Will the Cowboys make the playoffs this season? | You Pod to Win the Game

Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson and Frank Schwab debate whether the injury riddled Cowboys will be able to come out of the lowly NFC East and make the postseason? Hear the full conversation on the You Pod to Win the Game podcast. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you listen.

Video transcript


FRANK SCHWAB: Do you think the Cowboys are a playoff team? Because they were-- look, I remember--


FRANK SCHWAB: --we joked about it when you were like, everybody's going be scared to play Dallas in a play. They were good last year. They're really, really--

CHARLES ROBINSON: They were but here's-- OK, here's why I'm going to say no. The line is worse. OK.

FRANK SCHWAB: Much worse.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Much worse, without-- yeah, I mean, at this stage. And I'm going to assume that I'm going to do what Jerry won't, and assume that Tyron Smith is not coming back, just because I'm going to try to--

FRANK SCHWAB: And even if he does. Who know what he does.

CHARLES ROBINSON: And if he does, then great.

FRANK SCHWAB: Look, I mean, everybody's been waiting on David Bakhtiari to come back for the past--


FRANK SCHWAB: --two years now. Yeah.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Yeah. OK. So line's worse. Backfield, I don't care what Jerry says, to me, Zeke is Zeke. He is-- he's always going to be the player you're waiting to get better, waiting to get back to what he wants. It reminds me of late career of Herschel Walker where it was like, when is Herschel going to get back to being that guy when he was the dude? And he just never did.

FRANK SCHWAB: Yeah. It's just from that lifecycle. Yeah.

CHARLES ROBINSON: The wide receivers are [BLEEP]. And honestly, I want to see CeeDee Lamb prove that he can be the gangbusters number one, that a lot of people thought at one point he could be.

FRANK SCHWAB: That's fair. Very fair.

CHARLES ROBINSON: OK. Well, let's see. Because this has got to-- I want to see that 1,300, 1,400 yards, like hey, I'm pushing for all pro type status, because they're going to throw it enough. They damn well are going to throw it enough. At the very least, I think Dak is healthy this year. I did not, I don't think he was healthy last year. I just-- I'm curious to see what happens if he starts to get beat up.

Dalton Schultz, I like him at tight end. OK. So offensively, it's not the group it was last year. I don't expect it to be a more prolific team offensively this year, at least based on where the talent is, I could be wrong. Fine. Defensively, I think they have a chance to be a very, very good defensive team. They're coached superbly. My guess is this will be it for Dan Quinn. This will be his last year with Dallas. I would be surprised if he did not end up with another job because he's remarkably close this last off season.

FRANK SCHWAB: The defense as a whole, I think, is going to be good. I think Demarcus Lawrence--


FRANK SCHWAB: --going to have a nice season. I think Micah Parsons is just a beast.

[LAUGHS] And I think they do make the playoffs. I think they somehow find a way into the playoffs. Yes, the offense is going to take a step back, Cooper, those three linemen. But they were the number one offense in the league last year. I mean, they could fall off a little bit and still be top 10. I think the defense will coach, like you said, it's going to be good enough.

And the NFC-- whoever makes the NFC is a seventh seed. Yeah, they wouldn't make it in the AFC. If we're the AFC. No.

CHARLES ROBINSON: I will edit my-- yeah, I do think they can be a-- because I-- now that I think about the overall state of the NFC, now that I--

FRANK SCHWAB: But if-- look, Charles--

CHARLES ROBINSON: --think about the fact that you have the action [INAUDIBLE] spot.

FRANK SCHWAB: --you told me like, look at all these losses. They're going to be an 8 and 9 team. I'd be like, that's a little far for me to go, but OK, make an argument because I'll listen.

CHARLES ROBINSON: They should be able to beat Washington twice. They should be able to beat--


CHARLES ROBINSON: --the Giants twice.

FRANK SCHWAB: Yeah. That's always work that way. But give them 3 and 1 right there. I mean, they get upset here somehow, someway.

CHARLES ROBINSON: OK. They should be able to split with the-- I will give them a split just based on it being--


CHARLES ROBINSON: --a get up game, right? OK. So split with the Eagles. So let's say, they go 3 and 1. So let's what? 4 and 2, right? See, I'll give them the sweep over the Giants and Washington, honestly.


CHARLES ROBINSON: I'm going to--

FRANK SCHWAB: It's fine.

CHARLES ROBINSON: I'm going to go ahead and say five and one--

FRANK SCHWAB: They're much better team.


FRANK SCHWAB: They're much better than that. Yeah.

CHARLES ROBINSON: --inside the division. I mean, to me, what gets you in, 10 wins?