WTA Miami

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WTA Miami - Results

Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
V Azarenka66---
M Sharapova14---

Live Comments

  1. - - Thanks for joining us today. We'll be back for the final, so be sure to join us again then.

  2. Vera Zvonareva - Victoria Azarenka

    - - ZVONAREVA 0-6 3-6 - GAME, SET & MATCH! There it is! Azarenka breaks for a fifth time today and she wins through to the final against Sharapova! That was all too easy for the Belarusian. Just what was going on with Zvonareva?

  3. Vera Zvonareva - Victoria Azarenka

    - - ZVONAREVA 0-6 3-5 - Azarenka keeps her cool under a bit of pressure to hold and she's now just a game away from the final! Talking of pressure: there's a mountain of it on Zvonareva now, as she serves to stay in the match.

  4. Vera Zvonareva - Victoria Azarenka

    - - ZVONAREVA 0-6 3-4 - Zvonareva keeps her nose in it as she holds serve, but unless she can break back now, her chances of staying in Miami are slimming fast.

  5. Vera Zvonareva - Victoria Azarenka

    - - ZVONAREVA 0-6 2-4 - And Azarenka confirms her break of serve to move to within two games of the match - and a place in the final against Maria Sharapova.

  6. Vera Zvonareva - Victoria Azarenka

    - - ZVONAREVA 0-6 2-3 - Here we go again! Azarenka breaks and the Belarusian again takes the lead!

  7. Vera Zvonareva - Victoria Azarenka

    - - ZVONAREVA 0-6 2-2 - Azarenka hits back to hold. The Belarusian has won 20 of 27 service points now, compared to the Russian's 17 of 36. A stark contrast indeed.

  8. Vera Zvonareva - Victoria Azarenka

    - - ZVONAREVA 0-6 2-1 - It's going to serve this set as Zvonareva holds for a second time.

  9. Vera Zvonareva - Victoria Azarenka

    - - ZVONAREVA 0-6 1-1 - Azarenka levels with a hold of her own and the second set is well and truly under way.

  10. Vera Zvonareva - Victoria Azarenka

    - - ZVONAREVA 0-6 1-0 - Zvonareva wins a game! She's off the mark! She needed that one. Now let's see what she can do to get back into this match.

  11. Vera Zvonareva - Victoria Azarenka

    - - ZVONAREVA 0-6 - SET! There it is! Azarenka dishes out a bagel as she storms to the first set in just under 23 minutes! And Zvonareva has it all to do in the second.

  12. Vera Zvonareva - Victoria Azarenka

    - - ZVONAREVA 0-5 - BREAK! Incredible! Azarenka breaks once more as Zvonareva continues to struggle. The Russian has won just five of her 17 service points tonight and she's heading towards a bagel in the first set.

  13. Vera Zvonareva - Victoria Azarenka

    - - ZVONAREVA 0-4 - Azarenka really is not wasting any time here at all! Another service game won, to love, and she's striding towards the first set.

  14. Vera Zvonareva - Victoria Azarenka

    - - ZVONAREVA 0-3 - BREAK! Wow, look at this. Azarenka breaks again and the Belarusian finds herself three games to the good in under 10 minutes of play.

  15. Vera Zvonareva - Victoria Azarenka

    - - ZVONAREVA 0-2 - Azarenka looks like she's in the mood today as she wastes no time in doubling her lead with a held service game. Zvonareva is yet to get going.

  16. Vera Zvonareva - Victoria Azarenka

    - - ZVONAREVA 0-1 - BREAK! First blood to Azarenka as the Belarusian breaks in the opening game of the match! Great start for her - not so good for Zvonareva.

  17. Vera Zvonareva - Victoria Azarenka

    - - ZVONAREVA 0-0 - The players are nearly ready to go. Zvonareva will serve first.

  18. Vera Zvonareva - Victoria Azarenka

    - - So here we go with the second semi-final between Russian Vera Zvonareva and Belarussian Victoria Azarenka, with a place in the final against Maria Sharapova at stake.

