Australian Open women

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Australian Open women - Results

Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
K Clijsters366--
N Li633--

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  1. - - That wraps up all the action from day eight of the Australian Open but we will be back again from midnight (UK time) so join us again for LIVE game-by-game updates from the quarter-finals. To have a look at the full order of play, click here

  2. - - Don't forget you can also read our daily Tramlines blog from the Australian Open and the latest edition will be online in about 30 minutes time. Read Tramlines every day

  3. Ekaterina Makarova - Kim Clijsters

    - - Next up for Clijsters will be 12th seed Agnieszka Radwanska, who earlier battled past China's Peng Shuai but only after saving two match points. If you can't remember how Radwanska got through, then all you have to do is click here

  4. Ekaterina Makarova - Kim Clijsters

    - - CLIJSTERS 7-6 6-2 - GAME, SET & MATCH - Makarova sends a backhand long after a series of huge ground-strokes from Clijsters and that earns the Belgian two match points. Just the one will do, though, as she belts a forehand across court that cannot returned into play by Makarova. Clijsters really had to work hard for that one but she is now through to her sixth Australian Open quarter-finals

  5. Ekaterina Makarova - Kim Clijsters

    - - CLIJSTERS 7-6 5-2 - BREAK - Makarova saves a first break point with a very good first serve down the T that Clijsters can only return into the net. But the Russian can do nothing about the second and Clijsters breaks to leave herself serving for the match after the change of ends

  6. Ekaterina Makarova - Kim Clijsters

    - - CLIJSTERS 7-6 4-2 - Makarova fires her backhand approach shot just marginally wide to let Clijsters off the hook at 30-15 and the Belgian quickly takes advantage with a backhand across court that Makarova can only return into the net. Clijsters is nudging nearer and nearer the quarter-finals now

  7. Ekaterina Makarova - Kim Clijsters

    - - CLIJSTERS 7-6 3-2 - Despite throwing in a fourth double fault, Makarova holds to 30 to stay just the one break down in this second set, keeping the pressure on Clijsters not to let up

  8. Ekaterina Makarova - Kim Clijsters

    - - CLIJSTERS 7-6 3-1 - Some absolutely huge hitting, from both women, ends when Clijsters whips a forehand winner across court, and right on the sideline, to earn herself a game point from deuce. And it's a game point she takes full advantage of straight away, again peppering the baseline until Makarova is pushed too far back and hits a low backhand into the bottom of the net

  9. Ekaterina Makarova - Kim Clijsters

    - - Kim Clijsters had the trainer at the change of ends and took a couple of pills, asking how long they will take to take effect. About 15 minutes was the response although it was not entirely clear why Clijsters was taking them in the first place. She seems mainly ok though, nothing obviously wrong anyway

  10. Ekaterina Makarova - Kim Clijsters

    - - CLIJSTERS 7-6 2-1 - BREAK - A few more errors are creeping into the Makarova game now as she misses a forehand wide down the line to hand Clijsters a break point. And a cross court forehand from the Russian catches the top of the tape on the very next point before bouncing well wide to hand the Belgian the break. Now we should see what Makarova is really made of - can she break back?

  11. Ekaterina Makarova - Kim Clijsters

    - - CLIJSTERS 7-6 1-1 - Despite another couple of relatively poor misses, including a forehand into the net, Clijsters holds to level up. The Belgian did find a blistering cross court forehand, that Makarova could only return wide, and backhand down the line, that the Russian again hit long, for the last two points of the game but it's a bit hit and miss still from the world number three

  12. Ekaterina Makarova - Kim Clijsters

    - - CLIJSTERS 7-6 0-1 - Clijsters drills consecutive backhands wide across court, the second a return of serve, as Makarova saves three break point before going on to hold when Clijsters sends a forehand into the net

  13. - - Australian police are investigating an incident which led to a member of French player Aravane Rezai's family being banned from WTA events and which the tour described as a "serious safety matter". Police investigating Rezai incident

  14. Ekaterina Makarova - Kim Clijsters

    - - CLIJSTERS 7-6 - SET - Makarova hits a forehand into the net to hand Clijsters three more set points. And this time only one is needed as a battered backhand return across court and parried back long by Makarova. That was an incredibly tight first set and has taken 56 minutes but Clijsters has just snuck through it

  15. Ekaterina Makarova - Kim Clijsters

    - - CLIJSTERS 6-6 (4-2) - TIE-BREAK - Clijsters comes up with a stunning forehand passing shot, whipped across court from two metres behind the baseline and way into the tramlines and their are gasps of awe from the crowd as Clijsters again does the splits to pick up a backhand before Makarova hits wide. But Makarova comes up with a series of huge ground-strokes to take the next point and trails only 4-2 at the change of ends

  16. Ekaterina Makarova - Kim Clijsters

    - - CLIJSTERS 6-6 - TIE-BREAK - Two forehand errors and a double fault hand Clijsters two set points, after Makarova had opened the game with an ace. The first is saved after some ferocious hitting by the Russian, Clijsters eventually hitting into the net, while the second also goes begging this time with a solid first serve that the Belgian can only return long. And Makarova does go on to hold and force the breaker when Clijsters sends a forehand long of the baseline

  17. Ekaterina Makarova - Kim Clijsters

    - - CLIJSTERS 6-5 - The world number three opens with a double fault, her second of the match, before holding without the loss of another point as she steps her hitting with a vicious forehand down the line

  18. Ekaterina Makarova - Kim Clijsters

    - - CLIJSTERS 5-5 - Fantastic hitting from both women as these two, meeting each other for the first time, continue to feel each other out. And Makarova holds to 15 to keep this first set alive, a Clijsters forehand down the line drifting wide to end the game

