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Tommy Robredo - Roger Federer Live

Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
SwitzerlandR Federer666--
SpainT Robredo144--

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  1. 14:45 - FEDERER 6-1 6-4 6-4 ROBREDO. MATCH! An uncharacteristically massive forehand winner from behind the baseline followed by a lazy Federer forehand error brings the first break point of the match for Robredo. However, a big serve followed by a forehand and a stroll to pluck off the volley sees Federer save the break point. Break point turns into match point, but it evades him too. After another set point miss, the Swiss has enough, streaming to the net and stretching for a brilliant backhand volley that seals the game, the set and the match

  2. 14:39 - FEDERER 6-1 6-4 5-4 ROBREDO. Robredo does all he can, forcing Federer to serve it out with a solid service game. Not that Federer looked particularly fazed at the prospect, leisurely slapping forehands left, right and centre and perhaps preserving energy and focus for what he hopes is his final service game. After the serving day he has had, you can’t blame him for that.

  3. 14:37 - FEDERER 6-1 6-4 5-3 ROBREDO. The serve dominance continues. Federer slams down a couple of big serves to get himself to 30-0, before complimenting a couple of big serves with two nice forays to the net. Two mouth-watering volleys later, and he’s a game away from the quarterfinals.

  4. 14:33 - FEDERER 6-1 6-4 4-3 ROBREDO. BREAK! Federer finds a double break point lead treading water with a couple of bruising, but not brutal, forehands. Both are saved with more strong serves, however, and it’s back to deuce. But Federer works his magic to bring up another break point, and this time slams a backhand into the opening before complimenting it with a gigantic forehand down-the-line to seal the game. He had to wait a bit, but the break is his

  5. 14:28 - FEDERER 6-1 6-4 3-3 ROBREDO. Here we go again. Four humongous serves, and before the streams of people who entered court one can even properly get comfortable in their chairs, Federer has slammed down two big first serves and the pressure is back on the Spaniard.

  6. 14:27 - FEDERER 6-1 6-4 2-3 ROBREDO. Robredo looks like a new man in set three, and he easily slams down another hold, sidling up to the baseline and actually even dominating with a few forehands. He marches back to his chair, and certainly doesn't look like a man who has given up.

  7. 14:25 - FEDERER 6-1 6-4 2-2 ROBREDO. Right back at’cha says Federer, as he slams down an easy hold of his own. Four big first serve, and only one error, and he swipes out another hold. The Swiss has lost only nine points on serve so far today.

  8. 14:21 - FEDERER 6-1 6-4 1-2 ROBREDO. Another solid hold comes the way of Robredo, and this one was easy indeed. A couple of big first serves and, in almost a complete impersonation of his opponent's serving performance, captures another game in the blink of an eye.

  9. 14:17 - FEDERER 6-1 6-4 1-1 ROBREDO. The Spaniard is actually inserting himself in plenty of points now, playing a couple of gorgeous backhand passing shots in the process. However, Federer serves his way through one of his most difficult service games of the match. He still only dropped two points.

  10. 14:11 - FEDERER 6-1 6-4 0-1 ROBREDO. With an inventive volley and some brilliant court instincts, Federer looks to make a clean sweep of Robredo’s first service games of each set. However, he Spaniard digs in, dispatching a solid volley before smashing down a lovely backhand winner to hold.

  11. 14:06 - FEDERER 6-1 6-4 ROBREDO. SET! Another perfect service game comes Federer’s way as he slams down two massive serves to find himself up 30-0. He then sweeps into the net, scuttling across to play a delightful volley, before going back to his bread and butter, closing it all off with a big first serve.

  12. 14:02 - FEDERER 6-1 5-4 ROBREDO. Robredo navigates through what looks like another drama-free hold, only to find himself running away from a thunderous Federer passing shot after the champion dragged him into the net. However, a wayward Federer forehand hands him the game on his second game point and he at least forces Federer to attempt to serve it out.

  13. 13:59 - FEDERER 6-1 5-3 ROBREDO. Here we go again! An easy love hold from Federer in the blink of an eye. So effortless, so heartless and not an ounce of pressure against it.

  14. 13:58 - FEDERER 6-1 4-3 ROBREDO. This hold for Robredo is much easier, however. A couple of big first serves put him on his way, and he even outsmarts Federer with a slick dropshot followed by an easy passing shot.