  19. - - Well, what a semi-final that was! Petkovic's stunning journey through this tournament is brought to an end in the last four, but Sharapova looked absolutely magnificent at times this evening! She'll face either Vera Zvonareva or Victoria Azarenka in the final, who contest their semi-final later tonight. We'll have live coverage of that match when it gets underway at around 2am, but before then check out our live coverage of the men's quarter-final between Roger Federer and Gilles Simon in the men's competition!

  20. Andrea Petkovic - Maria Sharapova

    - SHARAPOVA 3-6 6-0 - GAME, SET & MATCH! Petkovic misfires on the first point behind her serve, but draws level with a stunning, angled volley inside the left sideline. Sharapova then fires a poor forehand approach wide into the sidelines, and she's dropped off the boil a bit, the Russian. A wild backhand into the tramlines brings Sharapova back up to 30-all, before the Russian brings up match point with another mid-court stunner! Petkovic hits two wild shots from deuce, and concedes the match

  21. Andrea Petkovic - Maria Sharapova

    - - SHARAPOVA 3-6 6-0 5-2 - BREAK! Where did that come from! Much, much better from Petkovic. The German goes 30-15 up on Sharapova's serve with some more gung-ho hitting from the baseline, but a forehand into the net lets Sharapova back level. Sharapova then starts to look a little hurried, and an error brings up a single break point for Petkovic! Sharapova knows she needs a big first serve to draw level... and she prompty double-faults to hand over the break

  22. Andrea Petkovic - Maria Sharapova

    - - SHARAPOVA 3-6 6-0 5-1 - PETKOVIC HOLDS! The crowd roars as Petkovic holds to 15, despite her serve seeming a little hampered by whatever is wrong with her right shoulder/chest. Sharapova fires a forehand long over the baseline to surrender the game, but she will now serve for a place in the final!

  23. Andrea Petkovic - Maria Sharapova

    - - SHARAPOVA 3-6 6-0 5-0 - Sharapova races through a comfortable hold to 15 in double-quick time, and that's 11 games on the bounce for the Russian now. What a turnaround this has been! Petkovic has won just five points in this set, and this is one of the best performances Sharapova has produced since she was world number one!

  24. Andrea Petkovic - Maria Sharapova

    - - SHARAPOVA 3-6 6-0 4-0 - BREAK! Petkovic double-faults at 15-all to let Sharapova back in front against serve. Sharapova then hammers another furious return inches inside the baseline to force a mistake from the German, bringing up two more break points! She can't convert the first - landing a speculative lob just long - but takes the second as Petkovic fires another wayward groundstroke wide of the right sideline. The serve and volley has just stopped working for Petkovic...

  25. Andrea Petkovic - Maria Sharapova

    - - The trainer is out for Petkovic now, who is fighting back the tears as she clutches her right shoulder. It's hard to tell if the tears are from pain or frustration, but Sharapova just isn't letting her play at the moment

  26. Andrea Petkovic - Maria Sharapova

    - - SHARAPOVA 3-6 6-0 3-0 - Petkovic misses the sort of shot she'd've snapped up in the opening set - a high drive volley at the net - to go 30-0 down on Sharapova's serve. The Russian drops the next point, before sweeping the game out of Petkovic's grasp with another couple of thunderous serves

  27. Andrea Petkovic - Maria Sharapova

    - - SHARAPOVA 3-6 6-0 2-0 - BREAK! Ouch. The Sharapova steamroller continues, and she hits an absolutely sensational winner to wrap up another break of serve, and her eighth straight game without reply! There's nothing Petkovic can do about this at the moment, Sharapova looks simply unstoppable!

  28. Andrea Petkovic - Maria Sharapova

    - - SHARAPOVA 3-6 6-0 1-0 - Wow. Sharapova is playing at her absolute best at the moment, and Petkovic is on the back foot on every point as the Russian blasts her way to a seventh consecutive game! Sharapova hit 12 winners for 6 unforced errors in that second set, which is a pretty hand statistic!

