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Monte Carlo Masters

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Monte Carlo Masters - Results

Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
R Nadal66---
N Djokovic31---

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  1. I didn't say it was deliberate, but which other­ player would, after missing two break points, take so­ long to recover. I am an English Murray fan and whilst­ I acknowledge that he owes us nothing, especially­ armchair fans, he owes the tennis community a­ professional performance every match which is where he­ fails compared to the other top players.

    From , on Thu 18 Apr 15:52
  2. Wow. Turning this match around again, against the­ injury. THIS is the Djokovic fighting spirit. But­ I'm worried. This nagging injury. How far can he­ go in this tournament?

    From K T Low, on Thu 18 Apr 15:52
  3. Paul: It may have been an abject performance, but­ I'm pretty sure it wasn't deliberate! LOL. They­ all have their off-days, you know.

    From M, on Thu 18 Apr 15:28
  4. I, for one, am getting tired of these pathetic displays­ by Murray. He deserves his no.2 ranking for his­ achievements over the last 9 months but there's no­ way Federer wouid turn in an abject display as this.­ After he won the US Open he promised to play more­ consistently but there's no evidence for that. I­ thought he had matured but obviously not enough.

    From , on Thu 18 Apr 14:14
  5. Congrats to Stan! On the final count, he allowed Murray­ only 3 games on aggregate. The ugly grimacing machine­ had almost no winners and dozens of errors to­ Stan's 27 winners. That's great! I hope Stan is­ slowly growing up to be a really great player. Has a­ chance to prove himself further against mighty Tsonga.­ If het gets past him, he'll be the only threat to­ Nadal, with Djoker still slightly injured.

    From Simon, on Thu 18 Apr 13:55
  6. Murray n.2 of the world is an insult to tennis

    From gambattack, on Thu 18 Apr 13:46
  7. I find it really amusing that, when Murray finally­ finds a couple of great shots, Sky commentators Peter­ Flemming and co. have already twice adored him saying­ "That's where Murray has a distinct­ advantage". Stan has so far lost only 3 games and­ is one away from a comfortable victory. I may even­ guess he's sort of giving Fed the no.2 ranking on a­ plate. That's what friends are for, right?

    From Simon, on Thu 18 Apr 13:42
  8. If Murray looses than the comment is 'he is half­ interested in winning'. Please grow up and give us­ a better impartial view. thanks

    From Saleem, on Thu 18 Apr 13:10
  9. Csak az a baj, hogy ez a nyavalyás Digi mindent­ elhalászik, igy nagyon kevés igazán jó­ mérkőzést lehet látni

    From , on Wed 17 Apr 11:58
  10. Congrats to my idol well done

    From Greg, on Sun 22 Apr 20:03
  11. It was bound to happen. In tennis today no one can be­ certain to win when he or she wants. Like I said­ before, who is at the top at the end of the year is the­ best! In the mean time, have fun and enjoy tennis from­ the best players for what is worth!

    From If-You-Say-So, on Sun 22 Apr 17:10
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