Block of Morrisons Edam spotted in the middle of an M&S cheese aisle

A block of Morrisons Edam cheese was spotted in an M food aisle. Jessica Smith, 32, spotted the out of place cheese after going to her local M for some “gooey, Mozzarella-style cheese". She spotted the sliced Edam in the open fridges in the Meadowhall shop, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, and noticed one of the packages was different. On closer inspection, Jessica saw one of the blocks of Edam was wrapped in Morrisons-labelled plastic. Jessica, a marketing manager, from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, said: "I was actually only after some mozzarella but they were sold out, so figured Edam was a similar substitute in terms of it being gooey when melted. “As soon as I clocked the Morrisons logo on the Edam I thought someone must’ve dropped it. “But the chances of that happening would’ve been really small. This is at Meadowhall M and there’s no Morrisons nearby. “I did wonder if someone had swapped it - but what’s the benefit of swapping one cheese for another? “I figured it must be a case of them being made in the same factory and one may have slipped into the wrong delivery.” As she was “in a hurry,” Jessica didn’t flag the mistake up to any staff. “But I do wonder if anyone else has since noticed,” she said. An M spokesperson said: “This cheese shouldn’t brie there but the gouda thing is, it’s now been sorted. We’re grate-ful to the customer for letting us know.”