Israel judicial reforms: Ex-Mossad chief Yatom warns of 'dictatorship'

In an interview with FRANCE 24 from Tel Aviv, former Mossad chief Danny Yatom expressed deep concern at the prospect of Israel becoming a "dictatorship". For weeks, Israel has been rocked by a wave of protests against a bill that would curtail the independence of the country's highest court. Yatom claimed the bill was an attempt by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to "run away from the trial he is facing" on charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust. Yatom also criticised Netanyahu's coalition partners for backing the legislation.

At least 70 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces and 13 Israelis have died in attacks since the start of 2023. Asked if a third Intifada is under way, former Mossad chief Yatom said: "I don't think that anyone can answer precisely," but insisted Israel will continue to fight terrorism "without any limitation" and make sure its "people will be safe wherever they go, including the West Bank".

However, the Israeli government "should speak about what it intends to do in order to make the lives of the Palestinians easier", he added.

"The government cannot allow the Israelis to take the law into their own hands (...) Such an event should not happen again because it encourages the extremists of both sides," he concluded.

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