WTA Madrid

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WTA Madrid - Results

Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
D Safina66---
C Wozniacki24---

Live Comments

  1. Kleybanova A. - Wozniacki C.

    2-6 - Wozniaki wins two games in a row to seal her progress to the quarter-finals where she will face Vera Dushevina of Russia. Thanks for joining me for our coverage of WTA Madrid today. See you tomorrow!!

  2. Kleybanova A. - Wozniacki C.

    2-4 - Kleybanova shows real spirit to break the Wozzy serve. But you have to think her chances are gone in this one.

  3. Kleybanova A. - Wozniacki C.

    0-4 - Wozniaki is playing some lovely tennis. She sends a stunning lob over Kleybanova on her way to another break and a 4-0 lead. This could be a bagel.

  4. Kleybanova A. - Wozniacki C.

    0-3 - WHAT A SHOT FROM WOZZY!!! Kleybanova comes to the net and Wozzy rips a wonderful backhand cross-court winner away to go 3-0 up!!!

  5. Kleybanova A. - Wozniacki C.

    0-2 - Worrying signs for Kleybanova, who is broken in the second game of the second set. There is an hour on the clock for this one and Wozniaki is racing away with it.

  6. Kleybanova A. - Wozniacki C.

    0-1 - Wozniaki is made to work hard for her first service game in the second set, but she wins a long rally when Kleybanova's dropshot finds the net and takes the game.

  7. Kleybanova A. - Wozniacki C.

    2-6 - Wozniacki takes the first set, albeit at the third time of asking, when Kleybanova hits a forehand into the net

  8. Kleybanova A. - Wozniacki C.

    2-5 - KLEYBANOVA BREAKS BACK! A great game from the Russian as she saves a set point with a ferocious forehand winner before getting one of the breaks back when Wozniacki hits wide on the forehand side

  9. Kleybanova A. - Wozniacki C.

    1-5 - Normal service resumes as Wozniacki breaks for a second time to leave her serving for the first set after just half an hour

  10. Kleybanova A. - Wozniacki C.

    1-4 - Having said she was cruising, Wozniacki has to really battle through a service game as the wind gets up. But the Dane does manage to come through and maintain her break advantage in this opening set

  11. Kleybanova A. - Wozniacki C.

    1-3 - Kleybanova recovers from another break point and holds to get herself off the mark. Wozniacki still looks firmly in control

  12. Kleybanova A. - Wozniacki C.

    0-3 - Another comfortable service hold for the Dane as she holds to cement the break

  13. Kleybanova A. - Wozniacki C.

    0-2 - Wozniacki is off to a great start as she breaks in just the second game, pushing her opponent around the court with ease

  14. Kleybanova A. - Wozniacki C.

    0-1 - A solid opening service hold from Wozniacki to get the clash underway ...

  15. Kleybanova A. - Wozniacki C.

    16:58 - Coming up in just a few minutes, Caroline Wozniacki will take on Alisa Kleybanova in another "battle of the talented youngster"!

  16. Safina D. - Safarova L.

    6-3 - Safina has completed her turn-around to book her place in the quarter-final serving out the set to 15 in the end and she will now face Alonya Bondarenko in the last eight

  17. Safina D. - Safarova L.

    4-2 - Dinara Safina meanwhile has really turned her match around against Safarova and has won four straight games to lead by a break now

  18. Azarenka V. - Szavay A.

    17:46 - That's a pretty miserable way to end the match for Azarenka but it's probably a fair result in the end. Szavay has the good grace to apologise to her opponent as she walks up to the net but cannot supress the smile (understandably so) and she will face Amelie Mauresmo in the next round

  19. Azarenka V. - Szavay A.

    2-6 - An amazing turn around in body language from Azarenka who has a laugh with the crowd as she serves to stay in the match for a second time. Szavay earns herself a whole host of match points - three to be precise but the Belarussian saves them all before Szavay gets really lucky on her fourth attempt. Her forehand bounces off the top of the tape and lands just over the net. Azarenka still has little movement with her injured knee and there's no way she can even think about getting there and Szavay wins!

  20. Safina D. - Safarova L.

    0-2 - Safina is in a spot of both on Manolo Santoro though with Safarova riding her momentum and breaking in the opening game of the final set before holding to leave her in control, at least temporarily. You would never discount Safina to turn this around.

  21. Azarenka V. - Szavay A.

    2-5 - This is fairly impressive stuff from the Belarussian now as she breaks back. She is still limping heavily but the injury seems to have loosened her arm slightly as she is blasting winners. Szavay is not doing much wrong as she looks to close out the match, although she did hit a forehand into the net on the second of Azarenka's break points

  22. Azarenka V. - Szavay A.

    1-5 - Hello, hello! Signs of life from Azarenka as she recovers from 0-40 down to hold for her first game of the set. She is limping fairly heavily at the end of the game though and that clearly took a lot of effort and the tears begin to flow from the Belarussian as she holds her taped left knee

  23. Azarenka V. - Szavay A.

    0-5 - Azarenka has gone - she has mentally checked out of this match and it seems only a matter of time before Szavay wraps up the win. The Belarussian can do nothing right just now but she is not showing her usual outpouring of emotion suggesting she's mentally off the court and back in the locker room

  24. Safina D. - Safarova L.

    4-6 - Meanwhile Safarova has levelled her clash with the world number one, holding on to one of her breaks before serving out the the set in the 10th game

  25. Azarenka V. - Szavay A.

    0-4 - A few signs of life from Azarenka on her serve but the game quickly goes astray with a double fault and Szavay breaks for a second time in this set

  26. Azarenka V. - Szavay A.

    0-2 - Azarenka, who has her knee heavily strapped really is in trouble now as Szavay grabs a early break in the third set

  27. Safina D. - Safarova L.

    3-4 - Safina is slowly working her way back into the second set against Safarova and has broken back but she remains one break down

  28. Azarenka V. - Szavay A.

    2-6 - Szavay has forced a decisive third set against Victoria Azarenka, with an equally one-sided second set as the first. 6-2 the second set score

  29. Safina D. - Safarova L.

    0-1 - Safarova meanwhile has finally got herself on the scoreboard much to the delight off the crowd and has broken in the opening game of the second set

  30. Azarenka V. - Szavay A.

    1-4 - Szavay is staging something of a recovery out on stadium three as she races out to a 4-1 lead in the second set. Very similar to the first set really but with the other player on top!