  19. Ekaterina Makarova - Kim Clijsters

    - - CLIJSTERS 5-4 - Makarova is really battering the ball now as she pushes Clijsters a good two metres behind the baseline. The Russian has a golden opportunity to earn herself a break point as well as she moves Clijsters around the baseline before missing the easy backhand down the line with plenty of space to aim at. And Clijsters goes on to hold when Makarova sends the ball long. The Russian will have to serve to stay in this first set after the change of ends

  20. Ekaterina Makarova - Kim Clijsters

    - - CLIJSTERS 4-4 - Makarova starts the game with a double fault before an off-forehand winner across court from Clijsters helps her set up two more break points. The first goes begging when Clijsters sends a forehand return into the net and Makarova saves the second with a cracking forehand winner down the line after a good pick up. Clijsters earns herself a third chance but again Makarova saves it with a solid first serve. And Makarova goes on to hold when Clijsters hits long

  21. Ekaterina Makarova - Kim Clijsters

    - - CLIJSTERS 4-3 - Unforced errors are costing Makarova so far in this clash. She has hit 10 compared to just six from Clijsters. They have both hit six winners. And the Belgian holds to stay just in front when Makarova again fails to find the court with a forehand

  22. Ekaterina Makarova - Kim Clijsters

    - - CLIJSTERS 3-3 - Clijsters goes for one of her famous stretched forehands while doing the splits and seems to slightly jar her hand as she's doing it. She shakes it out though and seems untroubled from there on as Makarova goes on to hold with a forehand winner

  23. Ekaterina Makarova - Kim Clijsters

    - - CLIJSTERS 3-2 - A backhand winner down the line gives Makarova a hint of a chance at 15-30 on the Clijsters serve but the Belgian quickly gets herself back into things and finds the first ace of the day, down the centre of the court, to hold and keep her nose in front

  24. Ekaterina Makarova - Kim Clijsters

    - - CLIJSTERS 2-2 - The sponsorship patch is back as one of the stick on patches. Apparently the trouble was not the size but instead the fact that it was on the front of her shirt and not the sleeve, where it should be. Clijsters enjoys another break point but sends a forehand long to squander it and Makarova goes on to hold and level up. Well done, Makarova. She has weathered a very shaky start and got herself back into this clash

  25. Ekaterina Makarova - Kim Clijsters

    - - CLIJSTERS 2-1 - BREAK - A couple of errors from Clijsters followed by a cracking forehand winner down the line from Makarova earn the Russian two break back points. Clijsters saves the first with a forehand winner but hits into the net on the second and Makarova has broken back to get back on serve

  26. Ekaterina Makarova - Kim Clijsters

    - - CLIJSTERS 2-0 - BREAK - Makarova drops the first two points behind her serve before getting her first point of the match, albeit when Clijsters hits a forehand long. It's a short-lived run from Makarova though as she quickly slaps long another two shots long to hand the Belgian the break

  27. Ekaterina Makarova - Kim Clijsters

    - - CLIJSTERS 1-0 - That delay has clearly got to Makarova, who is playing her first fourth round in a Grand Slam and on the Rod Laver Arena for the first time, and she barely finds the court as Clijsters posts a love service hold to open proceedings

  28. Ekaterina Makarova - Kim Clijsters

    - - Just before the players are about to get underway, Makarova is sent off to chance her shirt because a sponsorship badge is slightly too large, or in the wrong place, or something similar. How could that not have been noticed before? Surely someone could have told her before they were just about to get underway

  29. Ekaterina Makarova - Kim Clijsters

    - - The ladies are out on court and have been through their warm-up so it should only a matter of seconds now before this final clash of day eight gets underway

  30. - - Right - time for a little break on the women's side. Kim Clijsters, of course, takes on Ekaterina Makarova in the final fourth round match, and you'll be able to follow that here. In the meantime, why not tune in for the final stages of David Ferrer's clash with Milos Raonic on Rod Laver Arena? LIVE text commentary

  31. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - Match stats: (Shuai/Radwanska) Aces: 1/0 - First serve %: 66/63 - Double faults: 1/0 - Winners: 47/37 - Unforced errors: 45/40 - Total points won: 113/113

  32. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - Set stats: (Shuai/Radwanska) Aces: 0/0 - First serve %: 73/67 - Double faults: 1/0 - Winners: 16/15 - Unforced errors: 20/15 - Total points won: 40/45

  33. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - A standing ovation for Shuai Peng as she leaves the Margaret Court Arena having spurned two match points, but it's Radwanska who manages to get through - and her reward is a quarter-final against the winner of tonight's match on Rod Laver Arena between Kim Clijsters and Ekaterina Makarova. Full draw here.

  34. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - RADWANSKA 7-5 3-6 7-5 - BREAK AND WINNER! Not the start Shuai needed, missing needlessly long to lose the first point - and then repeating the mistake to slip to 0-30 down. What a winner on the backhand from Radwanska now - three match points! The Chinese saves the first, but not the second. In two hours and 44 minutes, the Polish 12th seed has somehow managed to reach the quarter-finals!

  35. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - RADWANSKA 7-5 3-6 6-5 - Something has suddenly clicked back into gear, and Radwanska looks the likelier winner - bizarre given she was match point down just a couple of minutes ago. The Pole is pegged back to 30-30 when her forehand misses narrowly wide. Shuai then nets to yield game point, only to win the next and earn deuce. Radwanska has to dig deep, but she holds her serve and having had match point in her previous service game, Shuai Peng will now serve to stay in the match.

  36. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - RADWANSKA 7-5 3-6 5-5 - BREAK! Every single point Shuai Peng plays is getting fist pump after fist pump - and she's closing in on this - what a lob she finds to get into a 30-0 lead! But as befits this encounter, she wobbles just enough to let Radwanska back to 30-30. But the Pole misses a forehand and hands Shuai a first match point. Radwanska denies her that. Another match point - again denied! Now a break point, and the Pole takes it! Extraordinary - but no emotion shown by Radwanska.

