Elon Musk greeted with flattery during China trip

STORY: Elon Musk has been treated to flattery and feasts during his trip to China.

Since landing in Beijing on Tuesday (May 30) the Tesla CEO has met with China's foreign, commerce and industry ministers.

He also dined with the chairman of a top battery supplier.

Musk's trip is the latest by a major U.S. CEO to China since the country reopened its borders after the health crisis.

Apple's Tim Cook visited in March, while JP Morgan's Jamie Dimon is also in China this week.

Musk himself has yet to make any public statements during his trip.

Twitter, which he now owns, is blocked in China.

Musk's first visit to the country in three years comes as Tesla faces tough competition from Chinese-made electric vehicles.

There is also some uncertainty about expansion plans for the EV-maker's Shanghai plant.

The factory produced over 700,000 Model Y and Model 3 vehicles last year, more than half of the company's global output.

It was not clear if Tesla faces regulatory hurdles to expand the plant.

Investors also want to know if Chinese regulators will clear the release of Tesla's advanced driver assistance features.

The features are available in the U.S. as part of the "Full Self Driving" software it sells for $15,000 per vehicle.

Sources have said Musk is expected to meet other senior Chinese officials, and visit the Shanghai plant later in the week.

It is not clear who he would meet or what issues they would discuss.