  31. Safina D. - Safarova L.

    6-0 - Safina had to battle through a lengthy match against Na Li yesterday. But she is having no such problems today as she races through the first set without even dropping a game. Just 19 minutes that took and she is preparing to face Alona Bondarenko in the quarter-finals

  32. Safina D. - Safarova L.

    4-0 - Dinara Safina is also cruising as she races out to a double break lead in just 12 minutes

  33. Azarenka V. - Szavay A.

    6-4 - The in-form Azarenka has grabbed the first set from Szavay as she looks to set up a potentially fire-cracker clash against the equally in-form Amelie Mauresmo

  34. Safina D. - Safarova L.

    15:09 - World number one Dinara Safina is just heading out onto court against Czech Lucie Safarova

  35. Azarenka V. - Szavay A.

    4-1 - Azarenka really is cruising now as she maintains her one break lead, edging ever closer to the first set

  36. Azarenka V. - Szavay A.

    2-0 - So far so good for Azarenka as she secures a very early break against Szavay. The Belarussian really is enjoying a breakthrough season this year and has already picked up titles in Brisbane, Memphis and Miami as well as reaching the final in Rome

  37. Azarenka V. - Szavay A.

    15:22 - Righto, coming up in just a few minutes we have a battle of the youngsters - Victoria Azarenka against Agnes Szavay

  38. Jankovic J. - Vesnina E.

    6-2 - Jankovic squanders a first match point as she hits a backhand into the net but she quickly gets a second chance as Vesnina herself hits into the net and this time Jankovic makes no mistake booking her place in the quarter-finals after one hour and 20 minutes

  39. Jankovic J. - Vesnina E.

    5-2 - Vesnina grabs a deserved break back as her backhand really starts to fire. It will only delay the inevitable though, surely Jankovic won't capitulate from here?!

  40. Jankovic J. - Vesnina E.

    5-1 - Vesnina squanders a game point before letting out a scream of frustration and allowing Jankovic to break for a second time in this set. It also leave the Serb serving for the match

  41. Jankovic J. - Vesnina E.

    4-1 - Jankovic with a hold to 15 - she is hitting the ball very sweetly and Vesnina has no answer.

  42. Jankovic J. - Vesnina E.

    3-1 - Vesnina finally gets on the board in this set with a tough hold. Jankovic hung around at deuce for a while but the Russian takes the game by guiding a volley home.

  43. Jankovic J. - Vesnina E.

    3-0 - Jankovic holds once again to cement the break. Vesnina looks completely broken down now - her body language has turned and she doesn't seem to have anything with which to challenge the Jankovic charge

  44. Jankovic J. - Vesnina E.

    2-0 - Jankovic breaks with ease with to put herself firmly in control of this clash

  45. Jankovic J. - Vesnina E.

    1-0 - Jankovic holds for the opening game of the second set. That was poor from Vesnina, who had a coach on court during the chance of ends. His words of wisdom don't seem to have done too much to rally the Russian though

  46. Jankovic J. - Vesnina E.

    6-2 - A top-notch first set from Jelena Jankovic as she seals it with a stunning backhand winner straight down the line

  47. Jankovic J. - Vesnina E.

    5-2 - Another service hold goes the way of Jankovic and Vesnina will have to serve to stay in the set after the change of ends

  48. Jankovic J. - Vesnina E.

    4-2 - Vesnina now holds to love - she hadn't even managed to hold before that. A strange game from Jankovic there - almost like she decided to let it go after losing the first couple of points. She looks very much like she's giving more thought to the service rather than the return

  49. Jankovic J. - Vesnina E.

    4-1 - Very impressive stuff from the world number four as she cements the break with a love service game

  50. Jankovic J. - Vesnina E.

    3-1 - A third successive break of serve and once again Jankovic had the advantage, running her opponent around the court and really highlighting the difference between herself and the world number 55

  51. Jankovic J. - Vesnina E.

    2-1 - Good work from the Russian as she immediately breaks back albeit capitalising on a sloppy game from Jankovic. We are back on serve on the Arantxa Sanchez Vicario arena

  52. Jankovic J. - Vesnina E.

    2-0 - Jankovic is off to a great start breaking in just the second game of the match. The Russian can't let her get away her or it could all be over before she knows it

  53. Jankovic J. - Vesnina E.

    0-0 - Jankovic will get the clash underway by serving first into the sun but on the baseline that is in a tricky shadow

  54. Jankovic J. - Vesnina E.

    12:13 - These two players have met twice before with Jankovic winning both of those matches but they haven't played since 2007 and Vesnina has been showing some great form in Madrid (beating Alize Cornet and Virginie Razzano) so it is unlikely to be totally straight forward for the Serb

  55. Jankovic J. - Vesnina E.

    12:08 - Coming up first today, and in just a few minutes time, fourth seed Jelena will be facing Russia's Elena Vesnina

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