  37. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - RADWANSKA 7-5 3-6 4-5 - Shuai Peng takes the first point - now just three more points to win for the match - but Radwanska answers with a serve and volley. Shuai nets after a lengthy rally, only to punish a short second serve and move to 30-30. Winner from Radwanska, and she goes on to serve out. But next the Chinese will serve for the match!

  38. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - RADWANSKA 7-5 3-6 3-5 - Oh dear oh dear - horrible miss from Shuai to begin with - surely the momentum hasn't turned again? It is almost impossible to keep up! Shuai responds, grabbing the next two points, before a remarkable backhand pick-up at her feet gets Radwanska back on terms. The unseeded Chinese misses long - a break point chance - but the Pole puts it in the net. Two more points for Peng and she's within a game of the match!

  39. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - Any fans of Chinese or Polish tennis too nervous to see how this one turns out? Well, my advice is to take five minutes out to read the excellent Tramlines blog, which celebrates the press handling skills of Caroline Wozniacki! Tramlines blog

  40. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - RADWANSKA 7-5 3-6 3-4 - BREAK! There's some real emotion behind Shuai's clenched fist after she steers a volley at the net past the Pole to take the first point, and the second follows. Radwanska fires back with a crafty drop shot followed by a lob, but she curses herself in frustration as she allows Shuai a break point chance. A miss long from the twelfth seed, and the Chinese is a break ahead!

  41. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - RADWANSKA 7-5 3-6 3-3 - Peng Shuai ekes out the first two points of this game before Radwanska begins to fight back. She is stopped in her tracks when the umpire calls a ball long, that she thought was good to bring up game point, and makes almost exactly the same facial expression on the very next point as the Chinese levels.

  42. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - RADWANSKA 7-5 3-6 3-2 - BREAK! Having lost the first two points in double-quick time, Shuai runs back to the kit bag and pulls out a new racquet. Cellophane cover removed, will it make a difference? Perhaps - the Pole brings up three game points but with a couple of winners the Chinese is back to deuce. A cross-court backhand brings up break point, and she powers to it. Five points in a row, and the momentum has turned once again in this topsy-turvy clash!

  43. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - RADWANSKA 7-5 3-6 3-1 - BREAK! Peng serves what is, incredibly, the first double fault of the match - and it means that she is 0-30 down. The Chinese grafts her way back to level terms, but then gives away a break point which Radwanska converts when a forehand from Shuai is swept long.

  44. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - RADWANSKA 7-5 3-6 2-1 - The momentum keeps shifting in this tense encounter - and given that these two have met on tour on three previous occasions and played three sets every time, perhaps that's no surprise. Radwanska sees a game point come and go, and now Shuai has a break point. Great backhand down the line to prevent being broken on this occasion, and she earns advantage by finishing a patient rally. Hard work, but the Pole eventually holds.

  45. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - A quick reminder that already we've completed two fourth round matches in Melbourne today - and that means we know that Vera Zvonareva will meet Petra Kvitova in the quarter-finals. Match reports

  46. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - RADWANSKA 7-5 3-6 1-1 - BREAK! Radwanska is managing to make life very difficult for himself by starting the sets so slowly, but there are signs that she is back in business when she hits her way into a 30-15 lead. She opens up the space for a forehand down the line - perfectly - and has two break-back points. She only needs one, defending stoutly and letting Shuai make an unnecessary error.

  47. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - RADWANSKA 7-5 3-6 0-1 - BREAK! Whoosh - a two-handed backhand from the Chinese flashes past Radwanska as Shuai levels at 30-30 on the Pole's serve - and break point comes up when she produces a breathtaking backhand drop-shot. Can Shuai capitalise? She can - she grabs a big break right at the start of the third set!

  48. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - Set stats: (Shuai/Radwanska) Aces: 1/0 - First serve %: 61/58 - Double faults: 0/0 - Winners: 15/6 - Unforced errors: 11/9 - Total points won: 34/23

  49. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - RADWANSKA 7-5 3-6 - SET! The twelfth seed looks to be sliding towards a third set when Shuai racks up two set points, but a forehand return and a backhand into the net gives Radwanska a little hope and forces deuce. Shuai brings up another set point - and again launches a groundstroke into the net. Now here's a chance for Radwanska, but a backhand right on the Pole's toes denies her a break. A fourth set point comes and goes, as does a second break point, but an error hands Shuai the set at last

  50. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - RADWANSKA 7-5 3-5 - The first point goes the way of the Chinese player with a well-timed run to the net and backhand putaway, but Radwanska counters with an impressive forehand down the line. A service winner follows, but Peng cancels it out with a backhand guided past the Pole. Radwanska reaches game point first, and gets over the line.

  51. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - RADWANSKA 7-5 2-5 - Clinical hold from Shuai - precisely what she needed. She finally backs up a break with a hold, and the Pole will have to serve to stay in the set.

  52. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - RADWANSKA 7-5 2-4 - BREAK! How about that for a winner from Shuai - a vicious forehand which slips behind Radwanska and catches the line. 0-30 to the Chinese, and then three break points before you know it. Can she take advantage? She doesn't have to - Radwanska hands it to her with a timid backhand drop which falls well short of the net.

  53. - - BREAKING NEWS: We have a result on Rod Laver Arena! Andy Murray is through to the quarter-finals - and he's done it in some style. Read all about it here

  54. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - RADWANSKA 7-5 2-3 - The unseeded Chinese has a real ability to surprise with her power, and a backhand winner to keep herself just in front of Radwanska is one such example. But the Pole's game is less error-strewn at the moment, and she takes Shuai to deuce. This time Shuai digs her heels in and manages to close out.

