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Andy Murray - Kevin Anderson Live

Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
United KingdomA Murray667--
RSAK Anderson436--

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  1. - Another great win for Murray, who is yet to drop a set. He was slow to get going again after play was interrupted to close the roof, but luckily already had a two-break cushion in the second set. Anderson was much improved with the roof shut and took Murray all the way in the third set. The tie-break itself was also tight, but Murray dug in and prevailed in the end and his impressive progress through this tournament shows no sign of abating.

  2. - GAME SET AND MATCH ANDY MURRAY! He wins the tie-break 8-6, piling the pressure on Anderson at 6-7 and match point before polishing it off with a searing crosscourt backhand winner. He's absolutely delighted with that, jumping for joy in the middle of the court and lapping up the adulation of the crowd on Centre.

  3. - MURRAY 6-6 (6-6) ANDERSON. Murray is sloppy and dumps it in the net. Anderson wins his next service point with an ace. Pressure on Murray now - he's set point down at 5-6. It's a good serve and Anderson shanks the return!

  4. - MURRAY 6-6 (5-4) ANDERSON. Murray deals with a fast body serve, adjusting to put a forehand return on the line before Anderson misses wide. Minibreak. Murray serving now and he draws Anderson to the net before picking him off with another crosscourt forehand pass. Anderson goes after the next return and it is too powerful for Murray. Minibroken back.

  5. - MURRAY 6-6 (3-3) ANDERSON. Anderson gets the minibreak straight back, pegging Murray back behind the baseline. He spanks a brilliant deep return but Murray picks it up on the half-volley and on the swivel - simply outrageous! That point goes Murray's way but Anderson finds a big serve to win the next one.

  6. - MURRAY 6-6 (2-1) ANDERSON. Murray gets the tie-break underway and picks up a cheap point thanks to a thunderous serve. Anderson then goes and does the same thing. The South African is on the attack again but Murray finds another outragous passing shot on the back foot! Minibreak Murray.

  7. - MURRAY 6-4 6-3 6-6 ANDERSON. Anderson plays a couple of brilliant points, spanking a series of forehands into Murray's backhand corner. He comes to the net on the next point and is successful again (49 times now he has approached the net). 40-15 now and he closes it out - we're heading for a breaker!

  8. - MURRAY 6-4 6-3 6-5 ANDERSON. Brilliant serving from Murray and it's a comfortable hold. What Anderson would give for one of those. The South African slips at 0-30 but seems to be ok. He spanks a backhand winner then spanks another one into the net and he'll have to come out once again and serve to stay in it - to take this third set to a breaker.

  9. - MURRAY 6-4 6-3 5-5 ANDERSON. Murray lets out a roar of frustration as his opponent peppers the baseline but he does the same thing to Anderson on the next point. 15-15 and Anderson comes in, only to put his volley into the net. Murray goes for another audacious crosscourt pass but narrowly misses and Anderson manages to close the next point out from the net. The South African gets over the line and lets out a roar of his own.

  10. - MURRAY 6-4 6-3 5-4 ANDERSON. Murray puts to one side his frustration at not taking his chances in the previous game, quickly going 40-15 up. He hits a double fault - his second of the match - but Anderson then goes wide on his return and the big man will have to come out and serve to stay in the match.

  11. - MURRAY 6-4 6-3 4-4 ANDERSON. Anderson chips and charges again at 15-15 and tucks away the ensuing volley. Murray bats away a fierce body serve and sees it fly over for a winner. That was special but what happens next is even more so. Anderson has a short ball, Murray goes left and guesses correctly, managing a flick of the wrists that sends a crosscourt passing shot dipping over the net - too low for Anderson. It's break point at 30-40 but Murray is wasteful - he can't believe it. Another three come and go and this is a tight game now. And a hugely important one. Anderson is clinging on for dear life. He has to face a 5th break point but forces the issue and Murray's lob sails long. From deuce, he finds two big serves and eventually, somehow, escapes unscathed.

  12. - MURRAY 6-4 6-3 4-3 ANDERSON. Murray kicks off his service game with an inch-perfect drive volley. Anderson responds with a monstruous forehand winner down the line then Murray throws in his first double fault of the match. Anderson goes long on his return and long again on a crucial forehand at 30-30. Murray seals his hold with an ace down the T that is always swerving away from his opponent's reach.

  13. - MURRAY 6-4 6-3 3-3 ANDERSON. What a shot! Murray plays an extraordinary drop shot at 15-0 that once again showcases his supreme touch. He plays the shot from the baseline on his backhand but such is the spin, the ball drops just over the net and kicks off to the left and outside of the doubles tramlines. He comes up with an equally brilliant passing shot to make it 30-30 but he tries another one at 40-30 and goes narrowly long. Anderson keeps us on serve.

  14. - MURRAY 6-4 6-3 3-2 ANDERSON. Anderson gets the better of Murray in an early rally that has both players at the net. Murray's defence is awesome at 30-15 and he manages find an unlikely crosscourt passing shot off the forehand wing. He then thumps down an unreturnable serve to move ahead once again in this third set.

