Gang of five jailed for illegally streaming Premier League games

Five men have been sentenced to jail for illegally streaming Premier League football matches. They made over £7 million from 50,000 subscribers before being caught. The gang offered cut-price subscriptions of £10 a month through their service Flawless TV which took feeds from broadcasters worldwide. Their operation included apps for phones and smart TVs, with a fully-functional on-screen program guide. The case highlights the demand for illegal streaming due to the unavailability of many football matches on TV. This is most notable during the "blackout" period enforced by the Premier League between 14:45 and 17:15 on Saturdays. Research suggests that nearly four million people in the UK used illegal sources to watch live sports last year. At Derby Crown Court, the gang's ringleader, Mark Gould, 36, was sentenced to 11 years in prison. Four other members were sentenced to between three and more than five years. The Premier League plans to pursue other illegal streaming operators to safeguard its rights and financial contributions to the football pyramid.