  55. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - RADWANSKA 7-5 2-2 - Shuai has twice broken Radwanska and twice immediately lost her advantage. She looks all at sea in this game, losing the game to love, and ending with an ungainly smash from deep which bounces into the net.

  56. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - RADWANSKA 7-5 1-2 - BREAK! The first two points are shared. What a point next! Radwanska springs back to life, keeping Shuai chasing lost causes - and she very nearly conjures an incredible winner, but the angled backhand is just wide. Radwanska pounces on some unconvincing approaches from the Chinese to open up two break point chances - and she converts the second of them to cancel out the break!

  57. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - RADWANSKA 7-5 0-2 - BREAK! All that hard work to take the first set... Radwanska dips in form having managed to take the first set, and Shuai is absolutely ready for it - she scoops the first three points with authority and though the Pole rattles off one majestic backhand winner, it only represents a brief delay for the Chinese before she confirms the break.

  58. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - RADWANSKA 7-5 0-1 - That's exactly the response that Shuai needed - a hold to love, four first serves in out of four, and three winners. She's played a lot of three-set matches of late, and she'll hope that it stands her in good stead for a comeback.

  59. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - And of course, you can catch this on the Eurosport Player, where you can keep up-to-speed with as many as three courts at once. Eurosport Player

  60. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - This match, as well as the clash between Andy Murray and Jurgen Melzer, is LIVE on British Eurosport and Eurosport HD- Sky 410/12, Virgin Media 521 - and the coverage from Melbourne continues through the night. TV schedules

  61. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - Set stats: (Shuai/Radwanska) Aces: 0/0 - First serve %: 64/62 - Double faults: 0/0 - Winners: 16/16 - Unforced errors: 14/16 - Total points won: 39/45

  62. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - RADWANSKA 7-5 - SET! The Pole gets to three set points quickly enough, and suddenly Shuai steps into action, smashing an overhead to deny her the first chance - but it's too little, too late, and with a powerful backhand past Shuai's outstretched racquet, the twelfth seed grabs the first set!

  63. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - RADWANSKA 6-5 - BREAK! Shuai still looks a little bit rattled by the call in the last game - which she couldn't challenge as there is no review system on Margaret Court Arena - and she needs to pull herself together quickly because she is 15-30 down. Some powerful groundstrokes level things up, but Radwanska responds with a quite magnificent chase and angled volley! Break point chance - and she smacks herself in the leg in anger at missing out. Maybe it worked - she gets it next time!

  64. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - RADWANSKA 5-5 - First two points on the board in no time at all for Radwanska, but the Chinese hits back after an extended rally. Two fierce backhands wear down the Pole and Shuai levels. A controversial over-rule from the umpire goes Radwanska's way - Shuai looks bemused but she will have to accept it, and the twelfth seed goes on to seal the game.

  65. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - RADWANSKA 4-5 - Radwanska feels as if she has a real chance to break at a crucial time here, and she's furious with herself when she knocks a backhand six inches long to allow Shuai back to 15-15. Another narrow miss lets the Chinese player ahead and she capitalises with a backhand putaway from mid-court and closes out when Radwanska misses a return - and hits the ballboy flush in the head! A bit of a surprise, but he's fine and the Pole apologises.

  66. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - RADWANSKA 4-4 - There's a bit of a breeze around in Melbourne today, and it is making life a bit more challenging for those serving from the far end. It looks as if Shuai has her work cut out here as Radwanska serves, and despite her battling valiantly the Pole gets back on terms with a ferocious winner after a 35-point rally. Exciting play, and very even between these two.

  67. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - RADWANSKA 3-4 - There's been plenty to enjoy in Radwanska's performance - but too many errors as well. Is the tide turning at 0-30 on the Shuai serve? Not if the Chinese has anything to do with it - a vicious winner sets her on the way to levelling at 30-all. Radwanska brings up a break point, but Shuai having none of it with an authoritative smash. She repeats the trick, and another tight game goes on to hold serve.

  68. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - RADWANSKA 3-3 - Six games into this clash, and almost invariably these match-ups are going right down to the wire. Deuce comes up as the pair trade blows, with her eighth winner of the match, a terrific backhand volley, Radwanska gets to advantage first. She's furious with her next effort, though - a forehand wide of the line. She gets another game point and makes another forehand error. At the third time of asking, the Pole manages to hold.

  69. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - RADWANSKA 2-3 - BREAK! An impressive response from the Pole to this challenge from Shuai - she works her way into the lead in the game when the Chinese fails to deal with Radwanska's drop shot, then fashions two immediate break-back points. The first goes begging, but the second doesn't - a vicious forehand return crosscourt past Peng's backhand. Back on serve!

  70. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - RADWANSKA 1-3 - BREAK! Shuai impressing the crowd on Margaret Court Arena with some bold and aggressive strokes, and after a flashing a backhand return winner past Radwanska she creates her first break point. And she needs no second invitation to convert it! First blood to the Chinese player in this fourth round clash!

  71. Iveta Benešová - Vera Zvonareva

    - - Match stats: (Benesova/Zvonareva) Aces: 0/4 - First serve %: 40/68 - Double faults: 4/2 - Winners: 15/21 - Unforced errors: 24/18 - Total points won: 44/64

  72. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - RADWANSKA 1-2 - Some venom in Shuai's play - she is giving the ball an almighty whack when she can, but Radwanska is making her work for every point. Shuai holds on, and keeps this match on serve.

  73. Iveta Benešová - Vera Zvonareva

    - - Set stats: (Benesova/Zvonareva) Aces: 0/4 - First serve %: 57/70 - Double faults: 0/1 - Winners: 6/14 - Unforced errors: 8/6 - Total points won: 20/33

  74. Iveta Benešová - Vera Zvonareva

    - - ZVONAREVA 6-4 6-1 - WINNER! Benesova a set and two breaks down, shows determination to edge 15-30 ahead, but a commanding forehand from the Russian levels things, and an ace gives her match point. Her attempted winner is a couple of inches too long, and another slightly misjudged hit gives Benesova a break chance. She should take it, but misses wide. A bit of tension in Zvonareva's arm late in this one, but she manages to close out the match!