  29. Andrea Petkovic - Maria Sharapova

    - - SHARAPOVA 3-6 6-0 - SET! Petkovic is barely hanging on here. The German has to scrap for every single point as she reaches 40-15, before Sharapova bites back with a stunning backhand return smack into the right baseline corner. Petkovic then hits long from a rally to bring up deuce, and another poor shot from the baseline hands Sharapova set point! The Russian nets it with a disappointing forehand, and a lengthy contest from deuce ensures, before Sharapova finally breaks through for the set!

  30. Andrea Petkovic - Maria Sharapova

    - - SHARAPOVA 3-6 5-0 - Sharapova knocks a running forehand long for 0-30 on serve, but a sloppy, long forehand from Petkovic lets her back into the game. A briliant return from Petkovic brings up two break points for the German, but an even better crosscourt backhand onto the left sideline saves the first for Sharapova. The Russian puts on a display of controlled power mid-court to take the next three points, and saves the game to go 5-0 up in the second set!

  31. Andrea Petkovic - Maria Sharapova

    - SHARAPOVA 3-6 4-0 - BREAK! Sharapova's forehand is on fire as she blasts her way to deuce, and brings up another break point! Petkovic saves it with a huge forehand of her own, before taking advantage with a fizzing serve out wide. The German chooses a sorry time to land her third double-fault, however, and fails to convert game point. After a lengthy exchange from deuce, Sharapova brings up another break point, which she converts with a stunning crosscourt winner!

  32. Andrea Petkovic - Maria Sharapova

    - - SHARAPOVA 3-6 3-0 - An awkward double fault from Sharapova hands Petkovic an immediate break back point. The Russian saves it by drilling a cross court forehand into the corner of the court to do the damage before dispatching the mid-court forehand down the line for a comparatively easy winner. Sharapova dominates the final point at the net, and forces Petkovic back behind the right baseline corner before watching the German loop a backhand well wide of the tramlines on game point

  33. Andrea Petkovic - Maria Sharapova

    - - SHARAPOVA 3-6 2-0 - BREAK - Petkovic recovers from dropping the first point with a serve out wide before a rasping forehand winner across to the other side of the court. But the Sharapova refuses to panic and keeps the pressure on, forcing the German into a forehand error long followed by a double fault to concede two break points. And a blistering forehand return of serve across court that goes for a winner, accompanied by an almighty scream, and the Russian is a break up in this second set

  34. Andrea Petkovic - Maria Sharapova

    - - SHARAPOVA 3-6 1-0 - Sharapova goes 30-15 up with a forehand of old - rotating into a forehand at the net and slamming the ball clear into the left baseline corner. She continues to struggle for consistency, however, as Petkovic battles up to deuce and heaps the pressure on the Russian. Petkovic holds her head in her hands as she tries to lob Sharapova at the net and ends up lofting the ball out of play, before Sharapova seals the hold with another well-timed, vicious serve

  35. Andrea Petkovic - Maria Sharapova

    - - SHARAPOVA 3-6 - SET! Petkovic reaches 40-15 and two set points, but fails to convert either as Sharapova starts hitting for fun on the serve. The Russian battles back to deuce, but Petkovic earns another break point with a brilliant first serve and volley. She converts it with a stunning crosscourt backhand right onto the left sideline, which leaves Sharapova flailing at thin air. Cracking turnaround from the German, who is half-way to the WTA Miami final!

  36. Andrea Petkovic - Maria Sharapova

    - - SHARAPOVA 3-5 - Petkovic breaks a bruising baseline rally with a sloppy forehand into the net to start off the eighth game of the match, before pinging back a perfectly-timed return to draw level at 15-all. The German then goes ahead with an absolutely stunning forehand pass from the right baseline corner, but a shanked forehand return drags Sharapova back level. Another couple of huge serves out wide save the game for the Russian, but Petkovic will now serve for the first set!

