Generation AI: buy, buy, buy

STORY: From how AI has money surging into tech stocks, to why the technology has Hollywood actors running scared, this was the week in artificial intelligence.

Tech equity funds are seeing money pour in at a record rate - and it’s largely down to AI.

Bank of America researchers say $8.5 billion flowed into such tech-focused funds in one week.

A big driver was chipmaker Nvidia.

Its share price jumped by almost a third on bets its semiconductors will power the AI revolution.

The EU wants AI-generated content labelled as such, to combat fake news.

European Commission deputy head Vera Jourova made the case on Monday:

“Image generators can create authentic-looking pictures of events that never occurred. Voice-generation software can imitate the voice of a person based on a sample of a few seconds. The new technologies raise fresh challenges for the fight against disinformation as well.”

OpenAI chief Sam Altman has been criss-crossing the globe to push governments to regulate the new technology.

“Everyone wants to figure that out. I think the intent is really there.”

Separately this week, Altman ruled out an IPO for OpenAI.

He says the creator of the ChatGPT chatbot has an odd structure - including a profit cap - that makes a listing difficult.

Artificial intelligence could power your next search for a holiday.

Priceline says it will team up with Google to create a travel chatbot that will help plan trips.

Rival Expedia says ChatGPT will power conversations on its booking app.

And AI is causing deeper trouble in Hollywood.

The actors’ union there has voted to follow writers in going on strike if its demands aren’t met.

That includes safeguards against unauthorized use of performers’ images by AI.

A spokesman said the tech threatened actors’ livelihoods.