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Yahoo Sports MLB writers Hannah Keyser and Zach Crizer play a quick game, comparing the first month of the 2023 MLB season to the first month of the 2022 season. Listen to the full conversation on Yahoo Sports’ new baseball podcast, “The Bandwagon”. Be sure to subscribe on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you get your podcasts.

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- We're going to play a game that looks at both the first month of this year and the first month of last year and sort of what last year's first month meant for the end of the season and all sorts of things. Who are the current division leaders?

- So the Rays are obviously leading the AL East. The Twins are leading the AL Central.

- Mm-hmm.

- The Texas Rangers are leading the AL West.

- Mm-hmm.

- The Atlanta Braves are leading the NL East.

- Mm-hmm

- The Milwaukee Brewers are leading the NL Central--

- No, they're not--

- Oh, they're not? Oh, the Pirates are leading.

- Yeah.

- The Pirates are leading. Wow, that changed fast. I think the Diamondbacks are still leading the NL West or are they not?

- It's close, but the Dodgers, which is the worst division right now.

- It's the Dodgers. It's the NL West.

- Yes, it is.

- Yeah.

- I thought that was quite surprising. The Dodgers currently have the 11th best record in baseball. And yet they are leading their division Aaron Judge led Major League Baseball in home runs at the end of last year. Did he lead Major League Baseball in home runs on May 1st?

- I don't think he did.

- No, he did not. Anthony Rizzo did with nine. Judge had eight. Luis Arraez had the lowest strikeout percentage in baseball on May 1st. Did he finish the year with the lowest strikeout percentage, putting it away?

- I believe that was Steven Kwan, so no.

- Yes, he did. Luis Arraez did finish. Oh--

- Oh, he did. Ah.

- Some things do stay the same. OK.

- Yeah, he's a monster.

- Jorge Mateo finished the year last year with the most stolen bases in Major League Baseball at 35. He did not lead baseball in stolen bases on May 1st. Who did?

- I will guess Trea Turner.

- Julio Rodriguez Julio Rodriguez--

- Oh, right, yeah.

- --led Major League Baseball with nine stolen bases, Jorge Mateo, not that other guy, was second with seven. Julio did not steal a ton down the stretch, but he did get off to a hot start running. The Dodgers led all of baseball in team WRC+ at the end of the year. Did they lead Major League Baseball in team WRC+ on May 1st?

- Sure, let's say they did. I don't know why they wouldn't have--

- No, the Angels did.

- Oh, man, that's depressing.

- That's my point. That is a--

- Yeah.

- --sometimes you shouldn't read too much into it early hot start. [LAUGHS]

- Oh, no, definitely do not read too much into it. That's-- yeah, the Angels went caput by June.

- On May 1st last year, Corbin Burnes led Major League Baseball in strikeouts. Did he lead Major League Baseball in strikeouts at the end of the year?

- No.

- He did not. Do you know who did?

- I think it might have been Gerrit Cole?

- Yes, it was.

- Yes.

- I thought that was notable because this year, at the start of this year there has been a lot of talk that is like, oh, my gosh, I can't believe we undervalue Gerrit Cole. Look at how good he's been at the start of this year. And I was like, really good last year too. Do you know who currently leads Major League Baseball in strikeouts?

- I would not be surprised if it's Ohtani.

- It is not. It is Spencer Strider.

- Oh, right. He struck out at least nine batters in like every start, I think.

- Yes. OK, this is our last question. The Dodgers had the lowest team ERA at the end of last year. Did they have the lowest team ERA on May 1st?

- I'll go with yes.

- Yes, they did.

- Yeah.

- Which seemed currently has the lowest team ERA?

- I'll guess the Rays.

- It is the Rays.

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