Meet the designer and creative director of ASHLYN, a clothing brand taking a modern look at traditional tailoring

Fashion designer Ashlynn Park believes minimalism is high end, which she transmits through her brand, ASHLYN.

Video transcript

Style is everything. It's about yourself. It's a statement you want to say. My goal is make the best clothing that supports your language.


My brand expresses a confident, modern interpretation of traditional tailoring with a focus on clean silhouettes. My name is Ashlynn, the designer of this brand, ASHLYN.

I was born and raised in South Korea-- spent more than a decade working for Yohji Yamamoto, Alexander Wang, and then I launched my brand in 2020. I think minimalism is the high end. It's hard to leave only the good details in your clothing, then eliminate unnecessary parts.

Using a square piece of fabric without a waist, we just create one great design. I also aim to perfection in quality and fit. I make all my patterns here. It takes a lot of time adjusting the small details. But a creator should know all the details and construction.

I get inspiration from everywhere. I like the '90s avant garde and love to explore historical costume. But first, I'm seeking the stories-- what I want to say to people. I wanted to tell about my story as a mother. So I was imagining, like, my kids are dragging me-- like, pulling down my shirts.

JOH SIFF: Ashlynn and I met through a mutual friend in the industry. And then, we've been working together since that time. Each piece is born out of the sum total of her experience. The quality, the subtlety, the wit, the unexpected details-- Ashlynn's clothes make me feel like myself.

ASHLYNN PARK: I try to be happy whenever I create my pieces because it conveys my feeling to the wearers. So I try to be happy, always.