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Nick Kyrgios - Rafael Nadal Live

Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
AustraliaN Kyrgios7576-
SpainR Nadal6763-

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  1. - GAME SET AND MATCH NICK KYRGIOS! We have just witnessed a monumental victory and the coming of age of a future star of men's tennis. The teenager topples the two-time champion and world number one! The last time that happened it was Nadal himself inflicting defeat on a certain Roger Federer. Kyrgios serves it out to love, sealing it fittingly with an ace.

  2. - KYRGIOS 7-6 5-7 5-6 5-3 NADAL. No gifts here from the number 2 seed. If you want it you're going to have to serve for it yourself, Nick. Nadal's hold is emphatic, it's to love but it doesn't matter much. Kyrgios's mind is already on the next game, where he'll serve for the biggest win of his career. Don't get tight...

  3. - KYRGIOS 7-6 5-7 5-6 5-2 NADAL. Nadal rips a forehand winner on the first point but Kyrgios isn't phased, hitting back in the form of two emphatic aces. But his volley on the next point is far from emphatic. Again it's far too casual and it's a bad, bad miss. Not that Kyrgios lets these disappointments hang over him. It's out of his mind in no time and he's glad to see Nadal drag a backhand wide to take him to within a game of victory.

  4. - KYRGIOS 7-6 5-7 5-6 4-2 NADAL. How will Nadal respond? Well initially, very well. Here's a love service game. The hard part, though, is coming up. He'll have to break the Kyrgios at some point soon if he's to stay in this tournament.

  5. - KYRGIOS 7-6 5-7 5-6 4-1 NADAL. If Kyrgios put himself in the driving seat with that last game then he's just fastened his seatbelt and started the engine with this one. He has a wobble at 30-15 as he tightens up and puts his forehand into the net. But he comes through it, his first serve setting up a searing forehand winner at 40-30.

  6. - KYRGIOS 7-6 5-7 5-6 3-1 NADAL. Kyrgios breaks Nadal's serve and puts himself firmly in the driving seat!! At 15-15 he pats a soft return back over - maybe the sun's in his eyes - but he then absolutely spanks a forehand winner down the line. Nadal, though, steps it up a notch and finds a deep forehand winner of his own to move to 40-30. Kyrgios is not relinquishing his gung-ho appraoch on return, cracking one for deuce before putting away a rasping crosscourt backhand winner to bring up break point. Nadal goes long and Kyrgios has the break! Amazing.

  7. - Just the 35 aces so far for Kyrgios. Outrageous.

  8. - KYRGIOS 7-6 5-7 5-6 2-1 NADAL. Kyrgios loses the opening point of his service game again but he has little trouble seeing this one through with the help of two more aces. Ace count to follow...

  9. - KYRGIOS 7-6 5-7 5-6 1-1 NADAL. The pressure is on Nadal now. And he's feeling it! He double faults on his opening service point of the set. Like Kyrgios in the previous game, he quickly recovers from the wobble and sends a backhand up the line for 30-15 before closing the game out with ace and getting himself on the board in the fourth set.

  10. - KYRGIOS 7-6 5-7 7-6 1-0 NADAL. Nadal wins the first two exchanges of the fourth set. Kyrgios can't afford to rest on his laurels here. But he has no intention of doing so, sending down three blazing aces to recover and get himself ahead in the set.

  11. - Incredible stuff. It seemed the match had turned in Nadal's favour. He was on top but couldn't find a break in the third set and he's been made to pay the price.

  12. - KYRGIOS WINS THE TIE-BREAK 7-5! The Aussie is once again ahead in this match! He wins both of his service points and with Nadal serving at 5-6 and set point down, he steps in and absolutely unleashes a crosscourt forehand return. Talk about bottle. Nadal can't get it back in court and if he's going to come through this he'll have to do it in 5.

  13. - KYRGIOS 6-6 (4-5) NADAL. Kyrgios finishes off a lengthy exhange with a controlled backhand winner down the line. Brilliant play. Nadal serving again and he has to hit a tricky overhread with the sun in his eyes, which he screws expertly in behind Kyrgios. The Aussie goes for a running forehand on the next point but overcooks it. .

  14. - KYRGIOS 6-6 (3-3) NADAL. Nadal wins one service point but overcooks another forehand and Kyrgios has a minibreak at 3-2. Again it doesn't last long as he sends a loose backhand flying long. Unforced errors creeping in on both sides. Change of ends now.

