One-on-one with top 2025 prospect Cooper Flagg

Krysten Peek sits down with one of the top players in the 2025 high school class, Cooper Flagg. Flagg, out of Maine, is transferring to high school powerhouse Monteverde Academy for his sophomore season.

Video transcript

KRYSTEN PEEK: I'm Krysten Peek here with one of the top players in the 2025 class, Cooper Flagg. We're at Nike's Peach Jam. Cooper, great game today. You guys are heading into the winners bracket. How do you think you've been playing so far?

COOPER FLAGG: I mean, we've been playing all right as a team. We're handling the physicality well. Just slowing the game down, not making too many turnovers, and just getting what shots we want.

KRYSTEN PEEK: You're coming off a gold medal win as well, over in Spain. was that entire experience?

COOPER FLAGG: I mean, it was great. Just getting to meet a lot of new guys that are in the basketball world, that are up and coming stars. Some new teammates that I'm going to have next year at Montverde. So it was just a good experience to just go out and be out to represent the country.

KRYSTEN PEEK: Anyone surprise you at all on the team that you didn't know about their game that you know now?

COOPER FLAGG: Yeah. I'd say my favorite teammate, Eisa. He really surprised me. He has a lot of bounce. And his IQ is really high too. And he can score at all three levels. So--

KRYSTEN PEEK: OK. And you've blown up on the scene now. You're now getting high major offers. How's the whole recruitment process been going for you?

COOPER FLAGG: I mean, it's gone by in a blur pretty much. But I'm just trying to take it one day at a time, and just focus on staying in the gym, and just keep working.

KRYSTEN PEEK: Want to say your first Power Five offer was Iowa, is that right?


KRYSTEN PEEK: What was your reaction when you got that offer back in-- it was the UIVL session one.

COOPER FLAGG: Yeah, it was right after one of the days at the Florida session. And got off the phone with Coach McCaffery. And just obviously really excited and really grateful and just-- I was just astonished and just really, really proud of myself.

KRYSTEN PEEK: Head coaches in your last game that there were West Virginia and Duke. Let's start with Duke. I know they were rolling three deep. What do you like about that program?

COOPER FLAGG: Obviously, growing up watching them, I like the play style. I'm looking forward to seeing what Coach Scheyer does in the next couple of years. So that'll be good. And just love the program, just grow up watching them. So--

KRYSTEN PEEK: Yeah. Defensively, I mean, you're one of the best rim protectors regardless of class. West Virginia really hones in on defense. What sticks out to you about them?

COOPER FLAGG: Yeah, I'd say just the defensive part. The coach, a really hard coach, something that I'm really familiar with as a coach that will just get on you and not let you take plays off. So I say that aspect of it, just having a really hard coach.

KRYSTEN PEEK: UCLA on the West Coast. You're from Maine. UCLA offer it out in California. What do you know about them and Mick Cronin? He's a pretty tough coach.

COOPER FLAGG: Yeah. Again, he's a tough coach. But I think they have a pretty fast play style, like to be up and down. So I mean, that's something I like to do too, just be able to run the floor and just play on transition. So--

KRYSTEN PEEK: What's most important to you when you're going through this process? What do you want in a program?

COOPER FLAGG: I had to go back to just a coach that won't let you take plays off and someone that's going to want to push me to be the best version of myself.

KRYSTEN PEEK: And then looking ahead, I mean, we're here at Peach Jam, over in Spain. NBA scouts are here, watching you. What are you hoping to show them as the first glimpse and benchmark of your game?

COOPER FLAGG: Just the versatility. Just showing them that I can do pretty much anything that a coach will need me to do.

KRYSTEN PEEK: What NBA players do you watch and try to emulate your game after?

COOPER FLAGG: Kevin Durant. Giannis, a little bit. His rim protecting, rebounding. Jayson Tatum, a little bit.

KRYSTEN PEEK: Heading to Mount Vernon, transferring there, what are you most looking forward to getting down there for this season coming up?

COOPER FLAGG: Again, just making a lot of good relationships, and just being able to help them win again next year, and just being surrounded by people that are going to want to push me.

KRYSTEN PEEK: All right, Cooper. Well, thank you so much for the time. Good luck the rest of Peach Jam. And for more information on Cooper Flagg, keep it right here on