  15. - MURRAY 6-4 6-3 2-2 ANDERSON. The South African sends down his sixth ace of the match to bring up 40-0. Murray gets a point back, reaching a high backhand volley, but then nets a routine inside out forehand. He always looks thoroughly disgusted with himself when he makes an unforced error.

  16. - MURRAY 6-4 6-3 2-1 ANDERSON. Murray is focus now. He goes down 15-30 but finds a couple of huge serves to turn the game back in his favour. Cue clenched fist and snarl of determination. He smashes away an overhead to seal the game.

  17. - MURRAY 6-4 6-3 1-1 ANDERSON. Not that Anderson is going to roll over. The South African produces a love service game of his own to send the message that this is no forgone conclusion.

  18. - MURRAY 6-4 6-3 1-0 ANDERSON. Murray is well and truly in the driving seat now. He's ridden out that mini storm and with a two sets lead is well in control. It's an authoritative start to the third set - a love service game. Difficult to see him slipping up from here.

  19. - MURRAY 6-4 6-3 ANDERSON. After an encouraging few games since the restart, Anderson finds himself serving to stay in the set. He starts well, moving to 30-0, but it's disaster from there. He doesn't win another point in the game and misses a volley at 30-40 to gift Murray the set and remove the sting from what looked like a possible fightback.

  20. - MURRAY 6-4 5-3 ANDERSON. The new balls clearly haven't started fluffing up yet. Murray uses the extra fizz to move to 40-0 but then slices a sloppy backhand long. At 40-15 he closes out the game with a serve out wide and a forehand into the open court. Classic.

  21. - MURRAY 6-4 4-3 ANDERSON. Anderson has the new balls and takes full advantage, enjoying the extra couple of miles per hour they add to his serve. It's all about the serve in this game as it is used to devastating effect for a swift hold to love.

  22. - MURRAY 6-4 4-2 ANDERSON. Needless to say, this is a big game for Murray. But he still hasn't got going. What's more, Anderson is playing better than he has done all match. There's more variety from the South African on return and Murray shanks one off the frame to bring up a break point at 30-40. He catches Anderson off guard with a fast second serve, follows it up with a monster first serve for advantage and puts away a crosscourt forehand winner to clinch the game and come through the test.

  23. - MURRAY 6-4 3-2 ANDERSON. Murray looks to get that slow re-start out of his system and moves to 0-30. Andreson pegs him back to 30-30 but Murray comes up with a phenomenal backhand passing shot on the run. Fantastic court coverage and fantastic hands. Anderson serve-volleys to save the break point but when he employs the same tactic at advantage Murray gets the better of him. Anderson, though, hangs on and gets across the line for a very important hold. How will Murray respond to this?

  24. - MURRAY 6-4 3-1 ANDERSON. It's always interesting to see how the players emerge after a delay. Anderson seems the looser of the two, Murray looks sluggish and goes down 15-40. A big serve saves the first break point but Anderson gets a lucky let chord on the second and Murray can't get the ball up. Anderson claws one of the breaks back.

  25. - So here we go again. Murray to serve at 6-4 3-0.

  26. 17:27 - A reminder that once the roof is closed during a match, rules state it cannot be retracted before the match is complete, even if the sun is shining outside. So this is now an indoor contest until the bitter end.

  27. 17:24 - The players are back out. They've not been off long but they get to knock-up for a second time. Is that really necessary? Feel free to go through your own warm-up routines once again - this liveblog will be resuming any minute...

  28. 17:05 - Update: the roof is being closed. This will now become an indoor match. It'll take about 10 minutes for them to get it shut and taking into account time for acclimatisation inside the arena, it'll be more like 20 minutes before we see the players re-emerge.

  29. 17:02 - Not again! The brollies are up, the covers are on and the players have just walked off court. Yes, it's raining again. If it doesn't look like it'll soon blow over then the roof will be called back into action.

  30. - MURRAY 6-4 3-0 ANDERSON. 'Must hold' is how you'd describe this game from Anderson's perspective. He goes 15-0 up but he's hit by Murray who fires the ball directly at his opponent after chasing down a drop shot. An apology but no regrets. Anderson isn't affected, moving to 40-15, but Murray then fizzes a crosscourt forehand winner. The following exchange is a fantastic one, Anderson cracking a passing shot on the run but Murray once again showing superb feel to half-volley the ball into the open court. Murray wins the point at deuce to bring up a point for a double break. It took 7 last time but he takes it at the first time of asking here, his return once again too good, too deep for an Anderson who has again decided to step well inside the baseline. Double break.

  31. - MURRAY 6-4 2-0 ANDERSON. After a marathon game, Murray comes out and backs up his break quickly and comfortably, holding to 15.

  32. - MURRAY 6-4 1-0 ANDERSON. Anderson gets the second set underway. Murray races to 0-40 but all three break points are saved by Anderson who crunches a couple of forehands down the line. Murray bites his finger in anguish - he knows triple break point against a guy like Anderson is too good to pass up. He gets another chance at advantage and nets. He's even angrier about that one, restraining himself at the last moment as he gets ready to crack his racquet against his leg. Break point number 5 comes and Murray misses again. More frustration, but he gets on with it and brings up number 6. That too goes begging. Deuce again and Murray spanks another return that Anderson can't dig out. Break point number 7 - is this the one? It is! Anderson comes to the net and misses the volley. Murray (at last) breaks in the second set at the first opportunity.

