Paris Masters

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Paris Masters - Results

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R Federer67---
J Tsonga16---

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  1. Brilliant play from Janowicz. It is obvious now that­ Rosol played a fluke of a match against Rafa but this­ guy while having a similar game is much more versatile­ (especially on his serve and drop shots) and is­ certainly coming of age here in Paris. Time will tell­ about his consistency (especially his forehand) in best­ of five matches but he has all the shots (power, touch,­ feel) and can a force on any surface and he moves very­ well for a tall player. Fantastic effort so far, kepp­ it up.

    From Anindita, on Fri 2 Nov 18:32
  2. Janowicz! Bravo!

    From Stephen, on Fri 2 Nov 17:31
  3. if he is good enough to beat a subpar murray he should­ be able to destroy tipsy,what a player this guy might­ turn out to be

    From Breda, on Fri 2 Nov 16:49
  4. What an entertaining little match Janko and Janovicz­ are also playing! By the logic of some, now is the time­ for Janko to buckle ... or leave for London, you're­ saying. He has a stake here however: however enjoyable­ and creative tennis he plays, Janko has little chance­ to earn points in London, and now, with Berdych also­ out and the possibility that Tsonga may also throw in­ his towel later in the day, he may earn a huge part of­ the points up for grabs here. But for now, they're­ playing some very nice points, well done. When and if­ Fed resigns, I may root for either of these two­ instead.

    From Simon, on Fri 2 Nov 16:14
  5. Forget about Paris and focus on the London finale,­ More(Murray) will play his best on his homeground. Fed­ and Djoko will make the tournament very exciting but­ Goldie will probably win it all.

    From EDDIE, on Fri 2 Nov 15:42
  6. Is it is a coincidence that the top players (Djokovic,­ Murray, Del Potro and now Berdych), who are playing in­ the year-end championship next week, have all suffered­ surprising defeats, some after leading comfortably? It­ is crazy that there is no time between the two events­ and I'm sure the players would be behaving­ rationally if they didn't give 100% as next­ week's tournament is more important and carries­ more points. Still, if I were the tournament director­ for Paris I'd be pretty unhappy at seeing all the­ top stars losing. I wonder what Tsonga will do as he­ probably has the same concerns about being fit for next­ week if he gets to the final. But it is a home­ tournament for him.

    From SiameseTwins, on Fri 2 Nov 15:22
  7. The fall of the MIGHTIES, will Ferrer follow?

    From EDDIE, on Fri 2 Nov 15:17
  8. Yes the sheety Murray is no one only in Uk where is no­ one at the top 50 ranking to challange him . So bbc­ chose it him as no sheety -bity .

    From liebe, on Thu 1 Nov 19:46
  9. Andy is back to where he belong is a racket breaker­ haha ..... Andy still the same 2 years ago and even­ worse . He look like sheety stenk in the pic when he­ lost . Is he going to be no 2 any time soon ??????? Of­ course no. But at no 5 or 4.

    From liebe, on Thu 1 Nov 19:37
  10. Andy number one, you're having a laff on that­ performance!!!

    From Papazappa, on Thu 1 Nov 16:29
  11. This is not a GS so that doesn't matter to Djoko­ and More(Murray). So now it is DELPO's time to win­ or to join the mighty two.

    From EDDIE, on Thu 1 Nov 15:47
  12. Sadly the old Andy Murray turned up today. Once again,­ as in the last two tournaments, he was serving for the­ match. With none of the other top 4 left in the­ tournament, this was a chance for Andy to add a handy­ big number to his ranking. Hes now having done to him­ what he did to the others a few years ago. These giant­ young, hard serving players have to be put in his­ place, but sadly for Andy, not today. Congratulations­ to Janowicz!

    From don, on Thu 1 Nov 15:46
  13. Andy looks so tired! Gruelling schedule for the top­ players!

    From Dee G, on Thu 1 Nov 15:34
  14. Wow, janowicz is playing brilliant tennis and Murray i­ am sorry to say has played well but has simply not­ been able to close out the match (as he failed to do in­ his last two). I hope Jerzy goes a long way in the­ tournament. He certainly deserves it if he maintains­ this form...

    From Anindita, on Thu 1 Nov 15:29
  15. Come on Andy!!

    From Dee G, on Thu 1 Nov 15:20
  16. Andy, Andy, Andy.............. serving for the match­ and you get broken. I can't bear to watch.

    From J and J, on Thu 1 Nov 15:10
  17. The new Murray? It seems that ever since he won the US­ he has just gone back to the old Murray.­ Psychologically, it has taken too much out of him the­ past summer. I think we are going to see a dip in form­ for about a year but eventually he will get his act­ together and we will then see the 'new' Murray­ again. The same thing happened to Djokovic.

    From , on Thu 1 Nov 15:08
  18. novak can keep the number one ranking and federer and­ andy will keep on winning slams! hehehe

    From Sam parikh, on Thu 1 Nov 14:07
  19. Go Andy!!!

    From Dee G, on Thu 1 Nov 14:06
  20. Come on Yahoo. What happened to the live comments?

    From J and J, on Thu 1 Nov 13:38
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