Ash Plume From Popocatepetl Volcano Seen From Plane

An ash plume from Mexico’s Popocatepetl volcano was visible from a flight from Mexico City to Bogota, Colombia, on May 21, a day before two moderate eruptions.

Footage taken by Oscar Contreras Cortes shows ash and smoke rising from the volcano into the sky.

Cortes told Storyful he was looking out the plane window when a very grey cloud caught his attention. He said he soon realized it was ash coming from Popocatepetl and proceeded to film it.

Mexico’s National Center for Disaster Prevention issued a yellow phase three warning following the eruptions, urging people to avoid the volcano “due to the danger of falling ballistic fragments.”

The National Civil and Protection Service said Puebla International Airport, approximately 30 miles east of the volcano, suspended operations due to the presence of ash on runways. Credit: Oscar Contreras Cortés via Storyful