Gabriel Davis

Fearless Forecast: 1014 TOTAL YDS, 64 REC, 9 TD
Projected Rank: 28

Video transcript


MATT HARMON: Ah, Gabriel Davis, the most hotly debated player in fantasy circles all summer. I hate to be boring and not, like, take a big stand here, but I find myself being a Gabe Davis-centrist basically in this big debate.

Look, the negatives. He's not a natural separator. He's not a guy that's won consistent playing time through the first two years, but really it's all the way clear for Gabe Davis to be the starting outside receiver opposite of Stefon Diggs. And there are some positives in his game.

He's a guy who can win contested passes and he's a player who can burn you deep. There's really, obviously, good parts of Gabe Davis's game despite the holes that we've seen through the first part of his career, the inconsistencies there. I kind of liken him to a DeVante Parker type of talent. And I think we can all admit that Parker, at his best, was sort of like an average starting receiver.

Well, an average starting receiver in Josh Allen's offense that throws the ball at one of the highest clips in the NFL, it's just going to be really tough for Gabe Davis to fail in this role. So despite some of the questions I have about him as a player, I still think he'll make big plays and be a contested catch threat.

That's more than enough for me to kind of be all right with him at ADP, as long as it doesn't get too aggressive like it has in some best ball drafts over the summer. I've got him for 64 catches, over 1,000 yards, just over 1,000 yards, but I think he scores like 9 to 10 touchdowns this year. He's my wide receiver 28.

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