Meraki is on a mission to create healthy and high-vibrational hair care.

Meraki's vegan hair care takes a holistic approach to hair health with its gemstone infused formula

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- The cosmetics industry is one of the least regulated markets in the world. Take a look at some of those ingredients lists, and sometimes you'll find toxic substances. Luckily for us, we have a whole group of innovative brands working hard to bring clean, sustainable, healthy products to our home.

Hi, I'm Crystal, and this is Sustainability Week, where we'll be looking at different companies who are choosing to put the planet first. Today we're going to be talking about Meraki, an awesome, organic, cruelty-free, vegan, non-toxic hair line. They focus on small-batch, trade, crafted butters, oils, and, my favorite, gemstones. Let's talk to the founder of Meraki, Amber Makupson.

Welcome, Amber. Thank you so much for joining us today.

Thank you so much for having me. It's such a pleasure.

- Tell me a little bit about Meraki and what it's all about.

AMBER MAKUPSON: Meraki is a non-toxic, vegan hair care line. Our products are formulated with Ayurvedic ingredients, gemstones, and crystals to nourish your mind, body, soul, and hair. Our mission is to combine hair care and wellness for an innovative experience and also inclusivity, well-being, and sustainability.

- I love the name "Meraki." Can you tell me what it means?

AMBER MAKUPSON: The word "meraki" means to do something with love, soul, and creativity, and to put the essence of yourself inside your work.

- What drove you or inspired you to pave the way in clean beauty?

AMBER MAKUPSON: When I was pregnant with my daughter, I experienced really bad skin sensitivities.

- Oh.

AMBER MAKUPSON: And so I actually used the product for acne scarring that really created second-degree burns on my face. So at that point, yeah, I just started making my own products for my family and my daughter in my kitchen, and that was pretty much how Meraki started.

- I have here the Match Made in Heaven set. Can you tell me a little bit more about what's in the set and why it's a match made in heaven?

AMBER MAKUPSON: Our Match Made in Heaven set includes our Quartz conditioner. Our Quartz conditioner actually won Best Conditioner in "Women's Health" magazine. It has a lot of nutrients. We do, like, [INAUDIBLE] oils. It really helps to nourish your strands.

And then we have one of our bestsellers, which would be our Amethyst shampoo. People really love this shampoo. It's actually a clarifying shampoo. So if you have curly hair, it works to kind of get out all of the product that you have in your hair. And then there's that added element of amethyst, which really cleanses your energy field. So it kind of gives this whole, like, aura-cleansing experience and also this deep cleanse for your hair.

- What is the message at the foundation of Meraki?

AMBER MAKUPSON: We want to continue to innovate and elevate within the hair care sector. At the core, we want to drive inclusivity, self-care, and healing through hair care.

- What's coming up next for Meraki?

AMBER MAKUPSON: We have a lot of exciting new products coming out this year. About six products are scheduled on the calendar. We also have a men's line launching very soon.

- Oh.

AMBER MAKUPSON: And very exciting retail partnerships coming up.

- Thank you again so much for being on with us.

AMBER MAKUPSON: Thank you so much. I appreciate it. Thank you.

- Thank you to Amber for being with us today. And I can't wait to elevate my hair care game. This has been In the Know Sustainability Week. I'm Crystal and I'll see you next time.

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