Gaza Residences Flattened by Israeli Airstrikes

Multiple residential buildings were destroyed by strikes on Gaza as Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) exchanged strikes early in May.

On Saturday, the fifth day of active conflict, Israel launched a fresh wave of airstrikes on Gaza and PIJ fired rockets toward Israel. Later that day, Israel and the PIJ agreed to a ceasefire brokered by Egypt.

At least 33 Palestinians and one Israeli were killed in the conflict, which erupted following an Israeli strike that targeted three senior members of Islamic Jihad on Tuesday, May 9.

Footage filmed by Gaza-based photographer Mohamed el-Saife shows the remains of two multi-story residences, one in Jabalia and one in Beit Hanoun — that were destroyed by Israeli strikes.

Speaking to Storyful, el-Saife said the residences belonged to two different families,the Benhan family in Jabalia and the Za’anin family in Beit Hanoun. Neighboring residences were also damaged. Credit: Mohamed el-Saife via Storyful

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