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Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
R Nadal76---
N Djokovic53---

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    From dave, on Fri 16 May 16:43
  2. Which year are these comments about? Didn't Murray­ lose in the 1st round? And Gulbis, that was last year,­ no? Can't make head or tail.... boohoo yahoo!

    From joeblogs, on Thu 15 May 17:52
  3. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Lucky Nadal wins, but Gulbis is the winner. He played­ fantastic, and Nadal just defended and hope Gulbis­ would miss. It is actually boring to watch Nadal, uses­ long time to serve and stay 5 meters behind the­ baseline. H

    From André, on Thu 16 May 17:48
  4. So in the end, on this day Gulbis may play inspired,­ but Nadal proves to be the greater fighter.

    From K T Low, on Thu 16 May 17:45
  5. Wow, nadal dodged a missile here. he played well in the­ third set but gulbis was simply on fire and his level­ was amazing overall. no one would want to face him in­ the early rounds as we know now (including the 2010­ rome semi) just how well he can play on clay and on any­ surface for that matter. good win rafa. really tough­ draw ahead for him.

    From Anindita, on Thu 16 May 17:41
  6. .... well, superb tennis thus far... I wish Rafa could­ eventually wean off that odd habit of his­ #$%$-pinching...

    From Maciej, on Thu 16 May 17:27
  7. I do wish Miles Mac. would shut up and let us watch the­ tennis players!!!

    From Dee G, on Thu 16 May 17:11
  8. It seems Rafa is "back in the office" ...

    From devic007, on Thu 16 May 16:52
  9. It is so ridiculous to watch Raphael Nadal with all the­ tics he has just before serving, Jesus..... So­ disgusting, does'nt he see himself on video ????? ­ What a horrible thing to watch ......anyway I stopped­ watching his matches and I know so many people who do­ not watch him anymore, it is so unpleasant......

    From Nina, on Thu 16 May 16:16
  10. I only hope Rafa's knee is not acting again. Final­ against Fed would be absolutely boring ...

    From devic007, on Thu 16 May 15:58
  11. Just turned on this match, can't believe the­ scoreline,.

    From Anne, on Thu 16 May 15:54
  12. I'm not watching the match, only keeping an eye on­ the score. I think Nadal will still win it.

    From K T Low, on Thu 16 May 15:50
  13. i cannot bear to watch,absolute torcher

    From mo, on Thu 16 May 15:46
  14. Stunningly super clay-court tennis by Gulbis. For a­ moment it looked like he could Bagel NADAL!!! I wonder­ if he can keep this up.

    From K T Low, on Thu 16 May 15:31
  15. Audrey: Your comment makes no sense whatsoever. If­ Scotland get independence, who cares? Many british­ people support players from other countries, so what in­ the name of sanity, is the difference??

    From M, on Thu 16 May 15:30
  16. What a heck is going on???????

    From devic007, on Thu 16 May 15:18
  17. Match Nadal vs. Gulbis is about to start. And of­ course, Rafa is a great favorite, of course, but, Ernst­ has actually started playing this year. Now,­ considering the fact that this guy is probably the­ greatest tallent of the world tennis and that he has­ finally grew up (as it appears), I wouldn't be 100%­ sure about Rafa's win. 98% yes, but not 100%. And­ if Ernst could prevail today... Well, that could be the­ beginning of a rising for another great tennis star in­ waiting.

    From srdjan smiljanic, on Thu 16 May 14:51
  18. Live comments you say? Well it seems pretty dead to­ me...

    From Bojan Vukovic, on Thu 16 May 14:29
  19. Hello Eurosport, anybody home? Time to update

    From Doh, on Thu 16 May 14:22
  20. Those of Eurosports are still sleeping or lost interest­ because Murray is no longer playing.

    From EDDIE, on Thu 16 May 14:08
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