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Novak Djokovic - Gilles Simon Live

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N Djokovic666--
FranceG Simon424--

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  1. 15:28 - DJOKOVIC 6-4 6-2 6-4 SIMON. MATCH! Djokovic sniffs blood and pulls himself together at just the right time in order steal a final break at the very end. A largely solid performance, and after the shoulder struggles, the Serb will be delighted to get off the court and into the fourth round as quickly as possible.

  2. 15:21 - DJOKOVIC 6-4 6-2 5-4 SIMON. It’s an easy hold for Djokovic as he strings together a series of big serves and holds with urgency. Simon chooses this moment to disgust the crowds by having a trainer replace his plasters covering gruesome blisters.

  3. 15:20 - DJOKOVIC 6-4 6-2 4-4 SIMON. Djokovic treads his way to break points, but Simon saves them with some inventive and attacking play, sweeping to the net and dispatching two smashes. Djokovic is still only placing his backhand around, and a few forehand errors, perhaps in his haste to get off the court, hand Simon another game.

  4. 15:13 - DJOKOVIC 6-4 6-2 4-3 SIMON. An easy hold follows for the Serb as Simon continues to oh so nicely offer Djokovic’s forehand as many swipes has humanly possible. The Serb is still slicing or running around the majority of backhands, but he’s still in the lead.

  5. 15:11 - DJOKOVIC 6-4 6-2 3-3 SIMON. After Djokovic’s lengthy injury break, Simon marches back up to the baseline with full enthusiasm and…double faults. Despite Djokovic hurting his left shoulder, Simon then very nicely hits the majority of his shots to the Djokovic forehand. He holds, however, and the scores are level.

  6. 15:04 - Djokovic down! The Serb slipped and fell mid-game, landing awkwardly n his left shoulder and appearing in immense pain. After a fair delay, he stumbled back to his chair wincing and clutching his shoulder, and is now recieving a medical timeout.

  7. 14:57 - DJOKOVIC 6-4 6-2 3-2 SIMON. Simon isn’t quite going away as Djokovic would really quite love. The Frenchman slips a backhand down the line after a long rally to bring up 15-30. Soon enough, a Djokovic error brings up break point and he tries again, pummelling the backhand and eventually stealing into the net. The perfect point ends with an even more perfect angled backhand passing shot, and a hold for Djokovic soon follows as he edges ahead for the first time in set three.

  8. 14:52 - DJOKOVIC 6-4 6-2 2-2 SIMON. For the first time in a long time, the pair engage in one of their trademark endless rallies with Djokovic slipping in a cheeky dropshot at the very end to bring up break point. The break point eludes him, but he immediately picks up another with a forceful forehand. This time, an almighty stretch on a return and an error from the Frenchman is enough to level things up once more.

  9. 14:48 - DJOKOVIC 6-4 6-2 1-2 SIMON. A slight scare for Djokovic in his attempts to hold for the first time in set three. From 40-0 a couple of loose points place the score at 40-30 as his body language closer resembles someone who is down two sets. He hangs on, however, and puts himself on the scoreboard in set three.

  10. 15:42 - DJOKOVIC 6-4 6-2 0-2 SIMON. A half smile from Simon as he fires up his first serve and uses it to guide him through his first service game of the third set. Quite the indifferent start from Djokovic who merely shrugs away a few winners.

  11. 15:40 - DJOKOVIC 6-4 6-2 0-1 SIMON. BREAK! Simon’s head is still high as he begins his final stand. He duly breaks in the very first game of the third set with more aggressive play as Djokovic suffers a momentary lack of judgement and sprays a couple of errors himself.

  12. 15:34 - DJOKOVIC 6-4 6-2 SIMON. SET! With the break consolidated, Djokovic now seems intent on sweeping to the net at every opportunity. He does so with aplomb, plucking off a couple of handsome volleys. At the first deuce, he swivels in a full-body pivot as he sends a backhand flying down the line and right to where the baseline meets the tramlines. The resistance from the Frenchman is rapidly crumbling as Djokovic takes the second set.

  13. 14:30 - DJOKOVIC 6-4 5-2 SIMON. This time, the hold is Djokovic’s as he disperses a few serves to the wide corners and watches as the response fly everywhere but between the lines.

  14. 14:26 - DJOKOVIC 6-4 4-2 SIMON. BREAK! Simon’s revival doesn’t last long! A fuming Djokovic immediately snatches the advantage back, sending “Chicken Legs” speeding around the court with drop shots and drop volleys alike. Too many missed first serves from the Frenchman.

  15. 14:21 - DJOKOVIC 6-4 3-2 SIMON. BREAK! In a similar turn of events to the first set, Simon assures that he ain’t going nowhere by immediately biting back. A screamer of a running angled backhand passing shot in a sea of flawless return see him back in it again as he breaks to love. Needless to say, Djokovic isn’t happy. Becker responds to this turn of events by chucking on an old man’s sleeveless jumper

  16. 14:18 - DJOKOVIC 6-4 3-1 SIMON. BREAK! At 30-30, a Djokovic backhand return typically lands straight on the back-end of the line and forces his opponent into a rushed shank. Simon takes a canyon-sized deep breath before an even greater sigh, and for good reason because an error later he drops his serve and the deficit stands at a set and a break.