  75. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - RADWANSKA 1-1 - Radwanska looking very strong on her serve, taking the ball high and allowing Shuai no time at all to settle in rallies. She holds to love, tipping a backhand around the corner to take the game.

  76. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - RADWANSKA 0-1 - Powerful backhands from the Pole in evidence early in this contest - she nips 15-30 ahead on the Shuai serve with an effort which is just too powerful for her Chinese opponent. Shuai wins game point first but cannot convert, and Radwanska fashions break point. The Poles in attendance cheer, but Shuai hits back to deny her and goes on to hold.

  77. Iveta Benešová - Vera Zvonareva

    - - ZVONAREVA 6-4 5-1 - BREAK! Benesova has the look of a beaten opponent - Zvonareva has her on a string in the rallies, never more so than when she opens up two break points in a carefully-crafted play. Benesova cannot contain her, and when Zvonareva comes in and pressure the net, Benesova cannot find the passing shot.

  78. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - Peng will serve first on Margaret Court Arena - and a reminder, you can catch this clash LIVE on the Eurosport Player. It's just a click away.

  79. Iveta Benešová - Vera Zvonareva

    - - ZVONAREVA 6-4 4-1 - No nonsense from Vera - four points won in double-quick time and suddenly she's just two games away from victory. If Benesova harbours any hopes of turning this around, she needs a break - and fast.

  80. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - The winner of this clash takes a quarter-final clash, where Kim Clijsters is likely to lie in wait. Full draw here.

  81. Iveta Benešová - Vera Zvonareva

    - - ZVONAREVA 6-4 3-1 - BREAK! Delightful returning from Zvonareva, and her shots are beginning to catch the lines with regularity. 0-30 looks dangerous for Benesova, and it gets little better but a good serve out wide, followed by a backhand cross-court, levels it up. Zvonareva responds to force break point, but Benesova saves it - and then a second. She can't deny her a third time, though, as the Russian whips a backhand from behind the baseline past Benesova at the net.

  82. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - HEAD-TO-HEAD: Shuai and Radwanska have met three times, and Radwanska has a 2-1 advantage. Every clash has gone to three sets, however - and Shuai won the last one. Should be a tight encounter.

  83. Peng Shuai - Agnieszka Radwanska

    - - Next up on Margaret Court Arena - 12th seed Agnieszka Radwanska is in action against Shuai Peng of China.

  84. Iveta Benešová - Vera Zvonareva

    - - ZVONAREVA 6-4 2-1- Clenched fist from Zvonareva as she recovers to 30-30 - Benesova is refusing to wilt under the pressure. The Russian edges ahead, and gets the job done to hold her serve.

  85. Iveta Benešová - Vera Zvonareva

    - - ZVONAREVA 6-4 1-1- It's a long way back into this match for Benesova and if she's to have any chance she'll need a bright start to the second set. She claims the first two points but Zvonareva is making her graft for everything she gets, and with a thumping forehand down the line levels at 30-30. Magnificent drop shot from Benesova brings up game point, and she is on the board.

  86. Iveta Benešová - Vera Zvonareva

    - - ZVONAREVA 6-4 1-0 - Benesova makes a committed start to the second set - her groundstrokes are keeping Zvonareva working very hard, and the Czech forces deuce. Game point to the Russian, but she nets once more. It takes a second deuce but after eight tense minutes the number two seed has the first game on the board.

  87. Iveta Benešová - Vera Zvonareva

    - - Set stats: (Benesova/Zvonareva) Aces: 0/0 - First serve %: 33/68 - Double faults: 4/1 - Winners: 9/7 - Unforced errors: 16/12 - Total points won: 25/31

  88. Iveta Benešová - Vera Zvonareva

    - - ZVONAREVA 6-4 - SET! More errors from the racquet of Benesova and she's staring down the barrel of three set points. Zvonareva has reassumed her air of authority, and she takes the first of her chances with a cross-court shot which beats the Benesova forehand.

  89. Iveta Benešová - Vera Zvonareva

    - - ZVONAREVA 5-4 - This match has been topsy-turvy so far, and now the Russian looks to be on top again. Commanding winners to take the first two points - but countered by a lovely Benesova cross-court effort. The Czech cannot keep the next serve in, however, and another service winner nudges Vera back ahead in the set.

  90. Iveta Benešová - Vera Zvonareva

    - - ZVONAREVA 4-4 - BREAK! Zvonareva snatches the first two points, but Benesova responds to the pressure with an authoritative forehand into the corner, followed by a service winner to level. Zvonareva looks more focused after the last change of ends, and controls the next point to bring up a break-back chance. It's a terrible time for a double fault. Level again.

  91. Iveta Benešová - Vera Zvonareva

    - - ZVONAREVA 3-4 - Magical backhand from Benesova - she's been defending all game long but conjures a rasping passing shot from thin air to leave Zvonareva bemused. 30-30, but the Russian stops the rot to win her first game in five attempts.

  92. Iveta Benešová - Vera Zvonareva

    - - ZVONAREVA 2-4 - You wouldn't know that Benesova is the unseeded player on this performance - the Russian has been second-best so far despite racing to the first two games. A string appears to go as Vera slips a forehand long, and Benesova closes out to 15 when her opponent puts a return into the net.

  93. Iveta Benešová - Vera Zvonareva

    - - ZVONAREVA 2-3 - BREAK! Some fabulous lefty forehands from Benesova, who's catching the Russian out here with her placement. A crisp winner opens up break point, and Zvonareva cannot defend it! Three games in a row for the Czech, and she now has the break of serve in the opening set.