  15. - KYRGIOS 6-6 (2-1) NADAL. Nadal gets us underway in the breaker but it's Kyrgios who wins the first point. His minibreak doesn't last long, though, as Nadal finds a sumptuous backhand passing shot down the line. Ace now from the Aussie. We're on serve.

  16. - KYRGIOS 7-6 5-7 6-6 NADAL. A big serve and forehand combo kick this game off and Nadal can't get his next return back in court. It's a double fault, though, at 30-0. Kyrgios then dumps a tired forehand into the net and he lets out more frustration. He unleashes a couple of inside-out crosscourt forehand but Nadal anticipates the second one and spanks his own forehand up the line. Set point now, and a big serve saves the day. An ace brings up advantage and Nadal spoons his next return to take us to another breaker!

  17. - KYRGIOS 7-6 5-7 5-6 NADAL. Rafa misses wildly long on the forehand wing at 15-0. That's not like him at all. But two winners then flow from that forehand wing and he's quickly on his way to a hold to 15. Kyrgios to serve to stay in the set at 5-6 - the exact point at which he crumbled in the second set.

  18. - KYRGIOS 7-6 5-7 5-5 NADAL. Nadal moves in on his first return and finds an angle, forcing Kyrgios to hit the net. Kyrgios tucks away a forehand but tightens up at 15-15 with a double fault. A big serve and another forehand winner crosscourt this time, bring up 40-30 but he drags a backhand wide for deuce. No bother - two aces see it through and we're level again.

  19. - KYRGIOS 7-6 5-7 4-5 NADAL. In contrast to the first set, it's now Nadal who's racing through his service games with ease, and Kyrgios who's having to absorb pressure on his own serve. A hold to love is just the job for Nadal and Kyrgios will have to come out and do what he failed to do last time out- serve to stay a set.

  20. - KYRGIOS 7-6 5-7 4-4 NADAL. Needless to say this is a big game for Kyrgios. Lose this and he'll surely be going down two sets to one. But he's still ultra confident on the first point swinging at that forehand again. Nadal's defence is awesome at 15-15 when Kyrgios drops him. Nadal chases that down, and then the ensuing lob, before Kyrgios is far too casual on the volley and puts the simplest of put-aways into the net. The Aussie shaes that off, though, and continues to fight his was through this, levelling at 4-4.

  21. - KYRGIOS 7-6 5-7 3-4 NADAL. Nadal's serve is too good on the first point and at 15-0 he tempts Kyrgios to the net before firing a vicious backhand right at him. It's 30-0 but soon 30-30 as Kyrgios takes the ball early, forcing Nadal to find the net. Kyrgios can't get his next return back and he's not happy about it, letting out another deep growl of frustration. He takes it to deuce but then Nadal forces the issue, that lasso forehand doing the damage again to clinch the hold.

  22. - KYRGIOS 7-6 5-7 3-3 NADAL. Rafa will have to wait to launch an attack on the Kyrgios serve. The Aussie serves this one out to love in less than a minute.

  23. - KYRGIOS 7-6 5-7 2-3 NADAL. Kyrgios wins the opening point and is pumped up. Nadal is having none of it, though, and is soon at 40-15, a high forehand winner, swung at from above his head, helping him on his way. Kyrgios can't get his return back in court and Nadal is in front again.

  24. - KYRGIOS 7-6 5-7 2-2 NADAL. Nadal wins the opening exchange and you can't help but feel the tide is contiinuing to turn in his favour. That is until Kyrgios sends down two consecutive aces. The Aussie wins the next point too but a sloppy, sloppy backhand sails long and he slams his racquet down violently. It bounces straight back up and he catches it again effortlessly. Typical. Another ace and he goes on to hold out. He's hanging in there and it's mainly due to the aces.

  25. - KYRGIOS 7-6 5-7 1-2 NADAL. Little trouble on serve again for Rafael Nadal. Here it's the backhand that is used to pretty devastating effect.

  26. - KYRGIOS 7-6 5-7 1-1 NADAL. Kyrgios enjoys another love service game as he looks to find away past Nadal having had his spirits dampened slightly following that blistering start.

  27. - KYRGIOS 7-6 5-7 0-1 NADAL. Nadal has a spring in his step and continues his momentum with a straight forward service game to start the third set. He's serving first again in this set and that could be crucial.

  28. - NADAL TAKES THE 2ND SET 7-5! The match is level and the Spaniard is right back in this! He goes to 0-30 and it looks ominous, but Kyrgios pegs him back. Nadal has break point but it's saved thanks to an ace. Kyrgios then misses a routine forehand and it's set point again for Nadal. And this time he takes it, forcing the issue until Kyrgios finds the net. Is this the turning point in the match? You'd think so.