  17. 14:15 - DJOKOVIC 6-4 2-1 SIMON. Out of nowhere, Djokovic can’t put a ball in court. Simon only needs to dig his trench behind the baseline and wait patiently for the errors to come before he is up two break points. A couple of big serves help to save them all, however, and only an errant call that leads to a challenge and replayed point can halt Djokovic’s march to his chair with another hold notched up.

  18. 14:08 - DJOKOVIC 6-4 1-1 SIMON. Simon’s first game starts off exactly as Djokovic’s. A couple of big serves from the Frenchman, a couple of netted return from the favourite and parity is restored in set two.

  19. 14:05 - DJOKOVIC 6-4 1-0 SIMON. Simon attempts to start the second set as he peaked in the first, smashing down forehand after forehand. However, those forehands are smashed straight into the net and it’s an easy hold for the top seed to begin set two.

  20. 14:02 - DJOKOVIC 6-4 SIMON. SET! After a complicated first nine games, the set is won in completely uncomplicated fashion. From the French side of the court, couple of missed serves and a couple of missed opportunities. From the Serb, spotless returning and a sense of opportunity as he swipes a few backhands and struts to the net, his mere posturing up there enough to elicit the error and take the set.

  21. 13:58 - DJOKOVIC 5-4 SIMON. The first noise after Djokovic’s first serve isn’t a gunshot -- it’s Simon slapping away a forehand return for a clean winner as Djokovic helplessly collapses onto the floor. The forehands keep on coming from the Frenchman. First a scrumptious angled winner and then another brutal offering that forces an error. But Djokovic is playing too and though the rallies are long, both men are pushing harder and harder. Djokovic just gets the first strike in on important points, and the hold soon follows.

  22. 13:52 - DJOKOVIC 4-4 SIMON. It’s fair to say that Mr Simon has come to play. At 30-30 comes the longest rally of all as both men take it in turns to prod and poke and prod once more before retreating back and starting again. Finally, Simon throws a backhand straight down the line and wins the epic point. The next is long, too, and Djokovic responds with a jaw-dropping defensive slice that slips over the net after another long rally. Djokovic keeps on pushing Simon – grinding to break point, saving game points but Simon has all the answers and punctuates his eventual hold with an almighty roar.

  23. 13:39 - DJOKOVIC 4-3 SIMON. BREAK! Grass court tennis, eh? The endless rallies continue with neither showing any particular urgency on the supposedly quick surface. Finally, Simon cracks and punches two beautiful backhands straight down the line. The first whistles past Djokovic as a clean winner and the second sets up an easy forehand for the Frenchman to dispatch. A dipping return is enough to seal the break as Djokovic bizarrely steams into the net behind his serve.

  24. 13:35 - DJOKOVIC 4-2 SIMON. BREAK! It looked like another easy game for Simon at 40-15. All too easy, apparently. Three hopeless forehand errors turn the game on its head from double game point to break point. In the least surprising news in history, another long rally ensues as Djokovic attempts to goad the Simon forehand into another error, but the Frenchman is laughing as it’s the Djokovic forehand that eventually breaks down. They deliberate between game and break points, but finally Simon nets an easy response a really-not-very-good Djokovic dropper.

  25. 13:26 - DJOKOVIC 3-2 SIMON. A delightfully deft Djokovic dropshot slips from his racquet and Simon barely avoids scrambling head-first in pursuit of it. From 30-0 come two errors, which have Coach Becker sporting a strangely wry smile. However, it’s as far as Djokovic has come to losing serve as a couple of big serves provide easy pickings for his second shot and he duly holds once more

  26. 13:22 - DJOKOVIC 2-2 SIMON. The first long-as-heck rally christens Simon’s second service game, with the Frenchman forcing an error out of a Djokovic who just manages to hold off the embarrassment of falling flat on his face. Mr Simon has come to play, and a well-placed serve allows him an easy forehand winner, which he duly slots home straight down the line.

  27. 13:20 - DJOKOVIC 2-1 SIMON. Djokovic struts to his chair with a love hold of his own love hold. A couple of big serves from himself, and a brief foray to the net to pick off a forehand drive volley and his satisfying start continues.

  28. 13:18 - DJOKOVIC 1-1 SIMON. “Anything you can do, I can do quite well too. For now.” says Simon as he retorts with a love game of his own. A load of solid first serves and some aggressive forehands when needed – and he will need them.

  29. 13:14 - DJOKOVIC 1-0 SIMON. Quite the start from both players. Simon glides to absentmindedly pick up a Djokovic approach shot before slotting a backhand passing shot, the Serb all but laughs as he responds by whistling two backhands down the line and then a slick drop volley to hold

  30. 12:55 - Hello! Welcome to our coverage on Day 5 of Wimbledon. Up first on Centre Court is the top men’s seed Novak Djokovic against Gilles “Chicken Legs” Simon. Seemingly a simple match for Djokovic on grass, but the former world number six always brings his best against the Big 4

Novak Djokovic

Nationality SRB
Date of Birth 22/05/1987
Height 1.88 m
Weight 78 kg

Gilles Simon

Nationality FRA
Date of Birth 27/12/1984
Height 1.8 m
Weight 69 kg