Marquise Brown

Fearless Forecast: 1007 TOTAL YDS, 83 REC, 9 TD
Projected Rank: 22

Video transcript


MATT HARMON: Despite the fact that it had apparently been in the works for a while, I was pretty shocked by the Marquise Brown trade on draft night, going from Baltimore to Arizona. But the more I thought about it, the more time has passed, the more I've liked this potential marriage. I mean, Marquise Brown is one of the best zone-beating receivers in the NFL. He's going to see a lot of zone coverage because he's against a plane with a mobile quarterback.

And I could just picture in my mind Marquise Brown running those deep posts, and Kyler Murray really excelling as a deep ball passer. He's, like, a top 10 deep ball passer in terms of a bunch of efficiency metrics. Lamar Jackson, as much as I like Lamar, has never been there. So I think this marriage really makes a lot of sense.

We know that DeAndre Hopkins is suspended. He's going to miss the first six weeks of the season. I think you can take Marquise Brown and project him for the most targets on the team during that stretch. I think during that stretch, he gives you efficient, consistent fantasy production.

And then from beyond that, I still think he's going to be a guy that moves around the formation, potentially plays some of that vertical slot receiver role that Christian Kirk has left behind. It's such a natural fit for Marquise Brown. Again, the more I thought about it, the more I'm excited about this pairing. And I'm really in on Marquise Brown in fantasy this year. I've got him for over 80 catches over 1,000 yards, and he's my wide receiver 22.

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