Make Your Next Party a Tea Party

If you are looking to host a get-together this summer, a bridal or baby shower, or just a posh soiree, a tea party is sure to please. The British tradition of scheduled tea drinking goes back to the 1800s, with tea first imported into the country by China in the mid-1600s. Tea was customarily consumed after dinner to aid digestion. The phenomena of afternoon tea began as dinner times started to shift later and later. A small meal was eaten in the afternoon to hold people over until dinner. Tea was so beloved that many were impatient to wait till night to drink it. They began sipping it with their afternoon meal. A fternoon tea is also known as 'low tea' for the low chairs and tables and is accompanied by light food such as scones and tea sandwiches. High tea is typically served at a high table at the end of a long workday with a more wholesome meal of meat, potatoes, bread, and eggs; we took this route and added quiche to the menu. Make sure you have your teas on hand no matter what tea party you choose to have. Assam, Earl Grey, English Black, Darjeeling, Mint, Chamomile, and Lavender are most frequently consumed. Check out some of our fave recipes to try for yourself.