLD! This set starts fairly better for the man from Kazakhstan via Russia. He strings together a couple of big forehands after even biggest serves and edges ahead in a set for the first time today.

  11. 17:56 - DJOKOVIC 6-0 6-1 GOLUBEV. SET! One game is Golubev gets. Djokovic continues to shrug as he sends a few serves flying down and captures the second set with little effort, an ace sealing the second of two near-flawless sets of tennis.

  12. 17:54 - DJOKOVIC 6-0 5-1 GOLUBEV. HOLD! The crowd erupts as a first game slips Golubev’s way after something as simple as a couple of well-taken first serves. The Kazakhstani will be wondering why it wasn’t that easy before.

  13. 17:50 - DJOKOVIC 6-0 5-0 GOLUBEV. Faces in the crowd laugh heartily as the top seed storms through another hold. A deft little dropshot in the second point, some smooth footwork on another and some all-round strong serving is enough to send him on his way.

  14. 17:47 - DJOKOVIC 6-0 4-0 GOLUBEV. BREAK! Poor Golubev found himself up 30-0, only for Djokovic to briefly rise from his barely perceptible effort and send four flawless returns straight down the court, breaking serve but not breaking sweat.

  15. 17:43 - DJOKOVIC 6-0 3-0 GOLUBEV. The score moves to 9-0 as Djokovic plops himself down, eyebrows raised, as he secures another hold of serve spearheaded by a load of strong first serves. Golubev’s search for his first game of the day continues.

  16. 17:40 - DJOKOVIC 6-0 2-0 GOLUBEV. BREAK! Golubev’s unrelenting net rushing has to be admired. He sweeps to the net, only to be passed effortlessly by numerous Djokovic returns yet he keeps on coming. In the end, he relinquishes the break from the back of the court as Djokovic’s depth undoes his forehand. Djokovic practically shrugs in celebration at the break

  17. 17:38 - DJOKOVIC 6-0 1-0 GOLUBEV. The top seed can do no wrong. After another series of formidable serves, Djokovic slips yet Golubev’s attempted forehand lands in the net and he has his first game of set two.

  18. 17:34 - DJOKOVIC 6-0 GOLUBEV. SET! The nonchalance continues, and so does the beating. Djokovic seals the bagel set with a slick backhand down-the line.

  19. 17:29 - DJOKOVIC 5-0 GOLUBEV. Djokovic wastes no time in consolidating this second break. He slips in a few formidable first serves and before the Centre Court crowd can blink, the lead is extended with Golubev still chasing his first game.

  20. 17:25 - DJOKOVIC 4-0 GOLUBEV. BREAK! Golubev has quickly assumed all guns blazing mod, stealing into the net at every opportunity. Djokovic immediately slots a passing shot past him, but soon his blazing forehands allow a couple of easy smashes and two more chances to register his first hold. He doesn’t take either, of course, and soon Djokovic is dipping a return on break point just low enough to elicit an error from a serve and volleying Golibev.

  21. 17:20 - DJOKOVIC 3-0 GOLUBEV. Djokovic appears to be determined to look like he is toiling as little as possible. After coolly raining down big serves, he nonchalantly skips to the net to dispatch a low forehand winner, barely even bothering to bend on the low-bouncing grass.

  22. 17:18 - DJOKOVIC 2-0 GOLUBEV. BREAK! It doesn’t take Djokovic particularly long to find himself up break points after a series of errant forehands from Golubev. Three break points come and go, but it’s only when Golubev finally finds himself up game point that Djokovic turns on the blinkers and slots a backhand return winner home before eventually breaking.

  23. 17:09 - DJOKOVIC 1-0 GOLUBEV. As Becker dramatically lectures the rest of his team from his player box, Djokovic saunters through the opening game of the set to love with a wicked forehand winner.

  24. 17:05 - Hello! Welcome to our coverage of Novak Djokovic’s opening match against Andrey Golubev on Centre Court. A potentially tricky first round match for the tournament favourite, but Djokovic will be expected to navigate it without too many difficulties.

Novak Djokovic

Nationality SRB
Date of Birth 22/05/1987
Height 1.88 m
Weight 80 kg

Andrey Golubev

Nationality KAZ
Date of Birth 22/07/1987
Height 1.83 m
Weight 79 kg