  94. - - Remember, next up on Rod Laver is Andy Murray against Jurgen Melzer. Watch it LIVE on British Eurosport, or catch it on the Eurosport Player! Link

  95. - - We have an upset on Rod Laver Arena - Robin Soderling is out! Who did it? How? The answers are only a click away.

  96. Iveta Benešová - Vera Zvonareva

    - - ZVONAREVA 2-2 - Benesova has picked up her game and is into the contest, but Zvonareva reminds her of her threat with an unanswerable forehand to peg the Czech back to 30-15. A double fault follows to give the number two seed hope, but Benesova digs deep and holds.

  97. Iveta Benešová - Vera Zvonareva

    - - ZVONAREVA 2-1 - BREAK! Benesova responds well to the disappointment of dropping serve. Her groundstrokes are not overly powerful, but they find the back of the court and before Zvonareva knows it she is 0-40 down. She saves the first well, the second even better, but doesn't deal well with Benesova's drop shot and cannot save the third. Back on serve.

  98. Iveta Benešová - Vera Zvonareva

    - - ZVONAREVA 2-0 - BREAK! Early challenge from Zvonareva but it was a poor use of one of her three reviews - Benesova's serve was right on the line. 30-0 for the Czech, but a couple of sloppy errors allow the Russian back in. Another follows, and from a comfortable position Benesova finds herself having to defend a first break point. And she can't - missing a backhand cross-court narrowly wide.

  99. Iveta Benešová - Vera Zvonareva

    - - ZVONAREVA 1-0 - The Russian number two seed settles well, reaching a short Benesova shot and guiding it superbly into the corner. The Czech replies with a good backhand, but it's her only joy in the first game of the match. Comfortable hold.

  100. Iveta Benešová - Vera Zvonareva

    - - We're ready to go in this second match of the day on Hisense Arena - Zvonareva to serve first.

  101. - - And if you want to keep an eye on all the courts, why not try the Eurosport Player online? Here's the link.

  102. - - And as if I need remind you, you can catch this match LIVE on British Eurosport 2. There's also Soderling v Dolgopolov deep into the fifth set on British Eurosport and Eurosport HD. Check the TV schedule here.

  103. Iveta Benešová - Vera Zvonareva

    - - BENESOVA SO FAR: Beat Anabel Medina 6-0 6-1, Maria Kirilenko 6-3 6-1, and Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova 6-3 1-6 7-5.

  104. Iveta Benešová - Vera Zvonareva

    - - ZVONAREVA SO FAR: Beat Sybille Bammer 6-2 6-1, Bojana Jovanovski 2-6 6-3 6-1, and Lucie Safarova 6-3 7-6

  105. Iveta Benešová - Vera Zvonareva

    - - Zvonareva really came of age last year when she reached the final of Wimbledon and the US Open, but ultimately was beaten on both occasions. She's been playing well in the first week, too.

  106. Iveta Benešová - Vera Zvonareva

    - - 27-year-old Benesova has been as high as 25 in the world and is currently 59th. She's had a great tournament - her best ever performance in a Grand Slam - but she's a real underdog going into this clash.

  107. Iveta Benešová - Vera Zvonareva

    - - HEAD-TO-HEAD: Zvonareva leads 3-1 in the WTA tour games between the pair - including the one occasion they met on hard courts, which was here at the Australian Open last year. That day Zvonareva waltzed through 6-0 6-3.

  108. Iveta Benešová - Vera Zvonareva

    - - While you wait for more women's tennis, why not take a quick look at Tramlines? Our last report from Melbourne dealt with the ever-delightful Caroline Wozniacki's spell-binding press conferences. Tramlines blog

  109. Iveta Benešová - Vera Zvonareva

    - - Next up on Hisense Arena will be Petra Kvitova's quarter-final opponent - but will it be Czech compatriot Iveta Benesova or second seed Vera Zvonareva who she faces?

  110. Petra Kvitová - Flavia Pennetta

    - - Match stats: (Kvitova/Pennetta) Aces: 2/1 - First serve %: 57/57 - Double faults: 3/3 - Winners: 46/16 - Unforced errors: 43/20 - Total points won: 96/91

  111. Petra Kvitová - Flavia Pennetta

    - - Set stats: (Kvitova/Pennetta) Aces: 1/1 - First serve %: 68/41 - Double faults: 0/2 - Winners: 16/7 - Unforced errors: 12/9 - Total points won: 33/26

  112. Petra Kvitová - Flavia Pennetta

    - - Kvitova was far from perfect, but she has the more complete game. Pennetta took advantage of the errors, but when Kvitova stepped up her level, it was too much for the Italian to handle. A quarter-final against either Vera Zvonareva or Iveta Benesova awaits her! Check the full draw here.

  113. Petra Kvitová - Flavia Pennetta

    - - KVITOVA 3-6 6-3 6-3 - WINNER! Huge fortune for Kvitova as her backhand strikes her net and rolls over to leave Pennetta stranded. 0-30 - can she do anything to save herself? Kvitova helps out with an error and the score is back to 30-30. Deuce arrives, and a powerful forehand from the Czech brings up match point - but Pennetta saves with a backhand crosscourt! Now a chance for the Italian, but Kvitova denies her, and then breaks again for the match!

  114. - - And if you can't bear to leave the screen, fear not - there's always the Eurosport Player online - and you can keep an eye on up to three courts at once! Player

  115. - - This match, as well as the intriguing tussle between Robin Soderling and Alexandr Dolgopolov, is LIVE on British Eurosport - Sky 410/12, Virgin Media 521 - and the coverage from Melbourne continues through the night. Schedules

  116. Petra Kvitová - Flavia Pennetta

    - - KVITOVA 3-6 6-3 5-3 - The Italian grinds out the first point after getting the better of Kvitova in a lengthy rally - but back comes Kvitova with a no-nonsense service winner. Pennetta takes the next point with an overhead - or does she? Challenged by Petra - but it caught the line! Another challenge next - this time by the Italian on her forehand - just wide, and back to 30-30. Kvitova digs deep, and holds her serve. Nearly there.