  33. - MURRAY 6-4 ANDERSON. Andy Murray wins the first set! Anderson crunches a backhand winner down the line but Murray's fine serving helps him on his way to 40-15 and two set points. He misses long on the first but on the second Anderson goes after a shorter ball on the backhand wing and puts it in the net. Murray grits his teeth and pumps his fist. He's in control of this match.

  34. - MURRAY 5-4 ANDERSON. Anderson goes down 0-15 but isn't phased, recovering to 40-15 with a couple of monster serves and a smash. Murray fights back to deuce thanks to another astonishing forehand passing shot at 40-30. It's all about his touch as he guides the ball deftly past the onrushing giant. But the giant finds a giant serve at deuce before finishing of the game with a cute little drop shot. Murray to serve it out.

  35. - MURRAY 5-3 ANDERSON. There's slight cause for concern for Murray as Anderson darts in and slaps away an overhead for 15-30. Murray's not too worried, though, and is soon at 40-30. A wide inside out forehand brings up deuce but Murray piles on enough pressure to force Anderson into a couple of errors. Murray takes the game and Anderson must serve to stay in the set.

  36. - MURRAY 4-3 ANDERSON. Anderson hits his first ace of the match then a similarly big one takes him to 30-0. But Murray now faces a second serve and he quickly takes control, firing a backhand winner down the line. Murray then comes to the net and puts away a backhand volley before digging out a simply ridiculous crosscourt forehand passing shot. The crowd are purring and Murray has break point. Anderson hits an overhead and slips but Murray can't quite get the ball over the net. Murray hits a rare unforced error and Anderson finds a big first serve on advantage to close out the game.

  37. - MURRAY 4-2 ANDERSON. Murray seems to have forgotten about the rain. At 15-0 Anderson decides to chip and charge. Big mistake. Against Murray it has to be absolutely perfect. It isn't, and Murray finds a fantastically cute passing shot, going on to hold out to love.

  38. - MURRAY 3-2 ANDERSON. Anderson's serving well but Murray can feel a few spots of rain and he's not too happy here. He's making his feelings known to the umpire, looking at the grass and gesturing that it'll be getting slippy. Distracted, he nets his return at 40-30 and Anderson has an important hold.

  39. - MURRAY 3-1 ANDERSON. Murray sets up a forehand winner with a big serve but Anderson responds on the next point with a blazing forehand return winner. Anderson meekly nets a sliced backhand on the next point, but is soon back in it, coming forward into a forehand to take it to deuce. Murray shuts out any danger, sending over a big serve on advantage and swatting away the ensuing forehand. Break consolidated.

  40. - MURRAY 2-1 ANDERSON. Murray gets a look at a couple of second serves and, once he gets into the points, he's able to work the ball and dictate the play. It's too much for Anderson and we're soon at 0-40. The South African saves the first break point with a big inside out crosscourt forehand and Murray is angry with himself as he nets a second serve return on the second. But on the third Murray throws in a looping forehand and Anderson, pegged back, sends the ball long. First blood to Murray.

  41. - MURRAY 1-1 ANDERSON. Murray's serve can be brutal too, you know. A love service game and the Brit is off to a decent start.

  42. - MURRAY 0-1 ANDERSON. Anderson gets us underway with some typically brutal serving, holding to 30.

  43. 15:57 - But more about the man hoping he can cause Murray some issues. He's Kevin Anderson of South Africa and he's 6ft 8in tall. Pretty tall, then. And, like most tall players, he's got a decent serve on him. As with some other tall players, his game is slightly one-dimensional and Murray should be too good once the rallies get going. Anderson also had to come through a tricky five-setter in the last round against Fognini, so Murray will be the fresher of the two.

  44. 15:55 - The role of reigning Wimbledon champion is one that Murray has assumed seemlessly. He has been light-hearted in press conferences and similarly relaxed and free-flowing on the court. He's not had an easy time since his victory here last year, having to recover from back surgery. But on the evidence so far, he's returning once again to the top of his game and it's difficult to see him having many issues today.

  45. 15:50 - With the skies above SW19 brightening up, the Centre Court roof has been withdrawn. This is an outdoor tournament after all and that's how this one will be played out. Murray will be perfectly hapy about that.

  46. 15:45 - Good afternoon! It's Andy Murray time on Centre Court on second Monday. The defending Wimbledon champion has breezed through the first week here, but what will the second have in store? Well Kevin Anderson, to begin with. Right here you'll be able to enjoy LIVE coverage as these two battle it out for a place in the quarters.

Andy Murray

Nationality GBR
Date of Birth 15/05/1987
Height 1.9 m
Weight 84 kg

Kevin Anderson

Nationality RSA
Date of Birth 18/05/1986
Height 2 m
Weight 88 kg