Flash Flooding Prompts Evacuations and Road Closures in Amarillo

Severe flash flooding in Amarillo, Texas, led to water rescues and road closures overnight on Thursday, June 8, local news reported, as up to two inches of rain fell in 30 minutes.

The Amarillo Fire Department evacuated a street in southwest Amarillo and performed water rescues as one apartment complex was inundated with up to six feet of water, local news said, citing fire officials. First responders continued to work on the area on Thursday morning, the fire department said, urging residents to stay away from the Lawrence Lake area.

At least two roads had been closed due to flooding, the Texas Department of Transportation said early on Thursday. Some lanes had reopened later in the morning, the agency confirmed.

The National Weather Service warned late on Wednesday that oncoming storms would cause flash flooding concerns, as many communities in the area were still recovering from recent flooding. Severe storms could impact the Texas Panhandle again on Friday, the weather service said.

This aerial footage by the Amarillo Fire Department shows floodwater surrounding homes around Lawrence Lake in southwest Amarillo. Credit: Amarillo Fire Department via Storyful

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