  15. 13:56 - FEDERER 6-1 4-2 ROBREDO. Once again, after the struggle of that endless hold, Federer almost rubs salt in the Spaniard’s many wounds by speeding to an easy love hold. It’s almost as if he did it on purpose – building up his opponent’s hopes and dreams, then brutally snatching them away.

  16. 13:51 - FEDERER 6-1 3-2 ROBREDO. Robredo punches down a few forehand winners and looks to have a slight spring in his step as he heads for another hold. From two game points down, however, the Swiss punches down a screaming backhand and nuclear forehand winner in succession, laughing at the Spaniard’s misplaced enthusiasm. Two deuce points later, Federer storms into the net, rushing in behind a low slice and dinking through a gorgeous dropshot. But Robredo is a fighter, and he finds some first serves to just about dig out a hold to at least keep himself somewhat in the match.

  17. 13:45 - FEDERER 6-1 3-1 ROBREDO. It must be so demoralizing to finally get another hold, only for your opponent punch back a hold in ten seconds flat. But that’s what Robredo is dealing with. Moments later, the balls are back on his side of the court as Federer simply slams down a few huge serves and holds.

  18. 13:43 - FEDERER 6-1 2-1 ROBREDO. A second hold comes Robredo’s way as a couple of solid first serves elicit some errors at last. The Spaniard impressively keeps his depth and breaks down the Federer forehand on game point to give himself the game.

  19. 13:39 - FEDERER 6-1 2-0 ROBREDO. Nine points in a row fly Federer’s way as he slams down four big serves and barely needs to hit a second shot. He may well not be registering the monster 25 aces he hit against Muller a couple of matches ago, but the level of his serving certainly hasn’t abated.

  20. 13:37 - FEDERER 6-1 1-0 ROBREDO. BREAK! Well, Federer isn’t slowing down. A couple of missed first serves from Robredo leave the door slightly ajar and he happily obliges by forcing a couple of errors and breaking with maximum efficiency. Robredo certainly isn’t helping his cause with too many forehand errors.

  21. 13:35 - FEDERER 6-1 ROBREDO. SET! With a couple of big serves and a couple of first serve and forehand one-two punches, Federer slinks to his chair with a set in his pocket and his undoubted plan to be wrapped up before Switzerland’s world cup game still intact.

  22. 13:32 - FEDERER 5-1 ROBREDO. In one of his first really creative moments of the match, Federer sweeps into the net and executes a perfectly slick drop volley followed by an authoritative smash to bring up game point. A wayward backhand scuppers the break point, but a low slice elicits a forehand error from Robredo. The Spaniard obliges with a forehand error to offer up the second break.

  23. 13:26 - FEDERER 4-1 ROBREDO. Federer is in a rush, and he holds again thanks to some strong serving, but not before an incredibly rare occurrence for the Swiss – a correct challenge. It certainly is his day so far today.

  24. 13:24 - FEDERER 3-1 ROBREDO. Robredo finally puts his name up on the board in his second service game. A few big serves mostly do the trick. The Spaniard is already being forced into much more aggression on his forehand, and such aggression secures him a game.

  25. 13:19 - FEDERER 3-0 ROBREDO. Another service game, another rush of a hold. This time, he needs only four serves as he steals it to love as all either go unreturned or elicit an easy second shot for the Swiss to bury away and march on back to his chair.

  26. 13:17 - FEDERER 2-0 ROBREDO. BREAK! As usual, Federer appears to take enjoyment in losing break points. After moving up triple break point, all three evade him thanks to some poor returning. However, the fourth is his after some thunderous forehands.

  27. 13:13 - FEDERER 1-0 ROBREDO. It’s an easy hold from Mr Federer to begin. The Swiss number two plucks away a couple of strong serve and puts together one of his trademark one-minute games to get his name on the board immediately.

  28. 13:06 - Hello! Welcome to our coverage of Roger Federer’s postponed fourth round match against Tommy Robredo. The seven-time champ only recently lost to the Spaniard at last year’s US Open, but Robredo sure has his work cut out today on the grass and against a Federer in such impressive form.

Tommy Robredo

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 01/05/1982
Height 1.8 m
Weight 75 kg

Roger Federer

Nationality SUI
Date of Birth 08/08/1981
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg