Bus brings music, art to everyday Brazilians

STORY: Do your city buses have neon lights and live music?

Sao Paolo's 'Cultural Center on Wheels' has that and more

It hopes to make art more accessible to everyday Brazilians

[Anderson Mauricio / Organizer, Cultural Center on Wheels]

"Its main purpose is to try to decentralize and make access to the arts more reachable. We mostly have people from the periphery (of the city) who are marginalized in terms of access to the arts, so this bus is a kind of bridge, to try and promote art without borders."

Mauricio says the idea was inspired by the long commute he used to make as a student

The bus is decked out with stage lights and a professional sound system

On-board entertainment rotates weekly, from music to theater

[Paula Santos/Passenger]

"You come in here, everybody has fun and I think it's wonderful. It couldn't be more beautiful."

Passengers can sign up for a ride online or jump on if there’s space

The project began in 2019 and is supported by public funds

[Leve Venturoti / Singer]

"People forget that art in life is so important and suddenly we are performing inside a bus, doing art in the city and it makes people feel happier at that moment of the day.”