  117. Petra Kvitová - Flavia Pennetta

    - - KVITOVA 3-6 6-3 4-3 - BREAK! Huge blow from Kvitova - she raises her game at just the right moment, and Pennetta, whose main weapons have been her consistency and error-free play, is undone by the Czech. She'll have a maximum of two chances on the Kvitova serve to turn this around.

  118. Petra Kvitová - Flavia Pennetta

    - - TramlinesTennis on Twitter: "Kvitova and Pennetta fist-pumping like a young Tim Henman on Hisense Arena. 3-3 in the deciding set - who'll have the final pump?" Follow Tramlines on Twitter here!

  119. Petra Kvitová - Flavia Pennetta

    - - KVITOVA 3-6 6-3 3-3 - Fist pump from Kvitova as she swings a forehand past Pennetta for 30-15 - and then a clenched hand from the Italian as she fires straight back. 30-30 all is dangerous for Kvitova, but she gets to game point first - and levels things up again in the decider.

  120. Petra Kvitová - Flavia Pennetta

    - - KVITOVA 3-6 6-3 2-3 - Magnificent stuff from Kvitova - Pennetta finds the net trying to pass on the first point, flashes a winner down the line on the second, then hits an unanswerable return the next to bring up three break points. Flavia saves the first, then thunders a winner to save the second - and Kvitova misses her attempted winner wide by a whisker. The Italian takes the next point and screams in joy - she's done a fantastic job to save that game.

  121. Petra Kvitová - Flavia Pennetta

    - - KVITOVA 3-6 6-3 2-2 - Kvitova, the 25th seed, sweeps through another service game in some control. No points dropped, and the onus will be on Pennetta once again.

  122. Petra Kvitová - Flavia Pennetta

    - - KVITOVA 3-6 6-3 1-2 - Once the Czech started dictating the points, Pennetta has really struggled to retaliate. The pair trade points but Kvitova brings up the first break point chance of the set when the Italian cannot fetch a backhand. She saves it though - and follows up with some strong serving to seal the game.

  123. Petra Kvitová - Flavia Pennetta

    - - KVITOVA 3-6 6-3 1-1 - Kvitova responds with a hold to thirty - roughly what she has produced all match - two cracking winners, including a backhand pick-up which even Pennetta applauds, and more unforced errors. It's enough to get her over the line this time.

  124. Petra Kvitová - Flavia Pennetta

    - - KVITOVA 3-6 6-3 0-1 - That's exactly what Pennetta needed - a convincing hold of serve in the opening game of the set. Doesn't drop a point, and Kvitova makes three unforced errors. Which Kviotva will turn out for the second set?

  125. Petra Kvitová - Flavia Pennetta

    - - Set stats: (Kvitova/Pennetta) Aces: 0/0 - First serve %: 67/67 - Double faults: 1/0 - Winners: 17/5 - Unforced errors: 13/7 - Total points won: 31/26

  126. Petra Kvitová - Flavia Pennetta

    - - KVITOVA 3-6 6-3 0-0 - Mind you, there's plenty of life in this clash yet - as Schiavone v Kuznetsova yesterday proved. In his blog Patrick Mouratoglou described as the 'match of the decade'. Do you agree?

  127. Petra Kvitová - Flavia Pennetta

    - - KVITOVA 3-6 6-3 - SET! A determined Kvitova brings up two set points, and she takes the first chance she gets she thunders a backhand crosscourt which is too good for the Italian. That will do - and we have one set left to decide this fourth round match!

  128. - - Brad Gilbert tweets: "Flavia Pennetta, almost forgot she was still in the draw! she's been playing some mean doubles, now got her singles mojo back..." She's got it all to do in the second set, though. Why not follow Tramlines on Twitter?

  129. Petra Kvitová - Flavia Pennetta

    - - KVITOVA 3-6 5-3 - Pennetta's serves are finding the corners and that's giving her control of the points in this service game. Two service winners and a forehand smash from the Italian mean that Kvitova will have to serve out for the set.

  130. Petra Kvitová - Flavia Pennetta

    - - KVITOVA 3-6 5-2 - Kvitova currently has 27 winners to 30 unforced errors, but the tide is turning. A hold to 15 puts her within a game of levelling in the second set. Can she maintain this purple patch?

  131. Petra Kvitová - Flavia Pennetta

    - - KVITOVA 3-6 4-2 - BREAK! Kvitova was impressive in downing home favourite Samantha Stosur in the previous round, but her body language isn't quite right - and yet suddenly it changes. 40-15 down, she pumps a fist as she pulls a point back, then slams a forehand winner and yelps with glee. The next two points follow, despite a forlorn review from Pennetta, and that's a huge change in the course of this match.

  132. Petra Kvitová - Flavia Pennetta

    - - KVITOVA 3-6 3-2 - Anything Flavia can do... Kvitova holds serve to love for the first time in this match, and that was far better. She's far outscoring her opponent in winners, but she's hitting as many unforced errors.

  133. Petra Kvitová - Flavia Pennetta

    - - KVITOVA 3-6 2-2 - Pennetta hits straight back with another confident service game. The Czech has picked up just one point in the opening two Pennetta service games of the second set.

  134. Petra Kvitová - Flavia Pennetta

    - - KVITOVA 3-6 2-1 - Is Kvitova clicking into gear? Some match toughness emerges as she works her way back into the game and to a game point, which she takes. Can the Czech keep the errors out of her game?

