Nearly 30,000 evacuated amid Alberta wildfires

STORY: Wildfires in Alberta, Canada forced nearly 30,000 people to be evacuated by the end of the weekend.

Officials said Sunday there were more than 100 active wildfires in the province and around a third of them are out of control.

[Christie Tucker/Manager, Alberta Wildfire Information Unit]

“The total area of the province burned this year has now passed 375,000 hectares.”

[Colin Blair/Executive Director, Alberta Emergency Management Agency]

"More than 29,000 individuals have been evacuated from their homes to safe locations while other communities are under evacuation alert and residents in those communities should be prepared to evacuate on short notice."

They also said that no Albertans or firefighters had been severely injured.

Authorities had declared a provincial state of emergency on Saturday.

According to Alberta’s official website, 16 communities were still under a “state of local emergency” as of Sunday morning.