  37. Andrea Petkovic - Maria Sharapova

    - - SHARAPOVA 2-5 - Sharapova unsuccessfully challenges a long, looping backhand that is a good five inches into the tramlines for 30-15, before bringing up two break points with a poor return from a kicking second serve. Petkovic fails to convert the first, and Sharapova forces deuce with a stunning forehand that just clips the back of the baseline. A couple of slack shots from the Russian hand over the game from deuce, however, and give Petkovic a three-game lead in this first set!

  38. Andrea Petkovic - Maria Sharapova

    - - SHARAPOVA 2-4 - BREAK! Petkovic gets an early point on Sharpova's serve, but miscalculates a forehand to the left sideline that goes a yard wide. Another poor serve lets Petkovic blast her way up to 15-30, and a limp backhand into the net from the Russian brings up two more break points! A 105mph serve to Petkovic's body saves the first break point, but Petkovic keeps Sharapova moving across the baseline on the next point and the Russian fires a backhand wide to concede a second break!

  39. Andrea Petkovic - Maria Sharapova

    - - SHARAPOVA 2-3 - Petkovic finds some lovely width on her way to 40-15 on serve, before looping a ferocious forehand winner into the right baseline corner well out Sharapova's reach to wrap up the game! After a slightly nervy start, Petkovic is starting to tick over really nicely now

  40. Andrea Petkovic - Maria Sharapova

    - - SHARAPOVA 2-2 - That's an important hold for Sharapova, after dropping two straight games. The Russian's quarter-final against Alexandra Dulgheru was the longest match of the tournament so far at three hours and 29 minutes, and it's taking Sharapova some time to get going here!

  41. Andrea Petkovic - Maria Sharapova

    - - SHARAPOVA 1-2 - Petkovic shows Sharapova how to hold serve - firing some big, big serves into the corners of the service box to wrap up the game for 15. The German is also finding joy in the baseline rallies early one, with Sharapova looking a little bit nervous here

  42. Andrea Petkovic - Maria Sharapova

    - - SHARAPOVA 1-1 - BREAK! Oof. The swirling wind is causing real problems for Sharapova early on. The Russian double-faults twice in a row to let Petkovic up to 15-30, before clawing back level with an ace. A third double-fault hands Petkovic a break-back point, but Sharapova saves it with another fantastic serve out wide. The wind continues to ruffle Sharapova from deuce, however, and a couple of shanked shots long over the baseline surrender the break!

  43. Andrea Petkovic - Maria Sharapova

    - - SHARAPOVA 1-0 - BREAK! Sharapova reaches 30-15 on Petkovic's opening serve, but the German draws level with a lovely one-two approach and volley to each baseline corner. Sharapova yells her first 'come on' as Petkovic hands over a break point, and Sharapova snaps it up with a big return to seal a break on the very first game of this semi-final!

  44. Andrea Petkovic - Maria Sharapova

    - - Another reason for Petkovic to be confident today (not that a lack of confidence has ever been one of the German's weak points!) is a look at her last meeting with Sharapova. They're level on head-to-heads, but Petkovic comprehensively dismantled Sharapova 6-2 6-3 in the fourth round of the this year's Australian Open!

  45. Andrea Petkovic - Maria Sharapova

    - - That won't dampen Petkovic's enthusiasm today, however, as the German is on one heck of a roll in this tournament! She claimed the best result of her career against Wozniacki in the fourth round - becoming the first German to oust a world number one in over a decade - and followed it up with a gutsy come-from-behind victory over Jankovic in the quarters

  46. Andrea Petkovic - Maria Sharapova

    - - Sharapova has the best winning percentage in WTA semi-finals (56.9%) out of the four remaining women in the tournament, and has a whopping 22 titles under her belt

  47. Andrea Petkovic - Maria Sharapova

    - - World number 13 and twice former finalist Maria Sharapova is up against Andrea Petkovic - the livewire German who has already ousted world number one Caroline Wozniacki and sixth-seed Jelena Jankovic on her way to the semis!

  48. - - Good afternoon and welcome to our LIVE coverage of the first semi-final of WTA Miami!

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