  29. - KYRGIOS 7-6 5-6 NADAL. Nadal gets himself back in front, putting the pressure firmly on Kyrgios, who must serve to stay in the second set.

  30. - KYRGIOS 7-6 4-5 NADAL. The Spaniard gets his nose in front again in this second set with a tidy hold to 15. Will the scoreboard pressure he's building up begin to tell?

  31. - KYRGIOS 7-6 4-4 NADAL. After grinding his way to a hold last time out, this love service game is welcomed with open arms by Kyrgios. It's capped off with another nonchalant forehand winner which he seems to put barely any effort at all into.

  32. - KYRGIOS 7-6 3-4 NADAL. Nadal is taking control now. Here he races to 40-0 but what's this?! A simply outrageous shot from Kyrgios! The ball comes deep to his feet and instead of move them he casually opens his legs, sticks his racquet in the middle and picks it up on the half-volley. It flies just over the net and Nadal has no chance. Just ridiculous! You'll be seeing that endlessly on highlights reels over the coming days. Nadal goes on to hold his serve but it's all about that wondershot.

  33. - KYRGIOS 7-6 3-3 NADAL. A double fault is not an ideal start to the game from Kyrgios but he finds a big first serve next time around. He drops Nadal on the next point but the Spaniard carves out an exquisite sliced lob. Kyrgios wins the next point and is jumping for joy when he goes 40-30 up, sending a rasping crosscourt backhand winner past Nadal. He thinks he's won it with an ace but Nadal and HawkEye have other ideas. The Spaniard then takes it to deuce with some brutal hitting and punches the air. First real sign of animation from him. A second deuce comes up and the Aussie finds an ace before putting the pressure on Nadal at the baseline to close out the game. That's the biggest, indeed only, scare he's had on serve so far.

  34. - KYRGIOS 7-6 2-3 NADAL. The Aussie continues his boldness on return. Sometimes it comes off but mostly here it doesn't. Nadal holds his serve to 30.

  35. - KYRGIOS 7-6 2-2 NADAL. At 15-30 Kyrgios is behind on his serve for the first time in the match. But he responds with a monstrous ace followed by a monstrous roar. Two more aces later and the danger is gone.

  36. - KYRGIOS 7-6 1-2 NADAL. Rafa shanks one off the frame and loses the first point but is soon at 30-15. Then Kyrgios goes big again on return and spanks a winner as the ball sits up nicely for him. Nadal makes it 40-30 before whipping that lasso forehand of his for a winner down the line.

  37. - KYRGIOS 7-6 1-1 NADAL. Kyrgios' first serve percentage has dropped slightly from those opening service game. There's no aces in this game but it's still a pretty comfortable hold to 15.

  38. - KYRGIOS 7-6 0-1 NADAL. The Spaniard gets the second set underway with a love service game.

  39. - Nadal goes off court for a comfort break. He did the same against Kukushkin and went on to win the following three sets 6-1 6-1 6-1.

  40. - Nadal continues his trend of losing the first set at this yera's Wimbledon. At no stage did he ever come close to troubling Kyrgios on serve. The young upstart is not phased one bit by the occasion, he is utterly comfortable. More than that, he's cool, even slightly arrogant. He's going big on serve, on return and off the ground and it's paying off at the moment. How long can he maintain it though? Surely the accuracy will drop at some point?

  41. - KYRGIOS WINS THE FIRST SET 7-6! Nadal saves two set points on his serve but there's still one left and it's on the Kyrgios serve. And he seals it with an ace! Of course he seals it with an ace!

  42. - KYRGIOS 6-6 (6-3) NADAL. Nadal finds a big serve to make it three straight points. Kyrgios responds confidently putting an inside out crosscourt forehand in behind Nadal. He then fires an ace to bring up set points.

  43. - KYRGIOS 6-6 (4-2) NADAL. Nadal goes long and it's greeted with a roar from Kyrgios. The Aussie tightens up, though, and misses a backhand on the next point. That's one minibreak back. Nadal calmly wins his service point and we're changing ends.

  44. - KYRGIOS 6-6 (3-0) NADAL. Kyrgios gets the breaker underway and gets off to a winning start. He then gets the better of Nadal in a long 16-stroke rally, unleashing with particular venom on the forehand side. Nadal then puts it in the net and it's a double minibreak.

