Over/Under Week 15 - Taysom HIll

Will the NOLA QB go over/under 24.9 fantasy points in week 15?

Video transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: All, right over/under number two is going to be a player that we've already discussed a few times on this show. It's Taysom Hill. He's fun. I don't know if he's good, but he's fun. We're going to set the number here at 24.9 fantasy points. Does he get to 25 fantasy points?

I will start us off on this one. It's a huge total. In a typical week, we may only get 5 or 6 quarterbacks who hit a number like this. We all understand the path that Hill has, right? He has 174 rushing yards over his last two games. That's pretty good by the standards of any position. It's particularly good for a quarterback.

It gives him a very high floor. We just saw Josh Allen rush for 100 yards against this Tampa Bay defense. The problem is, Josh Allen is the only quarterback this year to go for even 50 rushing yards against Tampa Bay. It's obviously a good run defense overall.

They've been generous to opposing quarterbacks this year. But in the last five weeks, they've only allowed 7 passing touchdowns. So I think this is a good week for Taysom, but I don't think it's a top five, top three sort of fantasy week. I think he goes over 20, but I don't think he goes over 25. So I'm going to take the under on this one.

Now, Matt, this is not a segment like the last one, where you get to take both an over and an under on the same guy. You've got to pick one here. You gotta pick a lane. What's it going to be?

MATT HARMON: I'm really tempted, after getting away with a mid flip there on the last one, to do this again here. But no, I'll stick with the over. Look, we know the deal with Taysom Hill. The rushing yardage should be there.

I agree with you. They are, theoretically, a really good defense there in Tampa Bay. That's legit, of course. But Taysom Hill still can make it happen as a scrambler, even against some of these broken plays. And the Bucs, obviously, the pass rush, the blitz has been there, of course. I think they get Taysom Hill out of the pocket. They get him moving there. I do think he goes over this total. The Bucs defense is still pretty flawed, despite getting some guys back over the course of the season.

ANDY BEHRENS: All right, Tank. Break the tie.

- I, mean, actually, I'm going over too. I mean, you've heard me talk up Taysom Hill in some of the previous segments. And I'm to say it again. I mean, he has a decent match-up against Tampa Bay. I mean, they give up, what, the sixth-most rushing yards to fantasy quarterbacks. I feel like that finger's getting healed, even though he really doesn't have anybody to throw it to but Kamara. I mean, that's good enough for him to at least get a tub.

And then also I feel like a lot of garbage time may be in play with this one, because we have to remember, the Saints beat the Bucs. So I expect the Bucs to come out and smash today. So with that being said, if the Bucs are playing with a decent lead, all those garbage points and stuff add up. So can he get over 25 with that? I think so.

But at the same time, I mean, I'm playing against Taysom Hill today. So if he doesn't produce and he doesn't go over, and I get some kind of reverse jinx, I mean, I'm doing just fine that way too. So Taysom Hill, just do what you do.

ANDY BEHRENS: Oh, that's how you like it. Either way, Tank wins. Perfect setup there. OK.

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