  135. - - Robin Soderling, having steamrollered Alexandr Dolgopolov in the first set, has just lost the second. Keep an eye on that one by clicking this link.

  136. Petra Kvitová - Flavia Pennetta

    - - KVITOVA 3-6 1-1 - Pennetta full of confidence - she looks like a woman who believes she has the edge over her opponent. A delightful low groundstroke beats Kvitova at full stretch to bring up game point, and she closes out at the first opportunity.

  137. Petra Kvitová - Flavia Pennetta

    - - KVITOVA 3-6 1-0 - Cut out the errors, and you sense Kvitova could turn this one around. She needs a strong start in the second set, and gets herself into an early 40-15 lead. She loses the next point despite some valiant chasing, then is pegged back to deuce by a delicate drop-shot. She gets over the line in the end.

  138. Petra Kvitová - Flavia Pennetta

    - - Set stats: (Kvitova/Pennetta) Aces: 1/0 - First serve %: 46/72 - Double faults: 2/1 - Winners: 13/4 - Unforced errors: 18/4 - Total points won: 32/39

  139. Petra Kvitová - Flavia Pennetta

    - - KVITOVA 3-6 - SET! The Czech pumps a fist for a backhand winner, and though Pennetta challenges she was absolutely right to do so. Pennetta nudges back ahead at 30-15, and two set points arrive with a wild forehand from Kvitova. She misses again as Pennetta approaches the net, and after 40 minutes the Italian has the first set!

  140. Petra Kvitová - Flavia Pennetta

    - - KVITOVA 3-5 - Unforced errors so far - Kvitova 16, Pennetta three. That tells the story of the set so far. The pair trade blows as the scoreline reaches deuce, but the Italian has a chance to take the set right here after forcing Kvitova well behind the baseline with probing forehands. Kvitova denies her the set once - and then twice with strong serves before seeing out the game. Over to you, Flavia.

  141. Petra Kvitová - Flavia Pennetta

    - - KVITOVA 2-5 - Wonderful backhand down the line from Pennetta - she's not hit too many winners so far, but that was a fabulous, placed shot to flummox Kvitova. Pennetta double-faults when game point up, but she has another opportunity to see it out, and does so. Kvitova serves next to stay in the set.

  142. Petra Kvitová - Flavia Pennetta

    - - KVITOVA 2-4 - Interesting tactic from Kvitova when she can advance to mid-court - she slams the ball right down the middle as Pennetta takes a punt on direction. The Czech comes through to hold to thirty, but she's only got two more chances to get a crucial break back in this opening set.

  143. - - And not that you were thinking of leaving this one, but Robin Soderling has stormed to the first set against Alexandr Dolgopolov. Keep up with that one by clicking this link.

  144. - - Did you catch yesterday's Tramlines? In the blog we took a look at Caroline Wozniacki's ability to spin a great yarn - she had journalists fooled with her story of an encounter with a kangaroo... Tramlines blog

  145. Petra Kvitová - Flavia Pennetta

    - - KVITOVA 1-4 - Lovely opening drop shot from the Italian - a surprise change of pace on the backhand - and she's using her craft well because Kvitova is the one who has all the power. She races into a 40-0 lead and though Kvitova serves notice of her power with two crunching forehands, the third attempted win skips wide of the line.

  146. Petra Kvitová - Flavia Pennetta

    - - KVITOVA 1-3 - Wild forehand from Pennetta when she has the court at her mercy, and that seems to galvanise Kvitova, who clatters a winner down the middle and delivers an unreturnable serve to open a 40-0 advantage. Pennetta forces an error by tucking her opponent up with a return to the body, but soon enough the Czech is on the scoreboard.

  147. Petra Kvitová - Flavia Pennetta

    - - KVITOVA 0-3 - Kvitova overturns a 30-0 Pennetta advantage with some muscly shots, including a cracking backhand return winner down the line to create a break point chance. But the determined Pennetta is having none of it. She forces Kvitova to net and a couple more errors from the Czech help Pennetta over the line.

  148. Petra Kvitová - Flavia Pennetta

    - - KVITOVA 0-2 - BREAK! This match sees the 25th seed Kvitova take on the 22nd seed from Italy - and they look closely matched on court as well. The lefty Kvitova gets to game point but makes a sloppy error to keep Pennetta in the game. Another forehand long and the score reaches deuce for the second game in a row. Five deuces follow, and after defending two break points, Kvitova cannot defend a third.

  149. Petra Kvitová - Flavia Pennetta

    - - KVITOVA 0-1 - Curious start from the players. Kvitova looks to have hit the ground running, striking the ball sweetly and pouncing on errors to race into a 0-40 lead. Three break points early, but one by one they come and go, as the Italian reels off five consecutive points to hold.

  150. Petra Kvitová - Flavia Pennetta

    - - Kvitova, at a career high 28th in the world rankings, and in blue today, takes her place to receive and we're away!

  151. Petra Kvitová - Flavia Pennetta

    - - Flavia Pennetta, world number 25, won the toss and will serve first.

  152. Petra Kvitová - Flavia Pennetta

    - - Remember, you can watch this game LIVE on the Eurosport Player. Have a look for yourself!

  153. Petra Kvitová - Flavia Pennetta

    - - For the winner of this match the reward is a quarter-final - potentially against world number two Vera Zvonareva. Full draw

  154. Petra Kvitová - Flavia Pennetta

    - - HEAD-TO-HEAD: These two have met four times on the WTA tour - three times in the last year. Kvitova won the last encounter on hard courts in Beijing - but Pennetta took the other three and leads 3-1.

  155. Petra Kvitová - Flavia Pennetta

    - - Good evening everyone, and welcome to LIVE coverage of the Australian Open fourth round. First up is Flavia Pennetta against Petra Kvitova on Hisense Arena.

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