  45. - KYRGIOS 6-6 NADAL. The 19 year old is stepping into these returns and going after them. It's fantastic to see, and he's soon at 0-30. Danger for Nadal, but the Spaniard is so cool, and uses his experience to deal with the situation and get to 40-30. But Kyrgios makes it deuce and tries to whip the crowd up. He then swats away an outrageous backhand return winner and brings up set point. This time his return is long and it's long again at deuce. Nadal comes through again and we're heading for a breaker!

  46. - KYRGIOS 6-5 NADAL. The Aussie forces Nadal to serve to stay in the set again. It's another love service game, more aces, and he's grinning to himself as he jogs back towards his seat.

  47. - KYRGIOS 5-5 NADAL. Kyrgios comes up with another casual put-away at 15-0 but he's not good enough on return to stop Nadal going up 40-15. The Spaniard seals it with an ace to keep himself in the set.

  48. - KYRGIOS 5-4 NADAL. Kyrgios is just so languid. He's tennis' Dimitar Berbatov. After another ace he plays a nonchalant dropshot followed by an even more nonchalant volley into the open court once Nadal has scrambled to chase it down. Nadal registers two points on the Kyrgios serve - his best effort so far - but Kyrgios serves another bomb to win the game. Nadal will serve to stay in the set.

  49. - KYRGIOS 4-4 NADAL. Kyrgios clearly isn't phased by the occasion. He's strolling about with a touch of arrogance about him, casually swatting returns back that land at Nadal's feet. He's swinging freely and it's paying off - he has another break point. He shanks his return, though, and then Nadal turns the screw to get across the line.

  50. - KYRGIOS 4-3 NADAL. Nadal is starting to get a bit frustrated here. He has not had a sniff at the Kyrgios serve. It's just too good at the moment. Nadal would love to draw his opponent into some longer rallies but Kyrgios is not letting that happen. Another love hold and the Aussie keeps himself in front.

  51. - KYRGIOS 3-3 NADAL. Kyrgios applies some pressure on the first point of this Nadal service game and lets out a huge 'come on!' when the Spaniard goes wide. The lad's not short of confidence. He applies more pressure to set up 0-30 but Nadal calmly draws it back to 30-30. But Nadal misses again and we have break point! Kyrgios opens up the court but narrowly misses his backhand. Big chance, that. Nadal doesn't afford him another one and fires down an ace to seal the game and keep himself on terms.

  52. - KYRGIOS 3-2 NADAL. The games are flashing past at the moment and Kyrgios registers another speedy hold, again to love. Two aces this time.

  53. - KYRGIOS 2-2 NADAL. Nadal shows he can hit an ace too, and he follows that up with a serve that Kyrgios can't get back over the net. But the serve deserts him on the next point - a rare Nadal double fault. Nadal goes to 40-15 and sends a rasping backhand winner up the line.

  54. - KYRGIOS 2-1 NADAL. The aces continue to flow from Kyrgios' racquet and his utterly confident start continues. He loses a point, this time, but closes it out to 15.

  55. - KYRGIOS 1-1 NADAL. Anything you can do. Nadal replies with a love game of his own, with Kyrgios a little over-enthusiastically going for some big shots that are wayward.

  56. - KYRGIOS 1-0 NADAL. Kyrgios gets us underway and does so with a thumping ace. There's another ace at 30-0 and not just any old ace - a second serve ace at 118mph! Youthful exuberance right there. No ace on the next point but Nadal goes long and it's a love service game.

  57. 16:09 - It's a tough ask for the Aussie, who comes up against one of the greatest men ever to wield a racquet. Rafael Nadal, though, has not had the happiest of routes to the fourth round, losing the first set in each of his matches so far. Is the stage set for an upset?

  58. 16:05 - Kyrgios is one of the rising stars of the men's game at 19 years of age. His serve is a big weapon and he answered any doubts as to his resilience in the second round when he toppled Gasquet in 5, saving nine match points along the way. Can he claim a career-making victory today?

  59. 16:00 - Nick Kyrgios has just walked out onto Centre Court wearing a pair of massive bright pink headphones. Absolutely ghastly. And so not in keeping with the SW19 colour scheme. The blazer brigade will not be impressed.

  60. 15:55 - Good afternoon! Well if this match can produce anywhere near the level of drama Angelique Kerber and Maria Sharapova just served up for us on Centre then we're in for a treat! It's two-time Wimbledon champ Rafael Nadal up against next-big-thing Nick Kyrgios and you can follow it LIVE right here.

Nick Kyrgios

Nationality AUS
Date of Birth 27/04/1995
Height 1.93 m
Weight 78 kg

Rafael Nadal

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 03/06/1986
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg